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Melrose Crawl ~ Melrose Market ~ Industrial Garden Chic

We're going to start our March Melrose Crawl at the MELROSE MARKET Industrial Garden Party!   At 4610 N. 7th Avenue in Phoenix {602-248-4405}. Where they were celebrating the New Garden where Vintage Industrial blooms together with Garden Style.

Appetizers and Refreshments were served courtesy of HARLEY'S ITALIAN BISTRO and the relaxing atmosphere, positive Vibe and warm welcome while you Shopped and mingled with the Staff and other Patrons was like being at an Enchanting and very enjoyable House Party.

Everything was Styled Beautifully and the back Patio was truly Magical at Night... with hundreds of Tealights and Creative Industrial Garden Chic Vignettes... you couldn't help but want to hang out, relax, visit and be Inspired on a Beautiful Warm Arizona Evening... as well as discovering your Found Treasures to 'score'.

Fresh Florals and Greenery abounded... I always like bringing the Outside In and blurring the distinction between Interior and Exterior Living Spaces.

There were great Rusty and Crusty pieces, Salvaged Architectural pieces, Vintage Industrial, Weathered Painted Wood furnishings Aged to perfection and Garden Art for those of us who really enjoy Time Worn and interesting pieces.

It really made us want to begin Re-Styling our Garden Gathering Areas, Outdoor Rooms and Patios as soon as we got Home! *Winks*

But there were also Cool Vintage Fashions & Accessories.

The experience was so very comfortable that we stayed for quite a while and will definitely be back often.

Because they will be Hosting these Themed Parties twice Monthly... on 3rd Thursdays during the Melrose Crawl and at another designated time of the Month that I shall find out as soon as it is scheduled and pass along to you my Friends so that you can enjoy the experience as well.

This is definitely something you won't want to miss.

This was one of my favorite Vignettes out on the back Patio under the Stars... called "Stairway To Heaven"...

What a great way to upcycle Industrial Steps... with Spotlights and Tealights showcasing & illuminating the pieces Beautifully on a pitch Black Arizona Night... and it felt like being on a Polynesian Vacation right in your own back yard so I'd definitely like to replicate this Theme at the Bohemian Valhalla Residence in one of our Outdoor Seating areas.

 I just Loved the Tropical Vibe it imparted with the big Tiki Style Stone Heads.

And if you're like me and Love to repurpose Old Junque Finds, you would really appreciate the Mini Terrarium Gardens planted in Fresh from the Farm Agricultural Salvaged pieces.  The Dealer had Sourced all kinds of wonderful Old Treasures from his Gramma's Old Barn and Working Farm Acreage and Created Inspiring Vignettes and Planters with them.

I have become really Sold Out on Tealight Lighting in various objects... it really Creates a Magical and Enchanting Ambiance on a Dark Night.

And here in Arizona, Entertaining and Dining Outside in the Evenings is the Norm so having Wonderful Inviting Outdoor Rooms is really important when Hosting your Friends, Guests and extended Family.

And check out these Cool Old Lockers Sourced from a Stripper Club!!! *LOL*  Yes, that's right... and with the Stage Names still on the doors!!!  No kidding!!! *LOL*

With Stage Names like "Big Brandon" and "Good Luvin" that is mos def a Conversation Piece if ever I saw one!!!  Hilarious and I was definitely Entertained by the great back end Story to these pieces that the Dealer shared!!!  *LMAO*   You all know how much I Love a Good Story that accompanies a piece!  And I expect that my Blog Friend M. may leave a humorous comment regarding this one... I've practically baited him for it in fact!  *Winks... are ya gonna take the bait my Friend? Smiles... or can you resist?! LOL*

I really fell in Love with the Patina on this Old Bookcase...

And hanging old Silverplate and Pressed Glass Orphaned pieces to Greenery in a Cool Old Shopping Trolly Cart is a good way to utilize those Treasures that otherwise might not serve any definite Purpose but you aren't yet ready to part with.

I don't think they make Recliners & Rockers as comfy anymore as back in the day...  this Velvet & Needlepoint Vintage one on a back Patio on a warm Arizona Evening would be just the place to doze off...

