Monday, March 26, 2012

Booth Foof At #44

I really enjoy Sourcing Treasures... for my Home and now for my Booth.

What I enjoy most about Junquing is that you never really know what you're going to come across and the Thrill of that Hunt is something I look forward to.

This Saturday most of the Thrifts had their big Sales and though typically I am not a Morning Person and don't get up to be one of the first at the Sales, this time I made an exception to see what it was like and whether it would pay off?

You see, though I am an avid Fan of Treasure Hunting and Junquing in general, I am NOT a Fan of the mob scenes at Sales or Special Events and the mania it can create and bring out in folks, so I would rather avoid that scene.

But I didn't know what to expect and I'll try anything once... twice if I like it... *Winks* and it wasn't too bad actually at the Thrifts, folks were generally patient, pleasant and orderly at the Shops I visited... though it did get crowded quickly so I didn't stay long at any one place.

And even though I did a Marathon cruise of each Shop to scope out everything quickly and target only what jumped out at me visually & made an instant impact...  I "Scored" well and so it was a very productive Morning.

And by the same Afternoon I had taken some of the items to THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST to do a Booth Foof at #44.  *Smiles*

I really enjoy working my Booth and visiting with Friends at the Mall while I'm there... so its a perfect mix of Biz and Pleasure.

And its so close to Home that I can stop by anytime... or take the Family with me and include them in the venture, which they're enjoying as much as I am.

And I'm very pleased at how well received our Space has been and how well it is already doing because it is something I had been Dreaming of doing for quite some time.

I always knew that Junquing was in my blood and a complete Joy... so that part of it isn't even like Work to me... I could never tire of seeking out Found Treasures... for myself or for resale.

And parting with the majority of 'scores' has been easier than I expected it to be.  No matter how Cool I think it is {and lets face it, if I didn't like it I wouldn't even purchase it for resale}, now that I can also make a buck on my Treasure Hunting abilities and have a place to offer it... well, that makes the "letting go" so much easier because it's really Blessing my Family. 

There are even times when I wander about the House deciding what else I can sell?  *LOL*  And I can always 'keep' the Images of the items I felt some attachment to for a while before letting them go... and many of them go so quickly, like this Sweet Head Vase which was Sold almost as soon as she arrived at the Booth & made her debut... and it makes me Happy to Rescue pieces that now will find new Homes with someone who enjoys them too... so... it's all good...  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Very beautiful collection of things - I'm sure they'll go quickly! Love that typewriter and it's case. So chic. I'm trying to be better about commenting - but wanted to let you know I'm a follower and visit daily! xoxo, Artie
    Stop by sometime!

  2. This got me to thinking. I bet John would love to start reading The Hardy Boys. I probably should have introduced him to that series long ago. Oh well, better later than never, right?

  3. So glad the head vase sold spiffy quick. It is a great piece. I wish my eyelashes were that long -lol- :o)
    Wishing you continued success and pure joy with your treasure booth adventure.
    Have a great day,
    Always, Queenie

  4. I can't tell you how happy I am for you. You are obviously at a very good location! If I knew I could sell enough to pay my monthly booth rental anywhere up here, I'd be all over it in an instant! What fun you're having!

  5. That head vase is wonderful! I just opened my first booth and am loving it! Mine is about 45 minutes from home, but it is worth it as there are no successful booths close to home. Come by my blog and visit! karen....


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