Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Move Is Complete... So Come On Down...

Well, the Move is finally Complete and two of my Favorite Boutiques have now joined forces and are under one roof... SIRENS & SAINTS and FRILLY FROCKS!!!

And as you can see the list of Designers and Artists Creations Featured at the Shop now is vast and absolutely awesome!  Whether you're looking for that perfect Ensemble, Accessory, Decor Item or Unique Bling... or a little of it ALL... *And who among us wouldn't like to have it ALL?!? Winks*...  you're going to be Delighted at what you'll discover as you walk through the doors!!!

I always find something to enhance and expand my Bohemian Gypsy Gal Wardrobe with the wonderful selection both Shops always carried... and now to be able to Shop for it all under one roof is even better... the Styles and Aesthetic of both Shops Compliment each other so well and they've done an awesome job of combining the two for the ultimate Shopping Experience!

 Creations from many of my Friends and Favorite Artists & Designers can be found here so my Wish List is pretty long on the pieces I'd like to have... and it's not difficult to guess which piece did indeed come Home with me on this trip.  *LOL*  So... that's One marked off "The List" anyway... *Smiles*  And Hopefully some of the Fabulous Fashions will eventually come in my Size... or perhaps as the Diet progresses I might just get down to the available Sizes... we'll have to see?!? *Winks*

So... now that the Move is Complete... come on down my Friends... the Shop Gals will Style you so that you will be totally Rockin' it when you walk out those doors!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Thanks for taking us on a shopping spree, looks like so much fun. I think my favorites are those jeweled crosses made from old ceiling tiles.

  2. What a lovley shop! Wish I could go there. I can see a sign on the wall behind the torso with the dress that says "visit rust and" then it must be roses :) Have a great weekend/ Katta

  3. I could just stare at your pictures for HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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