Thursday, February 23, 2012

Melrose Crawl Part VII ~ Zinnia's & The Finale'

It happens every 3rd Thursday as I do the Melrose Crawl... I run out of Time and Energy... truly there are so many Fabulous Shops & Events to take in up and down 7th Avenue that I've found it impossible to do in a single day.  I always try... but before I know it I'm out of Time and tired.  But it has become my Tradition to end the Crawl at a favorite Antique Mall... ZINNIA'S AT MELROSE.

Loved these fabulous Turquoise Antique Shutters!!!!!!  Reminds me of Santa Fe Style... I could picture these hanging each side of the window of an Adobe Pueblo Style Historic Home.

I like to end the Evening of the Melrose Crawl meeting my Friends after they get off work at ZINNIA'S where everyone seems to gather at about 6-8 pm to conclude our Shopping Experience and get together for the fabulous Buffet that is always so generously provided by the Owner & Vendors to the Patrons. 

Oh look... A great selection of Moroccan Vintage Leather Pouffs... I adore those!

We always had a bunch of these and Camel Saddles scattered about our Home to sit upon when I was growing up... they're so comfy and so very Nostalgic to me!   This top one is exactly like one we owned when I was a Child.

There's really nothing better to end a great day of Treasure Hunting & Junquing than at an Antique Mall that holds a vast array of Inventory to please every taste and aesthetic...  I'm looking for a good Victorian Floor Lamp... but its definitely a piece I'm going to take my time to decide upon... and I don't want a new Shade, no matter how Lovely.

This is a Shop where the Owner and Vendors treat everyone who comes in the door like extended Family... inviting you to join them for Food and Fellowship!  So along with great 'scores' you can make some new Friends who have the Gift of Hospitality and a Generous Spirit.

And connected to ZINNIA'S is also a fabulous Vintage Clothing Shop called ANTIQUE SUGAR.

I fell in Love with this Vintage Velvet piece... but felt it would have bordered on sacrilege to deconstruct it to make my Art out of... and so I just fondled the butter soft Silk Velvet in the most gorgeous hue of Gold! *Winks*

And I cozied up to a Table, set with Fresh Flowers and Tealights to await the arrival of my Friends Angela and Mel... and visit with the ZINNIA'S Staff, Vendors and other Customers... which is always a Joy and a nice way to end the day.

This Month's Buffet was Desserts!!!  Yeah, I know, a Sugar High at the end of the day is probably not the wisest idea... but what an extended Rush after a great day of Junquing and Scoring Found Treasures huh?! *Winks*

And for those of you who are Chocaholics this would have been pure Heaven on Earth... there was even Chocolate covered Bacon, which I heard was quite Divine and everyone was raving about.  But since I cannot eat Chocolate I can't tell you firsthand, though I certainly Believe it since it went so fast and everyone was talking about it! *LOL*  Now this is something I might have to Surprise The Man with for Breakfast one Morning!

And there were other Confections of which I could partake and I can tell you that they were delicious!  And Nanci, who with her Sis has a great Booth there at ZINNIA'S and both Gals are so Friendly and Sweet, generously shared her recipe for the most delish Peppermint Meringue Cookies... the only thing I'd change for my Family is leaving out the Chocolate Chips for the G-Kids and I... but it was possible to nibble around them *Winks*:

Whip 2 egg whites frothy, add 1/8 tsp cream of tartar and 1/8 tsp salt.  Beat until stiff and dry.  Add 3/4 Cup sugar, beating constantly until stiff.  Fold in package of semi-sweet chocolate chips, 2 sticks peppermint candy, 1/2 Cup nut meats, 1/2 tsp vanilla.  Drop by spoon-ful on heavy brown paper (I use grocery bag cut to size to fit a cookie sheet)  Bake at 300 degrees or less 25 minutes.  Remove from paper when slightly cool.  Makes about 35 cookies.  (About the most difficult thing is removing them from the paper without breaking them)
Thanks Nanci and it was so good to meet and chat with you and your Sis!!!

Suffice to say that the Finale' of the Crawl is always one of my favorite parts... good Food, good Friends... and sharing our 'Scores' and Stories. *Smiles*

And while you're nibbling you can still be Shopping, since ZINNIA'S never fails to deliver some great finds.

