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Melrose Crawl Part III ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Raw & Re-Find

Today on the Crawl I'm taking you to the SWEET SALVAGE Event which this Month was "Raw & Re-Find" focusing more on the Salvage aspect of SWEET SALVAGE... so it was right up my alley!  I've been a Salvage Buff since way back before it's popularity soared... when peeps thought you Eccentric or plain crazy for decorating with cast-offs, the Rusty, the Crusty and Architectural pieces! *LOL*  I mean how could you NOT just Love the Patina of something as wonderful as this Aged To Perfection Vintage Glider?  I'd have Loved to show you less close-ups and more big-picture of some of the awesome larger pieces like this & what was surrounding them, but as the popularity of this Event soars... alas, the Photo Ops dwindle to the Close-Up unless you want hoards of Strangers intent on their Shopping for Found Treasures in every Shot... and peeps are justifiably sensitive & uncomfortable about being in the Photo Op of some random amateur Photographer covering an Event. *Smiles*  So I want to respect that and not be invasive and intrusive during their Shopping experience.

And an Experience it always is as the Sweet Team consistently outdo themselves time and time again at these Occassional Sale Events that you really just must visit in person rather than relying upon them being Shared here in the Land of Blog... that's all I can say my Friends... my feeble attempts at covering this increasingly Popular Event cannot Hope to do it justice... you have to BE THERE to really soak it all in properly and see the Lovely Vignettes before they are stripped bare and unfoofed!  Arrive early, visit with Friends in line and when the doors open be sure to have your Game on! *Smiles*

And that happens at lightening speed I must say!  Wow, the peeps that attend these Events are like greased lightening at scooping up the best picks before I can even snap an Image! *LOL*  And I can't blame them... there are some killer pieces at every Event and only those who arrive earliest and move fastest are going to be able to cherry pick the best finds and see it all before its being loaded up like Pirate's Booty!  I often feel like a Pirate at any Events where Shopping Frenzy prevails... its just got a snatch and grab Treasure Vibe that seems like pillage and some thoroughly enjoy... and I'm kinda on the fence about because I opt for politeness and decorum, so if we both spy and grab for it at the same time, I'm definitely not gonna throw down or get ugly... I'll pass & you can have it... seriously you can if I see it means that much to you that you'd consider Smackdown or Drama to get it... I'll find another one, the Laws of Attraction always work in my favor... and mine will be better! *Smiles... and I won't be beyond flaunting it here in the Land of Blog either!  Insert me sticking tongue out.*  Are there really peeps like that at Shopping Frenzies you might be asking incredulously if you've never Witnessed it yet... Yes, alas, yes there are and as a spectator I find it rather amusing and Entertaining really, like Reality TV *Winks*, so long as I'm not in the mix of it... I hate unneccessary Drama... especially about stuff... because it's just stuff after all & I'm not gonna get crazy about objects no matter how wonderful.

And when I go Treasure Hunting I'm ALL about what this Sign says... FUN... having Fun, being Fun Loving and in the Fruits of the Spirit, valuing the great opportunity to meet new Fun Folks that could become new Fun Friends... as much, or even moreso as finding my Treasures.  Treasures you will always be able to find eventually & few are of great value, Treasured Friends however are invaluable and absolutely Priceless!!! And that unfortunately is where Yours Truly becomes very conflicted now because I always want to take my Blog Friends with me virtually so that they feel as though they were there having Fun with us & it's a responsibility I take seriously now that I'm a Blogger!  You Bloggers totally 'Get It' don't you? So... I arrive as early as possible, sometimes 30 minutes early, which for me is a Big Deal, I'm rather hyper & busy, so standing still & doing nothing is torturous! *LOL* I'm greatly relieved if those of you standing in front or back of me are talkers and Sociable so we can have great Fellowship as a welcome distraction, rather than viewing me as competition for the 'goods'. *whew*  And I'm convinced some peeps must camp out the Night before because I'm always fairly way back in the line snaking around the block! *LOL*  So I know that by the time I get in there I have to make a snap decision... do I focus on the Photo Ops for you all my Friends so that I can Share the Event in all it's Glory?  Or do I go for myself and push through the throngs of Shoppers and just focus on discovering the Found Treasures and Thrill of the Hunt to feather my own Nest with and seeing it all before it's unfoofed??? *Nail biting as I agonize over said decision which must be made in a split second!*

