Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's A Boy ~ Meet Yul

Let me start out by saying that we've been a virtual Cat Ministry for years... with every abandoned, forsaken, stray and feral trying to adopt us... and over the years, many have succeeded. 

 But, we have lost so many long-time Family Fur Babies in recent years that I swore... no more.  It's just too painful, not to mention a big responsibility & long term commitment... even though I tend to be the easiest mark for being Adopted by the Feline Homeless.  *LOL*  But there he was, an absolutely Beautiful Siamese, begging & pleading for us to reconsider... he's very vocal & persistent like that.  Surely he must already have a Home I tried to convince myself?!

But it became increasingly obvious he was either a Wanderer by Choice... or unfortunate Circumstance.  In fact he's hung around for Months pleading his Case... and making himself at Home at the Bohemian Valhalla Homestead, carving out his niche near the front porch, napping & sleeping there every day... though he seemed wary of Adults & kept his distance as he scoped us out.  Though oddly, he was not wary of Children, they didn't seem to phase him at all... strange, usually the fast moving, unpredictable wee people are the ones Fur Babies are most skittish around...

And his biggest obstacle for Adopting this Family wasn't us... but the Bohemian Cat Boys... Rusty in particular, who is Alpha Cat and not very fond of competition or newcomers.  So I felt certain Rusty would run the newbie off as he has so many others... he obviously wasn't initially pleased. {This is Rusty with his typical Mad Face on... he is not Mr. Tolerance when it comes to Humans or Felines... "just feed me and leave me alone" is his typical Philosphy... he'll show you the Love only if it has a Payoff or he wants something.  Smiles}  I certainly didn't want Cat fights for Dominance & was a bit worried, knowing that Siamese are known for their excellent fighting skills & that Rusty's bark is worse than his bite... he only imagines himself to be a Fierce Cat Super Hero.  *Winks*  

But Yul {Yes, we Named him... always the 1st sign you're Caving In... Smiles} was a Wise Cat... though he growls at Rusty, giving fair warning to back off & keep the Peace... he had no desire to mix it up... or assert Dominance... instead choosing to wait patiently for his turn for kibbles & water dish privileges and acknowledging Seniority.  He seemed to realize that these Humans were already well trained by the Feline Family Members that had come before him and total Suckers so there was always going to be plenty in the Land of Bohemian Valhalla.  *Smiles*   So mark Victory over Obstacle #1... Rusty...

And then there was our Old Cat, Morris... who was, and always has been, a total Pushover.  *LOL*  Morris is a very big, strong Cat... and a huge cupcake temperament-wise... Morris never has a problem with anyone, Human or Feline... he's a total Zen Master... so Morris was no sweat for Yul.  {This is Morris in his usual Zen Meditation Pose... One with the Universe... Smiles} 

So long as Yul stays out of the bed Morris inherited from Rat Boy's passing, everything was Cool with Morris... and Yul totally respected that... so mark Victory over Obstacle #2, Morris, who really was no obstacle or threat whatsoever to the Adoption Process... *Winks*  Morris practically Invited Yul into the Family...

Next he worked on the Kids... in fact he seemed to totally enjoy Children and Endear himself to them all... not just ours, but all the Neighborhood Kids that come to play here as well... not your Typical Siamese "One Person Cat" Behavior that I expected to thwart the Adoption Process... *Darn & curses foiled again!!!*  Yeah, we were falling like Dominos... *LOL*

Yep, he totally Sucked Up to them ALL... the G-Kid Force, all their Friends... The Son... even The  Man, who is typically hard-core resistant to being Adopted or allowing Adoptions of the rest of us!!!  *LOL*

And so that left ONLY ME... yeah, he saved me for last... after he'd warmed up to everyone else.  *Winks*  Knowing that leaving me out would certainly capture my attention, he obviously had his Tactics well thought out for his Plan of moving in and taking over.  *Smiles* Even though I was still wary & trying not to Cave or Care, after losing my Beloved Rat Boy.  Because after all, nobody could take her place.   I was her Favorite and she showed me more affection than any other before or after her.  So internally I was longing  for another Affectionate Fur Baby who would Show me the same Love... that Unconditional Love that comes with that Special Fur Baby Relationship... I really missed that, as much as I miss Rat Boy who provided it to me for almost 20 years. 


And Yul seemed to sense that and tap into that void that had been left behind... and one day he decided it was Time... after a few Months of totally ignoring me and being aloof and disinterested... he just walked up as if we'd always been Close and gave me a big Cat Hug... in fact he's very fond of standing on his hindquarters and doing that to everyone... I had just been the exception up until now!  Well... I must tell you I not only melted completely... as my hardened Heart opened up to the possibility of being Adopted... but I cried.

And then he TOTALLY Sealed the Deal... he showed me that he's a huge Hambone and ADORES being Photographed, Posing like a Pro... well... what can I say... Yul is absolutely a perfect addition to this Family isn't he?!?  *Smiles* 

Yeah, this King of Siam is really Special... as the Sign on the File Cabinet beside him says...

And he fits right in... as if he's always been here...

And though he wanted to be an Inside Cat, and may have been one in one of his previous Lives, we made it clear that only Outside Cats are permitted now, I want no more of indoor shedding & cat boxes.   And our Cats are now all Working Cats so he'll also have to learn to keep the Varmin away from our Acreage... he's reluctantly agreeing not to buffalo his way inside... though to be sure he is bold at trying to get as close inside as he can manage... blocking the doorway temporarily as if to see if we'll Cave yet again as we move in and out?  *LOL*

And yet, he's very well behaved and seems to respond to many commands, so his Human English is quite good and he seems very, very smart...

And like Old Morris, since Yul came to us as a Mature Adult Cat, we have no idea how Old or Young he may actually be?  Or how many years he has left... but however long it is, he can be sure now that this is Home... for however long he's been given to us...

Because that's how we roll... there are none abandoned or forsaken in this Family... and he can stay for as long as he chooses to... because as you know not all who Wander are Lost...

And we'll Enjoy his big Ole Cat Hugs for as long as he bestows them upon us...

And he can doss down where ever he likes...

And Babysit the G-Kid Force and their Friends with his Protective Instincts towards them {he's already shown Vigilance in that arena}...

And we're already now Loving him as much as he appears to be Loving us Loving him...

Yep, it's a Boy... and his Name is Yul... King of Siam... and the Bohemian Valhalla Residence... *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Yul is a beauty. I know I wouldn't have been able to resist his charms. We had a Siamese cat when I was growing up...we still talk about him and how much we miss him :)

  2. Congratulations on the adoption of your newest furbaby Yul. He is adorable.


  3. Hey Dawn,
    I soo understand the feeling of not wanting to get attached to another fur baby but looks and sounds like Yul won you over. I'm not sure if I'm ready to give my heart to another fur baby (dog) since losing my Sissy girl last July. I miss her terribly and wonder if Sam, her brother, would be happier with another play mate. It's just so painful when you lose them. Not sure if I'm ready or will ever be. Thoughts...


  4. Let me say, I'm a cat lover, Yul is photogenic. I think he is intuitive too, and some"body" come back. Thats just me, but how i feel.

    I love him from way over here.

    Happy now, happy tomorrow.

  5. Well I think it is pretty clear what I would have done ; ) so all that's left to say is congratulation and what a little sweetheart he is.
    For all the abandoned kitties out there... thank you so much
    Fuzzy hugs,


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