Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Mantle Vignette

Yes, an Image representative of Jesus is always going to be a part of my Valentine's Day Vignette because His is the Greatest Love Story ever told!  Amen, I Thank God daily that He Loved me so much He was willing to Sacrifice Himself for me and for us all!

Having a Fireplace Mantle is one of my favorite Home Features.  Dressing up a Fireplace Mantle for each Season with a Vignette is one of my favorite Styling activities.  Probably because it doesn't take much time and I can keep foofing and tweaking it until it has the impact I want to Create.

The rest of the room can look a mess with Family activity and daily Living, but the Mantle always looks Tidy and Pretty... I like that about it! *LOL*  If it is enough of a focal point of the room then usually people don't even notice that the rest of the room can be out of order... well, at least I'd like to delude myself into thinking that is the case... maybe they're just being polite and trying not to look at the rest when it's looking like a cyclone hit it, I dunno? *Winks* 

I like that I don't have to run damage control constantly on keeping the Mantle nice... unlike the rest of the house where I constantly seem to be playing Maid Service picking up behind folks or getting OCD about what is in a room that isn't supposed to be in that room! *Smiles*  Everybody knows to leave the Mantle alone *Winks*... though occassionally the G-Kid Force will put their Signature on a Vignette by adding a little something-something that they think will complete the look. *Smiles*  Usually it is something that makes me Smile or even laugh out loud... it will be interesting to see if or what they will attempt to "add" to the Valentine's Day Mantle Vignette when they get Home from visiting the Aunties?

I enjoyed getting the Valentine's Day Mantle Vignette decorated this weekend because I had the whole house to myself, that hardly ever happens!  I don't know about you but I tend to fuss a bit, adding and subtracting, so it's usually in a state of flux for a few days until I feel it looks just right or complete.  I've often tried the Minimalist approach to Mantle Styling... but that never lasts very long... stuff seems to keep multiplying up there!!! *LOL* 

I found a great Red Brushed Tin Heart filled with Chocolates for The Man... it will remain to be seen if he can resist the contents until Valentine's Day or try to sneak them out without being busted when he gets Home from the Hospital and notices it up there? *Smiles*  The G-Kids and I don't eat Chocolate so he doesn't have to worry about anyone getting into his Chocolate Stash, but you would think he has to be concerned about that by the way he usually Guards his Chocolates! *Smiles*  I swear he counts them *LOL*... and sometimes he's eaten some and then forgotten, but he can't pin the blame on anyone else since he's the only Chocolate eater! *Smiles*  The G-Kids have tried Chocolate, they just don't like it very much... and I can't eat it... so his Tin of Chocolates is safe and sound.  I just want the Tin Heart when he's done... I'm Loving the Graphics!

And the other Gorgeous Fabric Altered Art Heart Box was a Creation by the Talented Binky La Faye {Binky Morgan} that I purchased last year.  If I wasn't so busy with other Art Projects, Family Medical Crisis and Life... I had intended to Create some similar Altered Art Heart Boxes for this Valentine's Day because I really Love that look and thought it would make great personalized Gifts for Valentine's Day, filled with Surprise Treasures... but you know how that goes... never happened... and doubtful it will by the 14th. *LOL*  Ah well, maybe next year...

And please join me at a new Linky Party Hosted by Cindy Adkins at BLOGGING: IT'S A WOMAN THING.  Cindy has a Give-Away going on that you can enter too, just in time for Valentine's Day!  So drop on by, be Inspired and meet some new Blog Friends and their wonderful sites!!!

Happy Valentine's Day ... Dawn ... The Bohemian


  1. All this lace and roses! Yummy!

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  2. so cute...
    i also just found cool ideas for Gifts on Valentine day from here >

  3. Oh WOW, such gorgeousness here!!! I am speechless!! Thank you so much for linking up to my link party--I am SO happy that you did!!

  4. An amazing post!I love all the photos.Wonderful

  5. Hi Dawn!

    You were so kind and visited my blog earlier today, and somehow it got mixed up and had your website and and another follower's intermingled (don't ask me how - but this is the second time now!) and when I try to send a message back, it deletes both of your posts - I'm so sorry!

    I've just become your newest follower and love your blog. All of the Rosaries and photos of Jesus are truly magnificent!!

    I'll be back often, and hope you'll drop back by my blog and consider following. By the way, isn't Cindy at Whimsical Musings fabulous!!??



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