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Melrose Street Fair & Car Show ~ Part II

There's going to be several Posts to this Melrose Street Fair & Classic Car Show Event because as usual I was a pathological picture taker! *Smiles*  Just so many Beautiful Images to capture through the eye of my lens!  And yet my coverage of the Event is marginal at best, there was so much I didn't photograph... you really had to BE there to appreciate it in it's entirety!!!

Fabulous Vintage & Classic Cars of every description, I can only imagine what a Labor of Love it is to restore a Historic or Classic Vehicle to such pristine condition, as if it was just driven off the lot!?

I'm such a fanatic about Preservation and rescuing things from the Past so that they can be enjoyed in the Present and far into the Future.

And I just don't think modern vehicles possess the same character and distinctions of the Classics.

I just don't know that present Generations will have flashbacks of Nostalgia when they see a present day vehicle twenty years from now?  Or how many will even want to preserve a present day model?

And it wasn't just the Cars that were a Joy to behold... there were several Local Artists lining 7th Avenue during the Street Fair and showcasing their Creations.  I was particularly entrigued by the Tiki Maker.

But perhaps that is because lately I've been Dreaming of a Tropical Isle Vacation? *Winks*  And this sorta took me there on the canvas of my Imagination...

After all, we have Palm Trees here in the Desert too... which is what most of these fabulous Tikis were carved out of.

And if I were to decorate a Room with such things that bring to mind a Tropical Paradise, I'd feel like I was on Vacation all of the time! *Smiles*

And of coarse I still had Mannequin Heads on my mind... and yes, I did pick up the other two Gals to complete my Set while I was at the Event... so now I have Quads... Photos to follow in a Future Post. *Winks*  This is one of my Friend Shelly's Mannequin Head Gals...

And speaking of Friends, that's one of the best parts of attending Events, I always run into Friends whilst there.  This is my Friend Leslie of FRILLY FROCKS, isn't she a Vision!!!???  She is the very best Advertisement for the fabulous Fashions in her Shop, she Rocks it all!!!

And so many of my favorite Shops were right in the Heart of the Event so that made it even more enjoyable!

A trip to FRILLY FROCKS means getting so see the latest Spring Fashions of some of my favorite Designers.

And if you enjoy playing Dress Up as a Big Girl *Winks* you're going to Love coming here and trying on all of the gorgeous Spring Lines and deciding upon Accessories to compliment your Wardrobe.

This Spring everything is very Feminine with layers of delicate Fabrics.

I adore the Ewa i Walla Spring Line... it is my favorite.

And the Advertisements for the Line... well... just as Beautiful as the Fashions!!!

Very Bohemian Chic...

It makes you want to be THAT Girl... or know more about her...

And for those of us who also adore Bright Fashions... they abound here too!

So whether you're a Gal who prefers Neutrals and restraint...

Or Colors and boldness... you'll find what you'll want to wear this Spring here.  Or envision your Dream Wardrobe stocked with such Fashionable Ensembles.

And while we're on the subject of Dreaming...  every time I see a restored Vintage Caravan I can envision myself owning one just like it! *Winks*

And there was no shortage of them this weekend... so much Fun to see the Beautiful Restorations everyone had done with theirs.  Now... if only The Man can locate mine... I know its out there somewhere just waiting on us!!! *Smiles*

But to take my mind off of Vintage Caravan Lust I went over to my Friend Shelly's Sister Shops of RUST & ROSES and SIRENS & SAINTS...

I hate to admit it, but certain pieces of Taxidermy are definitely starting to grow on me and appeal to me... morbid but true! *LOL*  Granted, I prefer to see the subjects alive and well in Natural settings... but its not often you get to see the Beauty up close and as personal as when they're preserved in this particular Art Form.  And an Art Form it most certainly is, I have a Brother-In-Law who is a Taxidermist and it definitely takes a Talented Artist to do this well.

But there are many other Treasures in the Shops that are better suited to my Styling sensibilities than Taxidermy...

And Shelly and the Shop Gals are always busy Creating new Products & Styles to wear or Feather your Nest with.

Shelly really is the Pillow-Meister! *Smiles*

And if you have a Bag Obsession like Moi... well, you'll find plenty of new Creations of theirs and other Talented Artists there too!

And I was so very Happy to discover that THE Bohemian Diva Goose I Loved from my Friend Pauline's Booth was Adopted by Shelly and will remain in the Shop!!!

So now I can still have "Visitation"! *LOL*

And bring you Images of what THE Bohemian Diva Goose is up to!? *Winks*  And you never know... if she should ever need to go to another Good Home one day... Just sayin' Shelly... you know who to call!!! *Winks* 

And these fabulous Victorian Ceiling Tin Crosses Created by my Friend Tricia are all so Beautiful... I've already got one, have you gotten yours yet my Friends?

If you dig Salvage Architectural Style as much as I do the Crosses will definitely go well with your Decor.

And this Display piece is Lovely...

If this ever comes up for Sale Shelly... call me... *Winks*

But certainly there is plenty that is for Sale and so much of it has me drooling... Persian Rugs, Bunches of Peacock Feathers in Lovely Weathered Urns... and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more!

I actually exercised amazing Restraint my Friends... yes I did... I mostly came away with Beautiful Photos of Treasures and Cars...

And in my Final Melrose Street Fair & Car Show Post I will Reveal what I did 'score' this day... I was on a specific Mission and I didn't stray too far from it actually... *Patting Self on back... Winks*

I'm getting much better at Editing and Restraint... it's a Process for me but it's coming along... I'm still a work in progress... *Smiles*  Come back tomorrow and we'll continue Cruising the Event... I've still got loads to Share with you.

Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Terrific cars -- I especially like the gold ones. And as always I like the religious items you fine -- I love the Madonna and supplicant (not sure what to call it). Long time no see!


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