More and more I'm finding that if I put you all first, I'm going to miss out on the pieces I die for and definitely not see it all until I come to the Land of Blog and see other coverage more panoramic than my own... and sometimes it makes me realize how much I missed... and was I even there at the same Event in fact?! *Winks*  Because they'll have either already headed out the door or are clutched in the grasp of some Lucky Treasure Hunter... or they've got that dreaded yellow SOLD tag already afixed to them! *sob*

And I confess... I'm not very fast on purpose... and I'm not good around Shopping Frenzies, Popular Events and big Crowds... typically I would avoid them at all costs because I'm one of those laid back sorta Gals that like to stroll leisurely, meander, scrutinize Beautiful objects, get the perfect Photo Op and really savor my eye candy and Shopping Experience.  I get a tad bit freaked out and claustrophobic if I get stuck in a spot because there are so many peeps swarming around me that moving in any direction becomes impossible or challenging and I can't handle it. And unless you're patient enough not to bolt like a caged animal when the hint of the door opening presents itself, which I'm so NOT, its not comfortable... and having patience in traffic jams and being surrounded are too uncomfortable for me! *LOL*  And when there are too many crowds, I feel myself needing to get out... so at big Events I just don't do well & likely why I haven't yet attended the really Big Shows that look totally mobbed.  But I'll be back to the Sweet next Month for the "Urban Renewal" Theme in March... I'm thinking Vintage Industrial, Loft-a-licious Styling to die for!?! 

You see, I have become quite addicted to these wonderful Events, which I so longed would finally make their way to the Valley, and so against my better judgment and outside of my comfort zone, I have attended every one and just tried to focus on the Beauty and less on feeling more than a bit overwhelmed when it becomes very crowded.  And I'm thrilled to death for my Dear Friends at the Sweet that they are enjoying such an amazing success at this Dream come True that they had the forward thinking Vision to bring to Phoenix!  By the turnout it is obvious it was Time for such a thing and the Valley Treasure Hunters were more than ready!

And though I am certain it is a lot of hard work for the Team, the payoff is that everyone prospers for it because the work is not in vain, it is appreciated and enjoyed by everyone who attends.  I'm always blown away by the Vignettes and Inventory... and I always find something fabulous to bring Home... much to the chagrin of The Man who has resigned himself to the Reality that I couldn't possibly just attend and come away with mere Photos to Share in Blogland! *LOL, surely you jest!*

And I really would miss not being present at each and every Event, however brief or long I can stay... it is always very worth it.  And it has become quite a Lovely way to connect with other Kindred Spirits, Friends and fellow Bloggers who religiously attend also.  I can always count on seeing familiar Faces and enjoying great Fellowship visiting with those of  you who are as enamored by the vibrant atmosphere, visuals and Treasures as I am... and it's always so good to see you and know that you have expressed that you look forward to seeing me too.

And I'm always excited to meet the Talented Guest Artists, Stylists, Designers, Entreprenuers and Business Owners who will be at the Events as well.  Kim and Katie line up some of the best and brightest to be present and share in the Success of these Events.  It is a Joy to meet each of them and have them graciously pose for a candid Photo Shoot to Share with you all here in the Land of Blog so you can meet them too and find out about their products and Creations.  Even though they are so busy, swamped in fact, they always pleasantly oblige and I Thank each of you for being so gracious!   This is the adorable Caroline Van Slyke of BOHO FARMS who was just a Vintage Styled Vision in her Retro Polka Dot emsemble!  Caroline is a Phoenix based Talented Interior Designer and Organic Urban Farmer... you really should check out her site on the Link to see even more of her Life and Product Line.

