Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo ~ Brass Armadillo West Grand Opening Event

I was told that these tiny Vintage Silver Dollar Belts were what the Pit Bosses in Vegas used to give to their Showgirl and Cocktail Waitress Girlfriends...  What slender Wasp-waist Girls these were, I couldn't fit one of these belts around my Thigh!  *LOL*


Happy Cinco de Mayo my Friends... I enjoy this Celebration because it's Bold, Bright, Fiesta Style Fun, which is just how we roll!  We're still here this Morning at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST Grand Opening Weekend because the G-Kids wanted to sample 50's Style Loose Meat Sandwiches *Winks*... and though I was certainly here to re-stock my Booth again, I also 'scored' some amazing Treasures of my own out of the Bounty the Dealers had brought in just for the Sale!  Yesterday I took the G-Kid Force for Free Pizza and Fun {which Princess T had Calendared each day of the Celebration Event AND verbally reminded us daily, lest we forget... LOL} and I can't wait to Photograph my 'scores' and share them with you in a Future Post!

Today being Cinco de Mayo I was really drawn to all that was Bright, Bold, Fun, Festive and some of which is representative of Southwest or Fiesta Style.   Though I must say that the 1930's Russian Uniform was certainly an eye catching Bright, Bold Color too so I hadda share that as well... just in case you were wondering what Russian Uniforms and Medals had to do with Cinco de Mayo?!?!!! *LOL*

And we have a budding Picker at Home it seems... Princess T has been scouring the Hood on Bulk Garbage Days to see what curbside Found Treasures she could 'score', clean up and ask Gramma to hawk in her Booth!?!  *LOL*  Can you guess which of the Photographed Treasures today is a Princess T 'find'?  Bless her Heart she was shining it up with her Baby Wipes and convincing me that she's being discerning about which Found Treasures she Picks will look good in my Booth!  *Winks*  The Kid knows my Style and Aesthetic and she didn't do bad... yep, in case you Guessed it, she 'Picked' the Radish Kitchen Plaque with the faux Burlap background... coz she knows Gramma really digs Burlap and it lends itself to the Booth Vibe of Bright, Funky & yet Organic... good Pick Princess T!   Any Sales she gets from her Picks go straight into her Ice-Cream Man Fund so she's really Jazzed at the possibilities of flipping these finds!  *Smiles I'm so proud of her, a budding Entrepreneur & Picker at age 6!* 

I have been busy planting Succulents & Cacti in my Macayos Planters.  I was in Love with that awesome Beaded Skully too!  *Insert a heavy Swoon!*  OMG, could you only Imagine how Labor Intensive adhering thousands of tiny seed beads in an ornate pattern like that would be?  And the price was unbelievably a super Bargain, that won't last long!   Loving the Detailing on that Vintage Navajo Rug Weaving Doll too... attention to Detail always catches my eye and as an Artist I'm appreciative of in the Work & Creations of others!   The same ornate Details are evident in the Mexican Flowergirl hawking her wares... Love it!!!

I Hope you've been able to make it out to our Grand Opening Event... but just in case you haven't it will run through Sunday Night!   Now I'm off to yet another Event... JUNK IN THE TRUNK VINTAGE MARKET at Westworld in Scottsdale today from 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. You are going to be amazed. The dolls with the red velvet dresses and bead necklaces? I have one just like that...from my childhood. I've had that doll for 50 years. Isn't that amazing?!


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