Sunday, March 18, 2012

Melrose Crawl ~ My Anniversary Gifts ~ Sirens & Saints

Today The Man and I Celebrate our Anniversary... and so it is a fitting Post to take you to where I 'scored' my Anniversary Gifts while doing the Melrose Crawl... SIRENS & SAINTS

I wasn't even considering anything else for my Anniversary Gift this year, I knew exactly what I wanted and where I would find it... because the last time I had been in to SIRENS & SAINTS my super Talented Artist Friend Angela had Created some AWESOME Gypsy Belts out of Upcycled Old Cowboy Belts and her Signature hand-dyed Velvet Rosettes with Sash and Bohemian Bling.

I wanted at least one... and was delighted that The Man bought me two!!! 

Here's my Mannequin Yvette Modeling both at Home...

I Love them!!!  They were the perfect Anniversary Gift!

We ALL were Loving them in fact... it was a Belt Buying Frenzy this day *Winks*... as even Shop Gal Punky got one {isn't she always so adorable!}... the BFF Tina got one {and looked amazing in it too, though she's shy before the camera so you'll just have to take my word for it}...

And Shop Owner Shelly was Styling one Beautifully as well... so you better hurry in and get yours while there's still some left 'cause they're going fast!   *Winks*

Here's me wearing one of mine... so versatile and comfortable... and Angela made the Sash long enough that they'll fit every sized Woman and look good on her... which I REALLY appreciate.

And after I'd chosen my Anniversary Gifts and we all bought our Belts... it was time to just wander around enjoying all of the other wonderful Treasures & Fashions that abound in the Shop.

I never come away from here uninspired... and rarely empty handed *LOL*... because the Inventory Rocks!

And so does everybody working here!

So if you're Jonesin' for some fab Fashions, Bags, Accessories and Bohemian Bling... this should be on your Shopping itinerary for sure...

And I Hope you've enjoyed stopping by with us as we Crawled and Trawled Melrose...

But we're STILL not done yet!!!  Plenty still to see, do and enjoy... so be sure to come back as we do the Melrose Crawl up and down 7th Avenue my Friends... the Fun has only just begun!!!

And be sure to enter the generous Spring Giveaway over at MY SALVAGED TREASURES Hosted by my Talented Blog Friend Betsy... to win a Vintage Hinge Card Holder, Stamped Fork Garden Stakes & a Sweet Robin... Good Luck my Friends! 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Beautiful birthday Dawn, (mine was March 15th), I sees that you had beautiful presents and I am happy for you there!!!

    Wonderful day
    Amitiés de France

  2. The biggest and brightest of annaversary glad wishes!!
    Love your presents. Sooooo fun!!
    Have a great day!
    Always, Queenie


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