Saturday, May 12, 2012

Do What You Love

So my Friend Pamela Created this Fun Image of me working at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST... she's so Talented and it is always like we're at one big Party at the Brass, always having so much Fun with our Spaces, planning Events, interacting with each other and meeting our Customers.  And therein lies the topic of today's Post... doing what you Love!  Being who you are at your very core and not stifling it or trying to be or do something else, which would be out of Purpose!!!

There is the old saying that I'm sure you've all heard before that if you do what you Love you shall never work a day in your Life and that is so very True!   If there is something that you would do whether you got paid for it or not, it is a fairly good indicator that it could be your Purpose.   After all, if you are Passionate about something and feel absolutely compelled to do it then it is not like Work at all, is it?  

 Some things flow effortlessly to you and you seem to possess a Natural Gift or knack for them, even if you've never been formally trained or directed in that Path... your Gifts have a way of finding room for you and you will naturally gravitate towards them.   Just like you will naturally gravitate towards those who Share the same Path... the same urges or similar Purpose to do those certain things.  

There are certain things that I have just always Loved and enjoyed... certain things that I could just do without knowing how or why I possessed the giftings and skillset to do them.  Granted, you can perfect the Gifts with practice, additional training and guidance, but even if you had to muddle along on your own or nobody cared about what you were doing, you just know you'd still be inclined to want to do it... feel compelled to do it in fact... feel complete when you are doing those particular things that make your Heart sing and Spirit soar. 

You don't even have to Master these things, but I have found that somehow you will always seem to be pretty good at them if they are things you have a Purpose for.  Time will stand still when you are in the Zone doing them and you could do them endlessly in fact because it comes so easily to you and brings you so much Joy and Contentment.  

They are usually the things that restore and refresh you... recharge you and make necessary deposits in you that you need when Life wears you down and makes withdrawals... to ensure you won't end up empty and physically or emotionally Bankrupt.  They may be the things you run to  for a respite when Life threatens to overwhelm you and you need that welcome Escape into that Magical Place within yourself and are doing, thinking about, extending to others those things that never get you down and you rarely tire of.   

Sometimes you may even find yourself Called to do some of these things, not because you have confidence that you're right for the job or have the greatest of abilities, but that the Lord knows you will be because He has Chosen you for it with great Care.  So your availability is more important than your abilities... your Love at the doing of it will transcend any need for perfection in the execution of it, whatever it may be. 

And each of us will find out which things those will be for us... and there could be more than one thing in fact... and many people put in our Path to encourage us, sharpen us, aide us, mentor us, direct us, partner with us, walk with us along that Journey of Life doing what we mutually Love and have Purpose for.

I truly Hope that you are not neglecting your Passion... your Calling... what you Love and were Purposed to do?  I Hope that you are incorporating it somewhere in your Life and making Time for it?   It may or may not be something that you could actually make a living at... but it will ALWAYS be something beneficial to not only  you, but to others... because Purpose is Divinely Appointed and those Gifts have been placed in you for a Special Reason, to be drawn out and used.   It is God's Gift to you and what you do with it will be your Gift to Him... to you... and to others.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Well said, Dawn! And your post - words and photos - show that you not only SAY it---you LIVE what you write.

  2. Your words ring true Dawn....Life sure can wear you down for sure and it is so important to have that place to recharge....

    Happy Mama's Day Dawn....Have a beautiful day!


  3. So very true, I can certainly relate to every word. Passion is what drives us to do what we love and I can't even imagine giving it up. Hope you enjoy your creative weekend.

  4. Isn't it wonderful to find and live your passion?! My friend, Joanne, and I finally made it out to Brass Armadillo west yesterday for the first time and it won't be the last time! It's a wonderful antique mall. We enjoyed looking at everything and we were surprised that it is so full after only being open a short while. Have a Happy Mother's Day, Dawn! Hugs, Janice

  5. Dawn - you truly have such a way with words!!! You're right, it's so fun hanging out at the Brass's not work at all! Love it!!! xo

    -pamela ;)

    Happy Mother's Day!


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