And this was another favorite piece...

Old Ice-Cream Parlor Rusty Chair turned Planter...

With an Old Funky Straw Hat cradling the Fauna...

And this Fauna was faux... but very realistic looking... perfect for those of you who don't possess a Green Thumb or the Time to Nurture the Real Deal... *Winks*

Yes, this piece was definitely hard to resist... the BFF and I kept returning to it again and again...

And I definitely have a stash of Old seatless Ice-Cream Parlor and Wrought Iron Garden Chairs that could be Transformed around the Garden like this... so it was very Inspirational.

But I'm more a fan of Real Flowers and Fauna... and so I was definitely gravitating to the Live Plantings that abounded... so many great Ideas for repurposing discarded Treasures... I Love that!

And this is a place to come if like me, you also adore Kilims and Exotic Rugs and Imports... I've 'scored' several Persian Rugs here... and this Kilim Pillow really wanted to come Home with me... so hard to resist! 

As was this great Old Teapot turned Planter... with a "His" and "Hers" cup attached... too cute!

This was such a Fun Event to fuel Inspiration and Transform your Garden, Patio and Outdoor Rooms just in time for Spring and Entertaining.

I'm sure you've probably seen something that ignited a spark of Inspiration, no?

And great Old comfortable Carved Decrepid Style Furniture for Outside... well, it doesn't get any better than that does it?

I liked this Idea of using old bed spring wires attached to interesting Old Frames to hold Notes, Cards, Photos & Ephemera.

And Exotic Lighting Fixtures... *Swooning*

Kept coming back to that "Stairway To Heaven"... alas, it was Sold.  *Le Sigh*

But I knew I wouldn't come away empty handed from this Great Shopping Experience...

And with a Wealth of Inspiration, Ideas and Ambition to get busy with Outdoor Living Areas now!

Oh yes, I'm chomping at the bit to Design our Outdoor Living Areas into such a Magical Scape as they had Created here... my Photos don't do it Justice... you had to BE there to Truly appreciate the ambiance and wonderful Vibe it imparted.

And having Good Food and Good Company as well as Good Shopping... Ideal!!!

You're probably wondering what I 'scored' aren't you?

Well... aren't you? *Winks*

There was a LOT of Temptation...

And unique quirky pieces that suit my Eclectic Styling Sensibilities...

But I was on a Mission to procure a Vintage Gooseneck Desk Lamp for here in the Computer Room... and walla... "SCORE"!!!  With an Art Deco Base and perfectly wonderful Green hue & Aged Patina... the Laws of Attraction were once again working in my Favor!  Works like a charm and the gooseneck feature is still supple and moves in any direction & angle... I Love this Style of Lamp!!!

So... Mission accomplished all I had to do now was just enjoy the rest of the Evening...

And assist the BFF in seeking out her Found Treasures...

Yes... we both came Home with exactly what we had been on a Mission for during this Melrose Crawl...

And we're not done yet... we shall take you along to all of the Wonderful Shops along 7th Avenue in Phoenix as we Crawl Melrose and enjoy all the Events happening up and down the block!

I Hope you'll accompany us for the entire Day... which will need several Posts to complete...

I know you'll enjoy yourselves as much as we did...

Because if you're here you are more than likely a Kindred Spirit and dig what we do, right? *Winks*

And no matter what your Style preferences... you're probably going to find it in one of the Shops that line 7th Avenue...

So get into Treasure Hunting & Party Mode...

And lets Trawl and Crawl Melrose shall we...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Financially, it's MUCH safer for me to "travel and crawl" with you THIS way! I'm curious to know what your BFF "scored"!

    Seeing all the rust & quirky yard art possibilities, I can't wait to take the tarp off the pile in our own back yard. I've kind of forgotten everything we wintered there! It will be like my own stroll down Melrose. It's always fun to bring it out and set it up in new, fresh ways.... Maybe add a few tea-lights....

  2. Look, all I want to know is this: How did "Big Brandon" get his name and were there any photos of him left in that locker?
    p.s. I'm in love with that pumpkin planter.


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