Friday, March 30, 2012

Funky Fun Finds

I'm taking you along today to foof my Booth at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST and partake of one of my favorite past-times... looking for Funky Fun Finds.  There's something about the Quirky, the Unusual and Fun Style that really appeals to me. 


I was totally enamored with this Funky Fun Vintage 1930-1940's Era Cracker Jack Charm Celluloid Necklace!!!

It had Peacock, Parrot & Kewpie Doll, Dancing Bear & Tiger Charms for Heaven's Sakes, among others... what's not to ADORE bout that?!?  *Winks*

Little Orphan Annie, Hula Girl, Pink Elephant & Velveteen Rabbit Charms... I could totally see myself wearing a piece like this... what Fun Vintage Style!  How many peeps do you suppose you're likely to see wearing a similar necklace now, really???!!!!  *Winks*

Or a matching Bracelet!!!????!!!

Loaded with equally charming Celluloid Vintage Cracker Jack Charms... LOVE IT!!!

And how would you like your drinks served up at a Party by this Pirate Lass?!?!!!  *Winks*

Yeah, I totally look like this when I'm wearing my Pirate ensemble, how about you?  I WISH!!!!!  Well, The Man probably wishes too...  *LOL*

I tried to get the Young Prince to pose beside her, but at 11 he was thinking she looks plain Evil!  *His words not mine!  LMAO*  Yeah, a Gal like this could scare and intimidate a Young Man I'm sure... *Smiles*

Especially when she has a Boyfriend like THIS!!!  *LOL*

Break out the Captain Morgan peeps... *Winks*

I bet he could help us 'score' some Found Treasures and intimidate the competition!!!!!????   *Smiles*

And Geo's Drugstore Indians appeared to be trying to get a better look {far off one} and really appreciating the scenery {closer one} of Antonio's Pirate Lass!   Well, she IS looking at him seductively...  *LMAO... this was too funny!*  See what fun I have when I go to Work!!!  *Smiles*

And I'd found some Funky Fun Finds for my Booth as well... a pair of Vintage Lamps that should catch the eye of any Francophiles...

Because what's not to adore about Marie Antoinette Style Porcelain...

Or perhaps Napoleon Style Porcelain... and I'm selling them as separates in case you just fall in Love with one or just need A lamp and not a set of lamps... Loved the Bright Colors that lend themselves well with Fun Vintage Style...

And be sure to come back again to go Junquing with us... because there's so much more to discover...

But only a limited amount of time to 'score' it before someone else does...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. LOL what a fun post Dawn....Love the pirates.... ARGHHHHH...LOL


  2. You always find the fun in life. Love the pirate lass, but just between us girls, (I think she's had some work done). LOL
    I always enjoy visiting you!


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