Saturday, February 18, 2012

Melrose Crawl Part II ~ Sirens & Saints

As we continue Crawling Melrose I'm taking you next to SIRENS & SAINTS.  Now I don't know which you are my Friends, a Siren... a Saint... or a little of both? *Winks*  But regardless, you're going to Love this Shop and find just the perfect Fashions, Bling and Accessories to pack your Closets tightly and showcase your Feminine wiles in the best possible way. *LOL*  And my adorable Friend Punky, who looks gorgeous and Inspirational ALL of the time, is always willing to help a Gal choose just the right ensembles... she has impeccable Taste and Style. 

Now, it's not often that anything can throw me off the focus of Bohemian Bling... especially when some of my favorite Bohemian Bling Artists like Becky Edwards' pieces are present {and they were... Heavy Swoon}... but if anyone can do it, my Friend and Owner of the Boutique, Shelly Session, certainly can with her amazingly Creative Mind and the fabulous Creations she is constantly filling her Shops with!  This day was certainly no exception and it has kind of a back end Story to it and a marvelous Surprise.  Don't you just Love a good Story?  And Surprises?  You see, Shelly has this super cool Antique Beaver Top Hat that she owns that she very often uses as a prop in the Shops.  She has naturally put her Signature Creative Spirit into the piece making it beyond fabulous and I've tried to coax her into selling it to me for some time now. *Winks*  Apparently so have many other Friends and Customers. *LOL*  But it is a Sentimental piece that she often wears and I can certainly understand why she was never willing to part with it... alas, that meant just 'Visitation' rights for the rest of us as we swooned over "The Hat" we all wanted and coveted. *Smiles*  Yeah, I know, coveting is sinful... but I never said that I was always the Saint in the SIRENS & SAINTS question now did I? *Winks*  I try to behave somewhat Saintly at times, but my Halo very often slips... and I've got that naughty side to my nature... just keeping it real here folks! *LOL*  And I definitely have a weakness for Fashion in the Avant-garde Styling genre that leans to the over-the-top and excessive.  Yeah, I know, shocking, huh?  You would never think that of Moi?!? *LOL*   Okay, so maybe or most definitely you would... and you'd be spot on... it's very "Me".   So imagine my utter delight and complete Surprise when I walk into the Shop and realize that Shelly had just recently Created and stocked some FABULOUSLY AMAZING Top Hats in a similar Styling to her own!!! *Insert Squeals of Delight resonating throughout the Shops!  I could practically hear Angels singing as I spied them! Smiles* 
And because they were just in I had first choice of which to buy and plop on my head as I continued the Crawl... and it matched my ensemble perfectly!!!   And since these aren't Antique Beaver Skin the price was extremely reasonable my Friends... so if you are inclined to want to channel Johnny Depp in your Styling Sensibilities and get yourself a Fun Top Hat... or if you were among those of us that were Jonesin' for Shelly's... you've definitely got to check these out while they last... but Hurry, they aren't likely to last very long and they're OOAK Creations of a mix of Old Lace, Exotic Feathers, Vintage Millinery Florals, Sepia Boheme' Photos!  To be perfectly honest I wanted all three, because you know that's how I roll, I always want it ALL *Winks*... but I finally decided upon one that was a little more Fedora-like, with a gorgeously Faded Antique Rose Millinery Floral and Peacock Feather {of coarse}:

One of my Lovely Mannequin Triplets, Miss Yazmin, is Modeling it for you now that I have gotten it... and all of my other Treasures, Home... stay tuned for what else was procured during the Crawl down Melrose... we've still got several stops along the way to bring you to my Friends... so be sure to come back tomorrow...

Sign me today... Bohemian Dawn in a Johnny-Deppulous Fedora/Top Hat *Winks*

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  1. When I first saw the picture of you in the hat, I WONDERED if you'd make it out of the shop w/o it!!!

    (How DO you fund your so-frequent excursions??? Are you sure you're not getting a commission on sales you generate with your all your enticing posts here???


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