Monday, February 20, 2012

Melrose Crawl Part IV ~ Rust & Roses

As we continue to Crawl Melrose together I Hope that you'll want to stay awhile in the next Shop because I always do.  I'm taking you to my Friend Shelly's Shop, RUST & ROSES, one of my favorites on 7th Avenue.   As I walked in I was actually on a "Mission" to procure the other Victorian Deconstructed by Time Lampshade at my Friend Pauline's Booth... and alas, it would also mean saying my Good-Bye's to a favorite piece from her Booth that I've Loved and which has now been adopted by some Lucky Treasure Hunter... THE Bohemian Goose! *sob*

I have resisted adopting her myself but only because I've given The Man grief over the years {he's an avid Hunter and his Lil Bro' is a Taxidermist} over NOT bringing Taxidermy into the house! *Winks*

But somehow this Bohemian Goose appealed to me like the stuffed Peacocks I also adore... and I REALLY wanted her... yes I did! *LOL*  And I would have made an exception... not fair, but True!

But the hypocracy wasn't lost on me... how could I forbid the dead heads The Man adores coming into Bohemian Valhalla to reside if I had The Goose? *Le Sigh* Even though she's very Addams Family-ish and he knows how much I dig that... I feared it would set a precident and then no telling what he'd want to drag in from a Hunt that would be peering at me with their lifeless gazes?!? *Gasp & a chuckle*  And which surely would have freaked & creeped the G-Kids out because they'd feel sorry for all the dead animals... and would probably want to make Shrines around them to Honor their departed Spirits?! *LOL*

And so, though there was much regret that she'll never be mine, I'm relieved actually that now I no longer have to attempt to resist her either.  She's going to a good Home I'm sure, where her distinctive Quirky personality will be showcased and she'll be Loved... Good-Bye Diva Goose, I'll miss you! *wiping a tear from my eye*

But don't feel too sorry for me my Friends... I had a great Haul up and down Melrose... since The Man and The Son had been exceedingly generous with funding my Valentine's Day Shop-A-Thon... and I'd Sold all of my Vintage Quilts and 2/3 of the other items at my Yard Sales of that which was moving out of Bohemian Valhalla in the Great Edit & Purge of 2012... so I could indulge my Passions of getting what was on the very Selective 'Wish List' for the Make-Under in progress... and for expanding my Boheme' Wardrobe... without Guilt! *Whew & LOL*

And this was definitely at the Top of The List... because I've been jonesin' and lusting after it since before Thanksgiving actually... Hoping and Praying it wouldn't go Home with someone else while I was accumulating my spending stash of funds for the Big Home Make-Under?!

I was very focused on it in fact and had put my Mojo on it just in case... having Visitation with it and Claiming it long before it would come Home with me one day in the Future... which the Time had finally come and it was NOW!!!  *Happy Dance!*

I'm sure sweet Shelly gets a kick out of my Visitations with my favorite pieces... I'm such a Nut like that! *Winks*  I'm adoring her Magnolia Pearl Vintage Velvet Pirate's Jacket!  I so wish Robin was still making these since I never got one in this Style and am still so in Love with the Styling and the wonderful hues of Velvet this Line came in!  So decadent, so Bohemian and Gypsy Chic... I shall never get over my infatuation with Vintage Velvet, it's a Lifelong Love Affair! *Winks*

And in the Future these Style of Planters will be perfect for the Make-Under, capturing the very Essence of Michael Trapp Salvage Garden Conservatory Styling...

And the other part of my "Mission" this day at the Shop was to procure one of my Friend Angela's Antique Persian Rug covered pieces of Furniture from her Booth.  We're always short on seating when we have Guests over, very Old Houses like ours tend to have lots of small cozy rooms which can look quite overwhelmed with large pieces of Furniture... so comfy easily portable stools are just the right additional seating option for an overflow of Guests!   I ended up choosing this one, which was part of a pair... if it's partner doesn't go Home with someone else I Hope to eventually get it too.

But I Loved the Round one with Silk Fringe too!

So it wasn't the easiest decision to make... on which one I could get right now???!!!

