Sunday, March 25, 2012


When you're out Junquing do you ever run across those particular items that bring back a Rush and Flood of Memories?

Items that have a particular History in your Life Story and so they may mean more to you than to someone else who might discover them?

I ran across one such item yesterday while Junquing for Treasures to add to my Booth.  I wasn't looking for such a Special Treasure for myself in fact... and so when it came to me quite by accident and serendipity and at 50% off... well... I felt fortunate indeed!

It's probably no longer function and will just be a display piece in our Home... but it has significant meaning to me and so I'm delighted to have it... because it brings back Memories.

You see, growing up my Dear Dad used to Design, Style and Create almost all of our clothing on such an ancient Sewing Machine as this!  I remember thinking the Graphics and lines of it were so Beautiful even though it wasn't as fancy as the newer modern machines of the time.

But with the skilled hands of my Dad it assisted him in Creating magnificent wardrobe for the entire Family that was only limited by our Imaginations!   He could Create anything you desired to wear because he had out of necessity been making Clothing all of his Life.

Where he grew up they didn't have resources or access to many Shops and so with resourcefulness and great Artistic Skill they made whatever they needed or wanted.

And with being Gifted with Artistic Vision and a Joy for Creating he would utilize these Talents in the Kitchen as a Master Chef... and at the ancient Sewing Machine as a Master Stylist.  I remember wishing I had even an ounce of the Talents, Experience and Skills he possessed and which seemed so effortless to him!

Now, I don't sew on a Machine and so I didn't purchase this Found Treasure because I will probably ever utilize it in the ways that my Dad was able to... but just having it around in my Decor makes me Happy each time I behold it... and is a reminder of the great Love my Dad had for his Family...

And I miss him every day... and now that Mom has moved to a different State I miss her every day too... and with her currently being in extremely poor Health it is sometimes even more difficult being separated by such distance and not being able to 'be there' for her.

But I am Thankful for the many, many years of Memories and times we Shared... and every so often I find some Special Treasure that signifies those Memories in a Special way when I look at them.


And it brings me comfort and rest in my Spirit when I feel troubled with the Missing...

And it is a tangible object that can signify Special Times with Special People... even if it didn't belong to any of us but is merely a similar Treasure that we once had... or remember... and isn't that what the Love of Old and of Found Treasures is all about my Friends?

Having an appreciation for and reflective connection to our Past... our History... our Story...

Because sometimes the People depart... but the Memories and Love abide... and finding anything that connects that Memory to something we can touch again and enjoy again as we relive the Memory and feel the Love is Special indeed... and it makes me Smile with fond Remembrance.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. That certainly IS a most ornamental specimen! What a remarkable man your father must have been...


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