Friday, March 23, 2012

A Fun Place To Work & Play ~ Brass Armadillo West

My Blog Friend Queenie gave me the perfect Title for today's Post as I take you back to THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST... "A Fun Place To Work & Play"... because truly it is!  I really am having fun working & playing at the new Antique Mall and I'm so glad that I stepped out to get on board with this venture and see the Vision coming to Life for us all here in the far West Valley!  Sometimes you have to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

One of the Joys of doing this is how excited my entire Family is about it & how The Man and G-Kids are always eager to come with me... the G-Kid Force got their Easter Money from their Aunt & Family today {our Oldest Daughter} and rather than choose to spend it at a Retail Chain Store, they asked to go to OUR Mall to Shop!   Yes, that's what they call it now because they feel like a part of this and they thoroughly enjoy working & playing there too!   They are learning to better appreciate the value and individuality of buying Vintage, Collectible and Antique merchandise rather than the usual mass produced toys everybody else might have.  And to see the Joy on their faces as they Sourced their Treasures and ask about the History of each piece really meant a lot to me.  Princess T particularly seems intently interested in Product History and Value for her Money, which at the tender age of 6 is pretty impressive to me.  They both had the same amount of money to spend and it was interesting to see their Treasure Hunting Styles.  She chose to buy less items than her Big Brother, but items she felt she was getting a great Deal on and had a good Story... sound familiar?  *Winks*  Either I'm really rubbing off on this kid or it's in the Blood and genetically passed down from Generation to Generation? *LOL*   She came away with a Vintage 1950's {or earlier} Xylophone Toy so that she can have her Brother teach her to play since he plays The Bells {large Xylaphone} at School... Collectible Beanie Babies which she told me are the 'rare' ones  *Smiles*... and a Child's Gardening Book complete with Trowel & numerous Seed Packets... she plans to grow her own Produce and defy new Presidential mandate that you cannot grow your own food... a true Rebel... I hadn't even heard about the mandate but the G-Kid Force apparently had ... HUH?!!???   I guess I better start watching the News more and be better informed about what is going on in Washington!!!? *LOL*  They both defiantly informed me they plan to exercise their Freedom & Right to grow their own food... good for them!!!  I wholeheartedly support their defiance against such ludicrousness... hopefully we're not all on our way to Federal Prison for growing our own fresh Veggies in a Victory Garden?  *Winks*  I don't know how reliable their sources were but I didn't think they could make such stuff up and The Man confirmed what they apparently heard on TV... who knew???!!!   No wonder the wee Princess was tenacious about buying her stash of Veggie Seeds today & a Kid's Manual on growing one's own food... apparently she's seriously ready to be The Resistance! *LOL*

But I digress... had to share that since it tickled me and also made me so proud.   Yes, I am having so much Fun Sourcing things to stock my Booth with, an Eclectic mix of Treasures that seem to be appealing to a wide market of folks.  It particularly flatters me when another Dealer will compliment me on my Inventory and make purchases too, becoming regular customers along with the general public... it means I'm doing my job and working the Booth the way I had intended to.   I'm having Fun Sourcing & Picking so that I can pass along the good Deals and interesting pieces to everyone... whether for their Home, Office or Biz.   I don't at all mind being the Middle Man... lets all make Money I say!  And I must say that I have been deeply touched & moved by the camaraderie among the Dealers, who now are fast becoming Friends... promoting each other & our Booths/Cases/Showrooms through Blogging, Facebook, Tweets, etc... and how many other knowledgeable Veteran Dealers and Business Owners have taken me under their wing and Mentored me... sharing knowledge graciously and generously so that I can get better at this and prosper.  I'm so new at this that it is a valuable Education and Gift for them to impart such knowledge, cultivate contacts and help me to network effectively in this Industry... God Bless you each richly... I Thank each and every one of you and you know who you are!!!   I'm also getting more Junquing Buddies and new leads on where to go that I haven't been before and that is going to be a blast and so exciting because The Thrill Of The Hunt is what we all Live for!   And when Work becomes like Play... well, does it really get any better than that my Friends?  I think not...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. I am so glad I got to meet your g-kids last week at Sweet Salvage. They are so cute! Looks like the new Brass Armadillo is full of wonderful treasures! Enjoy!!! See you soon!

  2. The G-Force spending their holiday money on keepsake treasures, how wonderful!! Learning how to do a bit of gardening is something every one should experience.
    The lady's hat is soooo wonderful. It totally reminds me of Easter in years gone by.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Dawn - these are great photos! Do you mind if I post a few of them on the BA FB page? I will link back to your blog. xo

    -pamela ;)


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