Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Short Post... Well... Maybe... *Winks*

Everything is going really smoothly with the Great Edit & Purge of 2012 as I "Let Go" of stuff... and though the house is still in shambles in most places because of this epic Project underway and all my irons in the fire, slowly, slowly some areas are coming back into a semblance of order, cleanliness & tidiness... SOMEWHAT!  *Winks*

So clearly, I don't already have enough to do, right? *LOL*  So, why not accept a part time job? *Smiles*  Yeah, yeah I did... mostly because initially it was to be temporary to fill in for somebody else over at the Antique Mall my Booth is located at & would require less than 13 hours this week.  So, sure... I was all in. 

After all, I get to "ride" behind that cool '57 Chevy Greeter Desk as part of my responsibilities!!! *Yes, will have to get a Pix of that to Share!*  Well, after Day #2 they asked me to come on Permanent with my three 5-9 shifts... and since it is going well and I'm liking it... okay... I'm still all in. *Smiles*

After all, it will pay for my Space Rent... I get to meet and get to know the other Dealers as we become Co-Workers & Friends... and meet and greet our  wonderful Customers... so I saw little downside to working part-time Nights three days a week, very close to Home, so long as The Man & G-Kid Force could hold it all down here at Home in my absence?  *Delusional Maybe, but Denial usually works for me. LOL*  And well, except that maybe housekeeping here and yardwork here will possibly be even more laissez-faire. *LOL*   Okay, so that's a stretch too... strike out maybe and put FOR SURE housekeeping & yardwork will go further to hell! *Le Sigh*  We'll see how it goes anyway... maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised?! *Further Delusions, I'm getting really good at this Delusional Stuff!*  So you might be thinking, "What were you thinking Dawn!?!"

Well, I'm thinking... I'm only Volunteering one Morning a Week at the Food Ministry and Truth be told, I miss Working outside of the Home.  Plus, I'm no domestic goddess anyway, even allegedly Retired my housekeeping skills and desires are marginal at best... I'm definitely an old Hippie!*Winks*  Now, don't get me wrong... I don't want a Career again... or even full time work, my Corporate Life is over and I have no delusions about a full time job commitment, Day Care nightmare, the Man's declining health, holding everything else down etc. etc. etc... whilst juggling it all... so we're not going THERE!   Been there, done that... totally done with that at this Season of Life!  But then, I said that about raising kids too didn't I?  So... never say never... I don't wanna be eating my words later and having you all remind me of those famous last words!*Smiles*

And for right now the Crew here are all on board... they've promised to "help" more around here to pick up any slack... and Princess T loves to play house and foof, vignette make, and deligate responsibilities like a Slave Driver, ruling like a True Diva and with an Iron Fist & no-nonsense approach to Life and zero tolerance to un-necessary Drama... so she's kinda like a Mini-Me.  *Winks*
And besides... when I come Home late at Night after my Shift and see the attempts to fill in for me, such as the above Vignette... it really makes me Smile.

So... be sure to not only stop by this coming weekend for our Customer Appreciation Mallwide Sale...

But also any Mon-Wed Night to say Hi to yours Truly and have me tempt & help you to bring Home some fab Found Treasure?!*Winks*

You might even get to take over the previous Vintage "Throne" of a certain Princess! *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Def. NOTHING boring about your life, Dawn. I can see how it would be difficult not to take on these hours at your favorite place

    (Did I do the "wink" right?)

  2. I think you will be fabooo at this new part time gig!!! All the best with this new adventure!!!
    Have a great day,
    Always, Queenie


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