Caroline brought samples of their delicious Jams & Curds for everyone to sample... simply delish!!!  I've got to get out there to BOHO FARMS and see more and bring a Special Post someday soon!  Caroline was so sweet and I LOVE Fresh Local Produce and Home-Made Products to bring Home to the Family to savor and enjoy.  Especially since The Man's Birthday was this Saturday the 18th... perhaps we can make it back down to the Sweet and 'score' some of those tasty treats since Caroline will be there all weekend?  The Man isn't into crowded Events either, but I've convinced him that it is usually calmer at the end of the four days. *Winks... well, sometimes... LOL*  Any excuse to go back and spend a little more time Shopping and snapping Photos... right? *Winks*  We'll see...

The lure of tasty Jams and Curds is calling me you see... since I didn't get the chance to 'score' any whilst I was briefly there on opening day.  I had whizzed in and out in a Marathon 30 minutes to hopefully 'score' what I came for before any were snapped up... an Antique deconstructed lampshade... which I found *whoo hoo*... and will Reveal later in the Post... unless you already saw my Friend Judy's earlier Post telling you I got it!?  That Gal is FAST and always gets the most amazing panoramic shots, so visit her at MY ARTISTIC SIDE to see great coverage of the Event!  Judy is just so sweet and always takes the time to visit and say Hello...  I don't know how she and Karen of MY DESERT COTTAGE do it each Month?!! I always end up with people in my attempts at the Panoramic Shot !!! *LOL*  so if you want to see fabulous big-picture Images of each Event... you really must visit their Blogs my Friends... I know I do so that I can really see what I missed while I was moving at a Turtle's Pace and intently distracted on the Close-Ups or waiting for Shoppers to move out of my way so I can try to get the big picture! *LOL*

Like this Chair... which if I'd had anyplace to put another Chair, would have wanted to come Home with me... yes, it was amazing... covered in a Beautiful Aged Velvet of just the right Color Palette for Bohemian Valhalla...

Had amazing details and carvings...

And that particular Decrepid coming apart look of Faded Oppulence and years of use, lending itself perfectly to Derelict Decorating, which of coarse I adore the Look of and am moving in that direction as I give the Bohemian Valhalla Residence the Ideal Make-Under that I've always envisioned for it!  Alas, said Chair had to stay behind... because it is not exactly a Chair Style or Vintage Velvet Hue condusive to Young Families where a G-Kid could curl up in it with a Kool-Aid and not have Gramma slightly freaking out about the possibilities of the inevitable 'accident' that regularly occurs when wee people are kicking back and Living in a Home... *Winks*  Think Slipcovers until the G-Kid Force is quite a bit older and The Son and his Friends are no longer spending considerable amounts of time hanging out at the Main House too... and it will mostly be The Man and I inhabiting Bohemian Valhalla. *Le Sigh*  Okay, so maybe that day will never actually happen in this Lifetime... we'll likely be Nursing Home bound or dust by the time we finish raising kids... but I always say if you're gonna Dream, Dream Big! *Winks*  So... forget about the Chair... and Chairs like it... resist all temptation to drag said Chairs Home lest they meet with an unfortunate demise... believe me Antique Chair predecessors have already!


I really enjoyed this Display Case of Treasures and I got fairly close to a Panoramic Shot of it... very large piece... think Museum Quality Display Cabinet... okay, so I'm exaggerating my Shot... this was actually only about 1/4 of the actual display... but I tried. *LOL*

So, we'll just focus on the Close-Ups that I was pressed up against while I was stuck in aisles... and took advantage of the opportunity to Photograph in my usual Leisure pace... *Smiles*  Dangerous ground to be on... stuck near a piece you really start to bond with... and spend time with while waiting to move on... *LOL*  They have more time to call out to you like a Siren's Song!  Especially those particular things under Cloches... funny how that is... everything tends to look better showcased under Glass!  Or... in this case... NOTHING actually looked good showcased under Glass... because the Cloche was so darn cute and unique! *Smiles*  And there might have even been something ultra fab showcased under there before I finally got to it... I dunno... stuff under Glass goes fast I've discovered because the eye is just drawn to it! *Winks*

And this great Cart was being guarded by a cute Young Couple that I'm pretty sure now have it gracing their Nest... great piece and a killer "score"... glad I got to Photograph part of it before it went merrily out the door! 

