Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When An Anniversary Is Coming Up

The Man and I will be celebrating our Anniversary on the 18th.  I get pretty Grandoise in my Anniversary Dream Wish List... because I'm insatiable like that. *Winks*

And he learned a long time ago to just let me pick out my own Anniversary Gift because the lunacy of my Loves transcends most folks way of thinking & logic, including those closest & nearest and dearest to me! *LOL*  No matter how long you've known me, you're always likely to wonder if something is odd, quirky, funky or old enough that I'll absolutely adore it? *Winks*

Or... will I already have one... or more... of it? *Smiles*

Not that having one or more of it will necessarily mean I wouldn't want another one mind you... because that's another one of my lunacies of Loving something... too much is usually just enough. *Winks*

But The Man is Wise enough to know that its not just the object that is the greatest Thrill for me... but the Thrill of the Hunting for it and the Discovery of it!

Or perhaps its something I already Found and have been Jonesin' on for some time, but due to budget constraints, never dared to purchase or ask for?

You know... those things that I have regular "Visitation" with like a non-custodial Parent. *LOL*  Those things that I have an attachment and relationship with even though they're not mine, that I caress and lust after constantly during my sporadic visits and Hope won't go Home with someone else!*Smiles*  Yeah, THOSE things...  dare I Hope that perhaps during this Occassion one of them might finally come Home with me? *Winks*

Something really Special like an Anniversary comes in right handy during a time such as that! *LOL*

And it's no use asking me what I want because quite often I don't really know for certain... until I come across it and fall in Love.  Or am too timid to request a really expensive Dream Item I've been secretly  Jonesin' for.  But, having me settle for a mere object that I Discover Locally is a relief to The Man on these Special Occassions when my expectations may be higher than usual...

Especially when my Dream Wish List includes such things on the 'Bucket List' as a Trip to Bora Bora!!!  So... something like a mere Found Treasure is quite a Bargain by comparison for an Anniversary Gift, right? *Smiles*

Not that I'm a High Maintenance sorta Gal... believe it or not, I'm not... I've practiced frugality and kept to a budget my entire Adult Life... and I was pretty Thrifty as a Child too.  I abhor waste, despise living above one's means and  having misplaced priorities... and if I Invest in something then I want a return on that Investment sometime in the Future.  So I'm not likely to overspend just because I Love something, the Price has got to be right and I'm no fool.  I've Loved what I Love long enough now and experienced enough Life to know Value... the Good Stuff... and a Good Deal. *Winks* 

And actually the Art of the Deal is as enticing to me as the actual Purchase.  You never get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate... and the Art of Negotiation is a way of Life for me.  Our Family have always been good Negotiators and we pass the Mantle of how to do it successfully down from Generation to Generation.

Maybe its a Cultural thing because haggling, doing Gypsy Trades and getting the best value for our money is just in our blood I guess... it comes as naturally as breathing.

And it has always served us well... in a word, reciprocity... if you're fair and generous with people it never comes back void.

So... I've still got a few days to contemplate exactly what Anniversary Gift I shall select for myself... and The Man will do the same... since he's got his eyes on a few Treasures that he's considering for his Anniversary Gift as well.

Man Toys tend to be very expensive... and so when he's got his eyes on something its going to be at the upper end of the budget and thus he's not likely to squirm much about whatever I'm considering. *LOL*

And that's why I'm glad I've been doing well at the Booth... no telling what Man Toy he's Jonesin' for and won't spring the news on me about 'til the last minute!?! *Ha ha ha*

But hey... if we don't deserve it... who does?!?  Right!!!???!!! *Winks*

I'd gladly buy him the World if I could afford it... because he's a Keeper you see... and I'm a Blessed Woman to have such a Wonderful Husband that has remained by my side so many years... through thick and thin... through Trials that would have scared or run off a less Noble or weak Man! *LOL*

And the whole Crew here can testify to that!  *Smiles*  Dealing with this Addams Family-ish Group is no small feat you see, it takes strength of Character and much, much enduring Love! Yes, I'm very Proud of my Old Warrior... and I Hope we shall grow very Old together and enjoy many more Anniversaries in the Future.

And nothing I could possibly buy him or he could buy me would be as Priceless as the Gift of our Love to and for each other.  I could have nothing at all but those I Love and it would be more than enough... and supercede all the stuff... which really isn't that important in the grand scheme of things... it doesn't abide like Love does.

And my Hope for each and every one of you my Dear Friends is that you have at least one or more in your Inner Circle that you feel this same way about and it is reciprocated... because then you are Truly Blessed above measure.

*All Beautiful Images in today's Post have been taken at my Friend Shelly's amazing Shops which are always favorites of mine and never cease to deliver fabulous Treasures: RUST & ROSES and SIRENS & SAINTS 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

And of coarse the Greatest Love Story ever told and you can be certain of for each and every Precious One Of You regardless of what any man or woman thinks... can be summarized by this favorite Scripture... because you ARE the Beloved:

John 3:16

New International Version (NIV)
16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


  1. Beautifully written, Dawn. And you're so right. Love will last forever. Things are just that, things!
    I hope you find something nice though that your husband can get for you.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Can't wait to see the anniversary treasure!!! You are truly blessed with such a wonderful husband.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Dawn I couldn't remember who it was that had the same anniversary as I and my husband but it's YOU and your hubby Lol! Happy early Anniversary girlfriend! So funny just like you, I pick out what I want and the hubster pays for it. It's worked just fine like that for 15 years *winks* Found my own roses at Costco yesterday! My hubby is taking Friday off so we can have an extended weekend treasure hunt...I can hardly wait! *winks* Vanna

  4. I hope you have a very lovely annivesary!! Coincidentally, my birthday is the same day~ I love the velvet roses!!!


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