And Truthfully, I have really wanted the Coffee Table but the more I thought about the G-Kids eating their meals at the coffee table in front of the TV... the more I was hesitant to replace it with one that has a Persian Rug that would have to take the Happy Accidents that occur daily?!?  I don't know that my Heart could take the Drama and Stress of it all actually... even though Persian Rugs are designed to take a beating and still look absolutely amazing... the G-Kid Force are the True Test of endurance and strength of things and people!!! *LOL*  Only the strongest survive... *Winks*

So at least for now the Coffee Table has to be just a consideration... I want it... I've Saved up enough to get it... but I dunno... I can easily wipe down what I now have... and how many bottles of Rug Cleaner would it take to keep this not looking like a disaster I keep wondering?

So... one of the stools it was... and these are so bum comfy because they're contoured... and sturdy... and I Love the hues of the Rug and Wood... aged Aqua... fabulous!!!

And after I'd procured the two pieces I came for and the "Mission" was accomplished, I leisurely wandered the Shop admiring the rest, while Norah Jones crooned one of my fav songs, Shelly always sets an atmosphere at the Shop that makes you want to stay a while... or possibly even move in *Winks*  ... and seeing if I could spot a Surprise Treasure at a bargain that I couldn't live without? *Smiles*

Even if I didn't find another thing I was on Cloud 9 this day that I'd already 'scored' so much from my 'Wish List' and even some Surprise Elements well within budget!

And I get endlessly Inspired by the Creativity and Vignettes around the Shops... so my Creative Juices were flowing madly and I was jazzed to be building upon the Vision I already have and am moving towards for 2012's Projects! 

Love the Umbrella with the Chinese Paper Lanterns... one can never have too much shade in Sunny Arizona!

And that Cast Iron ornate Fireplace Mantle, Faceplate and Screen are to die for!!!  I would build a Fireplace from scratch around that Anchor Piece in any room! *Smiles*

And there's always a bounty of Smalls around the Shop as well... to fit even the most modest of budgets... if you can't find it here it probably can't be had in the Valley Of The Sun!

I was adoring Shelly's Spring Theme...

With containers filled to the brim with Local Freshly picked Lemons so the Citrus Aroma was Divine... and the Young Prince would have surely been asking if he could 'score' some of these since Lemons are his favorite Fruit and he has a particular weakness for them.  He flirts shamelessly with Ms. Shelly and thinks Gramma has a lot of very Pretty Friends... so he's got several Little Boy crushes going on with the Gypsy Gal Posse! *Smiles*

And the Vintage Lemon Tole Chandie is perfect for a Breakfast Nook don't you think?  Or perhaps over a Bistro Table where you dine Alfresco?  I 'Heart' Tole Chandies, especially the Italian ones, and own several...

Have you seen anything yet my Friends that you would have been unable to Live without? *Winks*  I know you have...

And I kept to my rule this day at least, that if I could carry it I could have it... which helps me to resist the larger pieces I adore and don't really have a place for... yet. *Winks*

And if I was Model sized I definitely would have Loved to own some of these Boheme' Bustiers!

Sexy and Sassy huh?

But since I am not a Model sized Woman those were easy to resist since they didn't come close to BMW sizes... so I settled for one of my Friend Sandra's Lovely Mirror Creations.  She had just reduced the price so I could not resist... I had Loved them since the day she brought them in, such a Creative Spirit she is, always Creating something fabulous and constantly evolving as an Artist.

And of coarse I had my Visitation with THE Cabinet! *LOL*

I know I'll be crushed when it goes Home eventually with someone else.  But until then we'll continue our Forbidden Love Affair each time I'm at the Shop! *Smiles*  Shhhhhhhhhh... don't tell The Man he's competing with my Love and Affections for a Cabinet! *LOL*  Where WAS a piece like this when I was desperately seeking big Vintage killer pieces to fill our Home with?!?

If by happenstance I ever did decide to bring said Cabinet Home... I suppose I could woo The Man into sharing Bohemian Valhalla with it IF I got Steer Horns for the Headboard too, do ya think? *LOL*  Naw... I just envision an accident waiting to happen with those... impaling is definitely not a way to go...

And this crocheted Bedspread piece was hard to resist at a mere $15... that was someone's Labor of Love!  And what a Romantic Beauty it is.

Thankfully I have all of the Vintage Suitcases I'll ever need, even if I make a big move somewhere *LOL*... it would have to be a very Special one indeed to come Home with me now...