And I was in Cloche Heaven during this Event because I have a weakness for the Cloche and there were so many Unique ones this time around... so I was focused on capturing some Images of those particular things I have a Passion and weakness for to Share with other Cloche Lovers.

This was a great Vintage Dress Form which I couldn't get the best shot of because we had a traffic jam of epic proportions... there were just so many areas I never could even get to this time around... it was madness I tell  you... kinda like those Times Square at New Year's Eve sorta jam packed with people experiences... I'll settle for seeing that on TV... you shall never see this Gal at Time's Square on New Year's Eve! *Shudder at the thought of it in fact!*

I was adoring this Sage & Sepia Vignette... it is my new favorite Color scheme in fact... well, with some Jewel Tones thrown in of coarse! *Winks*

And my Heart fairly stood still when I first arrived at the Event and saw this Killer Airstream Dream Caravan serving up Coffee in front of the Sweet!!! *Swoonfest of Epic Proportions!*

Now this is what I'm talkin' about!!!  Perfect size, excellent Restoration and Shine... I want one just like this... Hint Hint Hint to The Man!!! *Winks*  See, he's discouraging me from the larger ones I'm finding for Sale... but this one, is one of the smaller Models... more elusive of coarse to 'score', but he'll just have to work harder at finding me one if he's not gonna get me the Big Kahuna of Airstream Dream Caravans that I have found available and wantie... bad... real bad!!! *Winks*

Vintage Shoe Forms WITH Bohemian Bling mounted on them... Perfection... the only reason this one didn't come Home with me... I've already got a vast Shoe Form Collection going on and seriously... how many does one need?  Yeah, I know, I WANT it all... but I'm running out of room to put it ALL... and so discernment is the key word for 2012 in my Quest for the Found Treasures that shall come Home with me... I'm being very selective now about what comes in and more generous with what goes out... *Smiles*  Yes, it's True... I'm still Editing, Purging and Spring Cleaning here at the Ole' Homestead... you'd be proud of me! 

Though I like the "Look" of Burlap covered Furniture... I'm just not sold on the comfort level of Burlap to the skin?  The visuals appeal to me but I am more a soft to the touch sorta Upholsterer of my Furniture since the Crew here likes the Soft, the Sensual feel of those Fabrics that caress the Skin and feel wonderful to the touch... as well as delighting the eyes...  That said, still LOVE the way Burlap looks on things... even Furniture... and the Visual is enticing and swoon worthy!  So yes, I Loved this Chair even though I was not Jonesin' for it like that Old Velvet covered one and at least this one had a mix of softer Linen and Burlap so it might have been sensual to curl up in? *LOL*

I Love the use of Living Plants and Flowers with favorite Decor... it's something I do at Home and so few Shops do in their Vignettes... so Kudos to the Sweet Team for always delighting us with this combo of Visuals... it really adds the Natural Touch that I crave and enjoy so much... where the seamless blending of Indoors and Outdoors is blurring the distinctions and lines of which is which... and you could easily reside in either because it looks so Welcoming and Comfortable whether Indoors or Out!

Now here was something really hard to resist... it took all of my restraint... you know what an Architectural Salvage Lover I am... and Stained Glass Vintage Windows... at a killer bargain... almost too much to bear!  This one had amazing textures to the glass... good thing my hands were full with what I came for... or I might have caved... but my new rule of thumb is that if I can't stand in a line for a long time holding it... it's not coming Home with me!  That makes the decision making process a lot easier in fact... and I don't have to leave and come back much later to retreive Treasures after the throngs of Shoppers have thinned out. 