One of my fav 'scores' of the Evening there was getting this amazing huge Vintage Persian Style Rug piece that fits around a door jamb... I don't know what it is called, but I'd seen them in several Import Shops and had fallen in Love and desperately wanted one... but could never afford one.  Until now that is... finding it at not only an amazing bargain, but with an additional 20% off of the bargain price since ZINNIA'S had a Storewide 20% off Sale for the Crawl!! *Happy Dance*

I cannot wait to hang it here in the Office/Computer Room where I Blog and Photograph it so that you can get a better idea of how fabulous it is and will lend itself to the Great Make-Under of 2012 of the Bohemian Valhalla Residence! *Smiles*

And if anyone knows the exact place of Origin or what these pieces are called I would Love the History Lesson... because I have no idea whether they're from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey or some other Exotic Locale where the Craftsmanship is superb???

I also 'scored' this smaller Vintage Rug for an unbelievable price... I have a weakness for Exotic Handmade Vintage or Antique Rugs so if a bargain is to be had on one... I just cannot resist!  There are so many uses to layer this kind of Beauty in our Home, cover Vintage Furniture with or make Carpetbags from. 

And I visited several other favorite Shops along 7th Avenue, though not staying as long as I would have liked since Time was certainly running out on my Girl's Day Out! *Le Sigh*  But a short list of some of the other great Shops that most of the rest of the Images are from:

Figs Home and Garden
Antiques On Camelback
Charlie's House
Home Again

Okay, so can you only tell I was totally enamored by this fabulous carved Wooden Column with traces of Aqua paint and a carved Stone Pedestal!!! *Smiles*  If something like this could fit into a PT Cruiser... and budget would permit... alas, our ceilings are far too low to even consider such an enormous piece, but it is Divine!

This towel holder with Rusted Mesh Metal Slave Hands was so Unique!

Loving this Tramp Art Frame made of hammered metal Bottle Caps!

Okay so I'd remove the Austin Powers Shag Fur bits... *winks* but I was loving the rest of this Vintage Hanging Lamp...

The Filigree and Rosettes were Lovely and very Boheme'.

And what a killer Urn!!!

I really need a good Vintage Mannequin Head... or two... to display Altered Art Jewelry Creations and Hats... so this duo was very tempting...

And a Male Vintage Mannequin Form is on my "Wish List" too...

Yeah, I know, my Selective Wish List is still quite long... but I am after all the Queen of Excess and Dreamer, so even during a big Purge & Edit there are still Dream Items out there that I would like to eventually own in the Future... and the Selling and Letting Go process will eventually Fund these acquisitions! *Smiles*

This was a cool carved Antique Door with hand hammered Peacock Brass Plates that had been made into a Table... Love it!!!  The Owners of FIGS travel the World to Import Inventory to fill the Shop with to the rafters, so if you have a taste for the Exotic, and Treasures from other Countries, this is the place to come!

I 'scored' this Vintage Needlepoint for $5 to eventually make into a Bohemian Bag.

And I adored these colorful Gypsy Chandies over at FIGS.

John of FIGS told me they had just returned from a buying Trip to China so there were many great  Imports from the Orient to Feather your Nest with if you want a real Zen quality to your Home. 

And for a great selection of Persian Rugs... head to ANTIQUES ON CAMELBACK and check out Joe Willie's Booth.

Yes, even though I didn't get to all of the Shops on my long list up and down 7th Avenue... it was still a most enjoyable and productive Day... with a great Haul as we did the Melrose Crawl...  I Hope you enjoyed coming along my Friends.  We'll have to do it again next Month...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn.....I've never been to Zinnias in fact I didn't even know it was there....but I did manage to wander into Figs for the first time last week....I agree with you the Melrose area does have the best shopping.



  2. Can I just say that I would die for those rugs. Okay, I guess I'm exaggeration a bit. Because if I were dead, I wouldn't get to enjoy them. So, let me just say that I really love them. Is that better?
    Your Friend, m.

  3. Wonderful goodies - I don't know if I would have been able to refrain from buying the beautiful butter soft velvet to cut up! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Janice

  4. OH YEEEEEAAAA for you!!! So excited that you are going to be selling in your very own space. You are going to love it! Can't wait to see photos of how you set it up. I just know it is going to be a wonderful success!
    ~Debra xxx
    Caper of the vintage vixens

  5. Those leather pouffs are ridiculously awesome! Thanks for sharing - keep up the great work!


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