Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gypsy Brocante & A Most Wonderful Surprise Gift!


One of the things that I Love best about the Land Of Blog is how many other amazing Artists and Kindred Spirits I have met here.  My Blog Friend Jill Harris of GYPSY BROCANTE being among them.  Jill's Creations are fabulous and I have been Jonesin' to own one for quite some time.  Especially her Upcycled Vintage Lacy Clothing Line, which she makes for all sized Women, even us big Gals!  *Yay!* 

And so I ordered one of the gorgeous Tops from her Online Boutique... isn't it fabulous!!!???  I adore everything about it and the Tea Stained Hue is absolutely perfect to compliment so many items of my wardrobe.  Mannequin Yvette is Modeling it for us... but the great thing about it is that I like it better on me!  *Winks*   Now that's a big Deal, because I don't know about you, but usually Fab Fashions always look better on the Mannequin than they do on me... but with Jill's skilled hands this drapes Beautifully and is very flattering to the full figured Woman!

And the back is as Lovely as the front... and it layers Beautifully with other pieces, which I prefer since I often layer Fashions... Beauty on top of Beauty is just my preferred Style.

Vintage Lace has always appealed to me and I Collect a lot of it... so I really appreciate the Vintage pieces that Jill Designs and Styles her Line with... and she hand dyes each piece in an assortment of amazing hues.

This piece she Custom made for me and so it is very Special to me since she allowed me to chose the Style and the perfect Hue for it and in my size.

And what moved me most... even though the piece I ordered was breathtaking and exceeded my expectations... was that Jill included what SHE called a "Little Something Extra" but which to me was a BIG something extra and TOTALLY unexpected!

One of her FABULOUS Bohemian Bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  {Insert Squeals of Delight!}

She shouldn't have... but I'm oh so glad that she did!!!*Winks*  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and it was so very gracious and generous of her to be so benevolent!   Her Bags are as gorgeous as her Fashions and I've admired them too for quite some time and never expected to receive one as a Gift!

Truly the Generosity here in the Land Of Blog is unmatched and unprecedented!   Just look at that fab Velvet Rosette & all of the Beautiful luxurious Fabrics used to Create this gorgeous Bag!

And the back is a Tapestry of Crazy Quilt Styled Tapestries!!!   I'm receiving SO many compliments on this Bag... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Dear Jill!!!

And she also included some Vintage Fabrics for me to use in the Creation of my Bags... this was the Delivery that just kept on Giving!!!  And it brought tears to my eyes...

So be sure to stop by Jill's Online Shop... and her wonderful Blog


Here are the Images she E-Mailed to me after she had Created my piece... but truly mere Photos don't do it justice... it is even prettier for real!

And I'm certain that one will never be enough...  *LOL*... you can bet I'll be a repeat customer because it fits me so well and I Love the way it drapes so Beautifully to flatter the Feminine Form.

And Jill's attention to Detail and using quality materials really appeals to me.

And the repurposing of Beautiful Old Pieces to be made into something New and Fashion forward... giving the pieces new Life in her Creations...

And just check out the GORGEOUS Bohemian Bling she Creates... this is one super Talented Lady!

And please join us over at Doni's Blog Party at FAITH, GRACE & CRAFTS... for Pearls & Lace Thursday... yeah, I know it's Saturday, but I had to show off this Lovely Lace at the Party now didn't I?  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog. How nice of you to visite my blog too! I like your blog, its beautiful!

    Greetings from Holland,

  2. YOU my friend is what brings the TRUE beauty and life to my creations ... it's your heart and soul that shines thru !!

    I'm thrilled that you are pleased with your shirt and bag ... I hope you enjoy them for many years.

    Thank you for being a friend and such a loyal customer ... I appreciate BOTH!

  3. Such beautiful frocks and accessories. I will have to go a bloggy window shopping.
    Have a great day,
    Always, Queenie

  4. I love the top, Dawn... it looks fabulous!!! I checked out her site...she makes beautiful tops...I would love to take one of her classes if I were closer...I need to find one here in Maine...:) I also need to go hunting for a mannequin for my daughter...she has wanted one for a long time....her B-day is coming up soon...

    Hope all is well with you & the Man!!


  5. Hey Dawn!! Oh that top looks so cute on you! Gorgeous!! I can see why you just had to have one! The style is just perfect. Makes you kind of want summer to hurry and get here....then you remember that it's HOT!
    Thanks so much for linking up with me this week for Pearls and Lace Thursday! It's so fun to what all everyone has to share!


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