Though when you see killer big pieces its hard... but I don't really have any more space for big Treasures anyway... so it's just as well I have to leave them behind for some other lucky Treasure Seeker! *Winks*

But I do sometimes eyeball something to imagine if I could carry it through the crowds and hold it while standing in line???  ie: this smaller perfect Aqua Table to die for!!! *Winks*  The answer was No, No I could not!!! *LOL*  I'm certain someone else was relieved that was MY answer to that all important Question. *Smiles... and Congrats on the 'score' whoever you are!*

But even though I didn't come Home with little Cloches this time around... they ARE a possibility for that Question since Yes, Yes I could!!! *Winks*

And the Mantiques abounded during this Event so the Guys were all over the place this time around... I saw far more Men Scouting the Treasures at "Raw and Re-Find"... which wasn't surprising really.

And here it is... the Reveal... of THE Item that I was specifically Hunting for and Found at the Event! *Happy Dance!*  Yes... THE PERFECT Antique Victorian Era Lampshade... beautifully deconstructed by Time... and with Metallic Spiral Fringe and Fabric killer Fringe still attached... and remnants of the colorful gossamer Fabric and Trim clinging to the Frame... LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This certainly made the trip to the Event & battling the crowds worthwhile... and Thank You for the consideration of allowing me to purchase just the Shade and leave the Lovely Lamp for some other lucky Shopper... because you see I already had the perfect Antique Lamp to affix it to at Home... and I hate to discard half of a purchase just because I don't need or want it... seems so wasteful... and I abhor waste... especially if someone else would Love to own that half and was desperately seeking it... {Picture me now clutching killer Antique Shade and cradling and protecting it like a Newborn G-Baby! LOL}

So, Shade in hand I did manage to 'score' one more little unphotographed thing whilst there... a Book... but I was so proud of Self for ONLY bringing Home what I had a Mission to instead of Caving to Spontaneous Love Affairs with whatever my little lustful Treasure Hunting eyes fell upon! *Winks*

That's not easy for me you know... I'm such a Shopaholic... and I freely admit it... The Man says I'm adept and very good at spending money... I do it so well. *LOL*  And he's such a generous Honey Man that he rarely complains... and in fact, since he only just got out of the Hospital a couple of days before Valentine's Day I had intended to cancel attending this Event and he strongly insisted I go since he knows how much I look forward to the Melrose Crawl each 3rd Thursday and seeing my Friends while on the Thrill of the Hunt... and he and The Son loaded me up with Valentine's Day Gift Cash to spend at it... it didn't take much convincing and arm bending to change my mind *LOL*... You don't have to threaten me with a good time! *Winks*  I'm a Blessed and well Loved Woman!!! 

 So I told him I'd only have a Peace about going if he had 911 and my Cell Number on speed dial, just in case *Winks*... and he called me just a couple of times just to see if I was on my toes & answering calls... you're probably thinking NO HE DIDN'T?!?!  Yes, yes he did!!! Stop that, it's not funny... well it kinda was in hindsight, I must admit... since each ring almost gave me a Heart attack!!! *Smiles*  Yeah, the whole Crew here has a warped sense of humor! We're all VERY Macabre and Addams Family-ish, that's just how we roll... seeing the Humor in everything, even that which most find to be Dark... Smiles.  It has gotten us thru some tough stuff to laugh at the unfunny and roll with whatever Life hands out with a Smile or Hysteria... the Laughing type of Hysteria which is far better than the losing it & falling to pieces type! Winks. 

I was told by a fellow Treasure Hunting Guy that this cool Table was actually a Chick Incubator... that made it even cooler don't you think?  Picture incubating Chicks in the Livingroom and Surprising Guests... yes... like I said, we're very Addams Family-ish and adore Oddities in our Home. You'll never know what you'll find when you visit Bohemian Valhalla... *LOL*  But, No, I couldn't pick up the Chick Incubating Table and hold it while standing in line *sigh* so... it stayed behind...