And I thought I'd show you some of the adorable new Fashions that Shelly had just got in... if you're a slender Gal these are adorable as Spring Sundresses.

With a Siren's Twist and Vibe to them...

I could just see these coupled with some Gypsy Cowboy Boots and a Piano Shawl draped over your shoulders...

And check out some of Sandra's Altered Art Bottles.

And some more of the Altered Art Mirrors... see, I didn't buy them all, there's still some left for you too! *Winks*

I can't wait until I can take a Class to learn to make some of these myself out of the huge stash of Old Bottles that The Man and I have found scattered all over the Desert and Collected for years.

And speaking of great Old Bottles... I Love this Old Demijohn.  Last visit Shelly had a bunch of them and the majority have already Sold, so obviously others Love 'em as much as I do!

Yes, I was definitely having a lot of Fun visiting RUST AND ROSES this day... and visiting with my Friends there too.

This is why I always enjoy Crawling Melrose each 3rd Thursday...

And the next time you're in the Metro Phoenix area I Hope you can make it in person my Friends?

Because I'd Love to be your Tour Guide in the flesh since we've had so much Fun together virtually doing it ...

So... are you "Game" for it? *Winks... sorry couldn't resist the bad pun!*

And maybe we'll empty some Bottles of our own after a full day of Shopping for Found Treasures? *Winks*  The Son's Childhood Sweetheart now works at "Total Wine" so we have a good reason to go visit that Shop more often now... *LOL*  Like I needed another good reason, huh? *Smiles*

Thanks for coming along... and be sure to come back tomorrow... we're not nearly finished yet... still plenty more places to take you to on this Month's Melrose Crawl!

And I thought I'd now Showcase the 'Scores' from RUST & ROSES once I got them Home... 

The Mirror and the other Deconstructed Shade went into the Guest Room.

Forgive the dimly lit ambiance, I was taking these pixs at Midnight and that room has no overhead lighting... which is why a Deconstructed Shade comes in so handy as well as looking Lovely in there... it illuminates Beautifully... just not ideally for a cheap point and shoot camera. *Smiles*

I'm so Happy with my two Shade 'Scores'... snagging both of them in the 1st Shopping Mission to get some was Ideal... the Laws Of Attraction were most definitely working in my Favor this day!

And the results are exactly the Vision I had in my head... at least the start of the Great Make-Under of 2012 is now underway and moving in the direction I want it to for my Ideal Dreamscapes in our Home!  Which makes the "Letting Go" process all the more easier, painless and amped up into overdrive to keep funding the Vision.

I don't mind Letting Go of a hundred items to achieve the Goal of procuring even one piece at a time that is exactly what I want and perfect!

And I'll keep taking you along on the Journey towards the Destination... for as long as you want to join me my Friends...

And I'm joining Pamela over at FROM MY FRONT PORCH TO YOURS Blog Party for Treasure Hunt Thursday to share my two Deconstructed Victorian Lampshades that I scored Treasure Hunting this Thursday at the Crawl!  So come on over and see what everyone else scored this week!

Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Be Well... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. where to start...the lampshade...the scales..the demijohn...the rugs...I could go on....What a great shop...Great buy on that black lampshade BTW ....

    Thanks for the comments on my post Dawn,....I agree with everything you is frustrating to say the least .and one of the points I was trying to make.....I have tried to stay away from politics for awhile to take a break...but that just fired me...had to have my say!! LOL

  2. Oh wow................what a feast for the eyes!!! I bet I could spend all day in there! Very eclectic kind of it :)

  3. What an amazing place! I could see being lost in there for days...

    Thanks for visiting me today, have a great week!!

  4. I am so happy that my/your lamp shade went to your home...I love that shade as well...I have a thing for lamp shades, lamps and ect..ect..ect..Sorry that I missed Sweet Salvage..I had to work..Hope to see you soon..lots of love Besos Pauline/Ranch Barbi

  5. I love that lamp shade, too. I almost bought a similar one over the weekend but I didn't have a lamp for it, so I put it back. I even picked it up twice before I gave up on it. Your new stool is awesome, too.

  6. know I just have to pilfer the Goose...don't you? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that Goose!
    Just love all your treasures xxx



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