Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brass Armadillo West

We just finished up our four day 15% Off Everything in the Store Sale at THE BRASS ARMADILLO this past Friday through Monday and it was so much Fun... and yes, I not only Sold a lot... but I got in on the Sale Action to 'score' a few pieces myself. *Winks, now you knew I would didn't you? LOL*

And if you didn't manage to make it out yet, don't worry, we're gearing up for yet another Fun Garden Show & huge Parking Lot Sale Event April 13th-15th, so be sure to mark your Calendars!  You can even enter to Win a Patio Set!

And there's new Inventory pouring in daily... as well as new Dealers... we're already over 60% occupied... so if you're thinking of renting a Case, Showroom or Booth... hurry, because they're filling up fast!

And for those of you who might have been envying The Man's new Anniversary Rattlesnake Cane, Geo has only one left... and he won't be making any more... just sayin'... *Winks*

His Showroom is filled with amazing Treasures in fact...

From Exotic Taxidermy from around the World...

To Beautiful Art from the Music Industry by amazing Artists Commissioned to do Artwork of his Friends ...

It would be hard to choose a Favorite work of Art since so many Favorite Artists were the subject matter!!!

But if I was pressed to choose... well, gotta go with my Man Jimi!  *Winks*  And yes, just so you know, The Man is fully aware of my infatuation with the Iconic Jimi Hendrix!  *LOL*  After all, what Bohemian Gal didn't adore everything about Jimi?!  *Smiles*  I STILL listen to his Musical Genius and so does The Son and all of his Friends... his Guitar skills are still Timeless Magic!

And since we were selling like mad... Princess T had to stop by daily during the Sale to help Gramma foof my Booth!  *Winks*  And I'm working three Nights a week at The Brass now too... so if you come by Monday-Wednesday Evening, I could be Cruisin' behind the '57 Chevy Greeter Station!  *LOL* 

Or helping you to bring your loads of Treasures up to the Counter... *Winks*

You might be thinking it would be difficult for a Gal like me to work in such a place surrounded by Temptations at every turn?  *Smiles*

And you'd be right *LOL*... in fact, if you become a Dealer here you are most likely to also become a Loyal and Regular Customer as well!!!  *Smiles*

Because the variety and selection of Treasures is awesome!   And sure... I have my favs, which I always stop by to see what new Treasures are being offered...

The Funky Southwestern Booth being just one of many... I adore giving Southwestern Style Gifts since we live in the Southwest and that Styling is distinctive to our Region so Gifting such items is always met with Joy by the Recipient!

And when I Host a Fiesta here at Bohemian Valhalla... well, gotta go with the Bright, Fun, Bold, Festive Southwestern flavor, right?   In Styling and in Food!!!*Winks*

There are even more of those cute Button Bouquets available now... since they previously Sold Out in a heartbeat!

I Love these and got several for myself... and to put on Gifts as a sweet decorative touch that can be kept and enjoyed... ordinary bows are so boring and useless...

And I'm Loving all of the Rustic elements pouring in...

And the Creative Art by various Artists...

Especially those Created from Salvaged Treasures...

And Fun elements...

The G-Kids were particularly enjoying these flickering Western Lantern Creations...

And The Man enjoy anything Fresh from the Farm or Ranch...

And of coarse Yours Truly enjoys any and all Architectural Salvage...

This fab Booth belongs to a fellow Blogger THE SHABBY JUNKER who was filling her Space with even more Salvage Fabulousness!

And if you're a Lover of Architectural Salvage like me, you're going to adore the selection available from several Dealers in the Mall!

These pieces are very popular and I see them heading out the door with happy customers each day... and I Hope to get some in my Booth soon when space permits... because you know I have a stash too, don't you?   Hoarder of Old Doors, Windows and Architectural Salvage that I have been for decades!  *LOL*

But until I "Let some Go", you can still 'score' a wealth of them from other Dealers... *Winks*

I'm almost more tempted to buy some than sell some... after seeing the fab pieces being offered and in the most amazing hues of chippy charm... you know how I am!!! *LOL*

So you better hurry on over and get yours... they're going fast!!!

And those of you who adore Beach Cottage Style... yep... it's here too!!!

The Shabby... The Chic... The Romantic... check, check and check!!! *LOL*

And hows about some great Old Kitchenware?  Reminiscent of Gramma's House!  I can almost smell the homemade Treats Baking, can't you?  *Winks*

Love Rustic?  Check...

Western... Check...

Vintage Fabrics galore... check...

I adored this cut Velvet covered Vintage Rocker.

And this great looking Sage Velvet Sofa...

With matching Armchair... SOLD almost before it got set up in the Booth!!!

And yes, you spied it didn't you?

The Dream Treasure I have been LUSTING over for days now & wanting badly!!!

The Ellis Island Gypsy Style Steamer Trunk upholstered in Vintage Belgian Cut Velvet in a Bold Orange!

Get out the smelling Salts... I'm having a Swoonfest of epic proportions as I behold this Treasure!!!

I will be too sad if someone else snags it before me... I'm putting my Mojo on it in fact... this is SO ME... I only wish my Birthday was closer... it would be a good excuse to overindulge right?  *Winks*  And even though I have absolutely nowhere to put it... that's never stopped me before... *LOL*... and I could always move some things out to my Booth couldn't I... to make room & fund the Vision?!? *Smiles*

Thankfully my Lustfest is limited to a select few items that I think I couldn't live without... and the rest I just admire and photograph for you all to Lust after!  *Smiles*

And there are things that I would not have a use for, but which I really think are Beautiful or Cool... such as this gorgeous Humidor from Havana...

I've never smoked and won't be taking up Cigar Smoking *LOL* ... but I still think it's Lovely, don't you?  So... if you're in the far West Valley stop on by and visit us... this is just a very small sampling of the Treasures you will find there...

And okay... if you insist... I shall share just one of the Treasures that I found there...

A gorgeous filigree West German Bohemian Vintage Necklace... LOVE IT!!!  And I 'scored' it at an amazing price and got my Dealer Discount on top of that... *Insert the Heaven's parting, Harps playing and Angelic Voices singing... Winks*

And I got one of the Mannequin Head Quads to Model it for us... yeah, she stole one of my Hats too...

And yep, if you have a keen eye & are as observant as the average Junquer you've also probably noticed a couple of recent Goodwill Hunting 'scores' haven't you?   The Antique Leather Doctor's Bag and the Vintage Fur Stole which has a trio of Critters chomping on each other...

And you would absolutely hate me if I told you how little I 'scored' them both for... so I won't!  *LOL*

And on Senior Day no less so I even got a Discount on top of the ridiculously low price! 
*Cha-Ching!*   There are some benefits to growing older... *Winks*

And check out the two fab Old Cases I 'scored' for only two bucks apiece!!!  Yes, only $2 each... and one even had a Vintage Typewriter in it with Manual... which I promptly Sold for $45 in less than a couple of days because I only wanted the Case... so really, all this other stuff was FREE!!!  Yeah... I'm really luvin' how this is all working out...  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. My gosH Dawn what a great tour.
    I am thinking I would not sell my old vintage button bouquets for the price hanging on the ones pictured. I can't even old white buttons anymore around here.
    anyway love senior day
    love the velvet sofa
    love that trunk I spied

    we have a Brass armidillo In Grain Valley Missouri up close to Kansas City, I haven't been there for a long time just might have to take a trip next time I go visit sister

  2. That steamer truck is to die for!!!! I hope your mojo works!!
    What a fun place to work and play.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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