But... if it hadn't already been slapped with a Sold sign *sobbing*, this would DEFINITELY come Home with Moi... Boheme' and even saying so on the front, Frenchy, Sepia aged Wood and Label... I die!!!  Damn I wish I'd headed to the back faster and forgotten about taking those darn entry Shots through the eye of my lens now... *Le Sigh*  See what I mean about being so very conflicted my Friends?!?!  It's torturous I tell you!!! *Smiles* Month I'm not sure I'm taking as many pixs in my usual Pathalogical Photo Taking Mode... before moving quickly through the Shop first to 'score' whatever should come Home with me anyways???  I dunno... still conflicted...

Now I know why my Little Bro', the Professional Photographer, always had a "Press" badge hanging around his neck at any Event he was attending and covering. He still does in fact, even though he's now allegedly Retired, because he's still in high demand at Events due to his killer Photography Skills and Reputation in the Industry, I bow down to you oh Great One when it comes to the Art of Photography, he's SOOOO Talented!!! *Note: Old Photographers are never really Retired so long as they still have eyes in their heads and haven't gone blind! LOL*  I never "Got It" 'til now how valuable such a thing as a Press Badge was and what favor it afforded to get those killer Photo Ops... among other things!  *Tee Hee* See, you're still teaching me things Lil' Bro'... hey, can I borrow your "Press" Badge I wonder??? *Smiles*  Now that I'm so enjoying the Art of Photography, you better hide it next time I visit... just sayin'... *Winks*

This is some of the 'among other things' bene to Press Badge access *LOL*... My 'Lil Bro' still always surrounded by the Loveliest of Ladies even after all these years!  I wonder if I had a Press Badge if I could finally sidle up to Dwayne The Rock like this... humnnnnnnnnnn... *Winks*

Sharing a couple of Images of the Beloved 'Lil Bro'... who has met, worked with and known more Celebs and Entertainers, covered more Events and Shows, taken the most amazing Photographs when he's behind the lens, than I'd ever Hope to in several Lifetimes!  *No Brag, just Fact... Okay, so I am absolutely shamelessly Bragging on him, I always do that with those I Love!  Love You lots... Hugs from Big, but MUCH Shorter, Press Badgeless Sis!! *Smiles*

Hey, but in mi Casa I'm absolutely Rocking it with the best Photo Ops since I can take forever and a day to get the ideal Shot with prime access... *smiles*  See... see how Lovely the 'scored' Antique Shade looks on my Antique Lamp Base... Divine!

And the remnants of Shade Materials around the rim are like fragile Stained Glass when the light shines through them... it's absolutely perfection and JUST what I had on my Make-Under Look for the Styling Project currently underway at Bohemian Valhalla!

The G-Kid Force are already whispering to Grandpa about Gramma's new "Broken Shades"... *Smiles*  Yeah, they may all be conspiring to put me in a Home... I dunno that they always "Get It" with my Quirky aesthetic? *Smiles*

Oh, they're absolutely used to it... because I've always been this way... but sometimes they still feel the need to try to explain me to their Friends. *LMAO*

Now excuse me my Friends while I try to get Silly Putty out of the Young Prince's hair and clothing... don't ask... this is why Treasures like the Velvet Chair HAVE to go Home with someone else!!! *Le Sigh*  I almost feel a very shaved head look coming on as the solution to this problem... *Winks*  I take comfort in knowing at least it wasn't in the very long hair of the Beast Princess instead! *Whew*  She wouldn't look so good in a shaved head... and I'd cry if I had to cut all her hair off... *LOL*  Thank God for East Indian Jasmine infused ancient formula Chameli Herbal Hair Oil... it smells Divine, deeply conditions hair AND removes Silly Putty!!! *sigh of relief*

And I'm joining Pamela over at FROM MY FRONT PORCH TO YOURS for the Treasure Hunt Thursday Blog Party she is Hosting to show off the Deconstructed Victorian Lampshades I scored this Thursday at the Crawl... so come on over and see what everyone else scored this week on their Treasure Hunts!

Dawn... The Bohemian

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