Sunday, February 26, 2012

Working Into The Night...

With the Grand Opening a mere 5 days away I've been working into the Night to get my Booth together at THE BRASS ARMADILLO.  I've been rather in a panic because The Man was supposed to be building me shelves, etc., he'd bought some new tools and everything was ready to begin with the construction, when he began feeling quite ill again... and spent another day in the Hospital!

It is very likely he will be Hospitalized again soon, but they've allowed him to come Home since he wanted to try to recuperate at Home... he's been unable to shake this Pneumonia thing & its frightening how quickly he spirals downward with it... so everything was on "Hold" while we focused on his Health issues again.

So... that also meant adapting and improvising on the Booth Furnishings... just dreaming up alternatives for now and Upcycling pieces, using what I already had that would do the job.  So I've been upholstering a bench and shelving unit... Liquid Nail has become my new Best Friend since I'm no Master Carpenter like The Man! *Winks*  I carted the Harvest Table The Man had built me years ago in there to take the place of the Custom Shelves that didn't get built... so now I've already got other Dealers interested in placing orders for similar Tables with him... so I've got to tell him all about that possible Venture when he's feeling well enough to possibly be receptive to the idea? *Winks*  Hey... he's got new Tools and I've been Hoarding Salvage Lumber forever and a day... so it could happen!? *Smiles*

But for now I'm explaining that he's concentrating on being Well first... then we'll see about him Creating pieces to Sell.  I don't feel quite so panicky now that I've got enough Display in there to hold Inventory.  And I've been planting little mini-Gardens and painting like mad too... don't worry, the Cherub Gardens will get a little Bath before they hit the Booth... Soil Dust was flying wildly!!! *Winks*

Since Grandpa wasn't well and The Son is working two jobs I recruited the Young Prince to help Gramma start to move the Inventory in there on Friday after he got Home from School and before he left for the Aunt's for the weekend.  And as we walked through the door with our first armloads of Treasures I Sold the piece I was carrying!  That beat carrying it to the Booth... *Winks*

Turns out it was my Blog Friend from BOOTH 96 Phoenix Scrapbook Store!!!  She's so adorable and will be a Booth Neighbor... Small World!!!  How Fantastic is that?!?  So she gave me a preview of her new Booth, which is amazing... sneak peeks can be seen on her Blog Link of the Booth at the New Brass Armadillo West location... she already has a fab Booth at the Phoenix location.  And remember that March 1st the doors will open to the Public!

So you'll find me continuing to work late into the Night... well, until the Bohemian Cat Boy, Morris, gives me a disapproving look from the Cat Bed he has now commandeered that used to belong to Rat Boy... my Beloved Indoor Cat that passed in 2011. 

Yes, it's a Girly Shabby Chic Cat Bed and since I only have Bohemian Cat BOYS now I wasn't going to keep it... but Morris took a shine to it... apparently he's confident & secure enough in his Alley Cat Masculinity to sleep among the Pastels and Roses. *winks* 

It even has a reversible Pillow with Green Chenille on one side and Pastel Pink/Green/White Striped Cotton on the other.  And he won't share it with the Younger Bohemian Cat Boy, Rusty, he Bogarts the whole thing *smiles*...

And he really took issue with Moi banging away at my Upholstery Project past dark, whilst he was attempting a Siesta... can't a Guy get any sleep around here???!???!  Hey, I thought Cats slept all day and stayed up all Night???!!!!! *LOL*  Oh, maybe that was ME I was thinking of??! *Winks* 

The Old Bench I'm repurposing as a"Shelf" and I'm upholstering has a back end Story to it. {BTW isn't that Vintage Animal Print Velvet Divine?!}  I discovered the Bench one day laying by the side of the road out in the middle of nowhere!  Don't know if it fell off a vehicle or was dumped, but I rescued it and was delighted at my Good Fortune since I Love Old Benches in this Style!  The Man thought I was crazy for carting it Home since it was quite decrepid... but you know how much I Love Decrepid Style! *Winks*  The Man thought it would surely fall apart when I decided to Upholster it for my Booth... but though plenty of dust and paint flakes flew off at every weild of the Hammer... it was obviously built to last... and will probably outlast Modern Benches!

 I Promise to bring my Camera tomorrow when I head to my Booth to give you some sneak peeks of it and of the New Store...

 I know you're gonna Love it... so mark your Calendars my Friends...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sorry to hear about the health complications that have sidelined your man...I can imagine the flurry of activity as you go about making Plan B happen for the opening of the mall and your booth. Can't wait to see it.

  2. So sorry to hear about the Man's health...pneumonia is the pits...Lots of prayers, good thoughts & positive energy being sent his way for a quick recovery...You must be right out straight getting ready!! Love Morris BTW and he is a man who is definitively in touch with his sensitive side...yet still territorial... LOL Really looking forward to seeing the booth...I love your style and I am sure it will be outstanding...I will do a promo over on my site when you post some pics...are you going to have an online store as well if you do let me know and I will post on my blog too....have a great weekend and tell the Man to rest...

    I am jealous is 38 here and the little snow we got is melting but everything is mud and like quicksand...just sucks you in everywhere you step...LOL oh well all good Springs to those who wait!!


  3. The cherubs are SO cute! And kitty and bed too! Your bench projectand your booth sound like fun projects. Get well "Man"
    Happy Saturday.

  4. That's awesome that you're getting your shop up and running - it's probably a good thing for me that it's on the west side since I'm on the east side! I know I could find numerous treasure to take... I mean buy! ha


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