Saturday, February 11, 2012

Is The Way To A Man's Heart Through His Stomach?

It has been said that the way to a Man's Heart is through his stomach...

And though I am certainly by no means a Culinary Gifted domestic goddess or Gourmet Chef, I have found that for The Man, this would be True... and so I work it in a way that works for both of us. *Winks*  

So I always surprise him with Special Favored Treats that I can buy and present as Heartfelt Gifts.  Some, like Chocolates, would be exclusively for him since the rest of us wouldn't be begging for any. *Smiles*  And I'm careful to offer them in moderation... since his willpower for the tastier things in Life isn't any stronger than mine! *LOL*

Others he might have to share with the rest of us... *Winks*... but in the Spirit of the Generous Person that he is, that is never a problem.  I'd have to say that in reality, it's not just the way to a Man's Heart! *LOL*

At least most of the Women and Children that I know also can be wooed by favorite foods & special treats! *Smiles*

As you can see by the bottom layer, it's not just the Real Deal representative of favored foods that we have here at the Bohemian Valhalla Residence, Princess T's faux play foods resemble the very same things we all enjoy for real! *LOL*  Whether we're Imagining or Indulging... our Tea Parties are always a visual delight and an Eye Candy Feast in and of themselves! *Smiles*

So before every Special Holiday and Occassion you can be sure I'm visiting local Bakeries, Specialty Shops and the aisles of Grocery Stores that carry the Gifts of the Heart via the Stomach!

Because that's most certainly the way to The Man's Heart... and the G-Kid's Hearts... The Son's Heart... my Friend's Hearts... and well, I confess, my Heart too! *Winks*

Any Foodie can probably relate to the connection between the pathway of the stomach to the Heart! 

And a new appeal of Beautiful Foods for me would also be the Photographing of it... which I never did before coming to the Land of Blog.  Tasty foods are also often quite Beautiful aren't they and make gorgeous Photo Ops?  The Crew here has now gotten used to me Photographing the prettiest food before we eat it.   And arranging it in Vignettes for Blog Fodder! *LOL*  Because, hey, normally a yummy Fresh Fruit Tart like this would never stand a chance of sitting atop a Silver Tiered Cake Platter like this for more than a split second if it weren't going to be in a Photo Shoot before being ravenously consumed! *LOL* {Insert them all hovering and circling around the scene like Vultures!  Smiles}

But I do have to keep the plastic covering atop the Vintage Linens because the anxiously awaiting & impatient Crew ready to pounce upon said Tart would never hold still long enough for me to take everything off the table to install it before serving them! *Smiles*  And I'm not willing to risk Blueberry & Blackberry stains and whatever else lands on my Beloved Vintage Linen Collections! *Gasp*  So this makes for a more laid back approach to utilizing my Collections daily and enjoying them rather than saving them for just Special occassions.  We aren't into saving the "Good China & Stuff" just for Guests and Holidays.  

And the Faerie Princess had a recent make-over, in the midst of this Photo Shoot in fact... I decided to remove her permanent Holiday Banner and touch her up with re-gilding so she can also be enjoyed daily rather than just at Christmastime.  She's just too Sweet for storage.  The cute thing is that Princess T often turns the Faerie Princess to face herself when she's eating Breakfast so that they can chat & Imagine together... that's too Priceless to reserve for only an annual Holiday.

May you always find the pathway to your Loved One's Heart... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The first thing I did was see if I could comment today (I COULDN'T yesterday.) Now I'll go back and read your post :)

  2. Absolutely, just ask Honey Man. I totally won him over through the stomach :o)
    Enjoy the glorious fruit tart! (Would that be an AJ's delicacy?)
    Have a great day!
    Always, Queenie

  3. I'd melt if I had these mouth-watering treats placed in front of me. Ooh, so darn yummy and serving them on the pretty vintage table cloth and jadeite plates is an extra bonus. YUM!!

  4. Those raspberries have my mouth watering!!! My favorite... what a good idea putting the plastic over the vintage...I will have to remember that...Have a wonderful Valentine's Day Dawn to you & The Man :)


  5. Oh my gosh, stomach started growling when I was looking at those yummy looking berries! All of my favs! I burst out laughing when I read your comment about the sewing escapades that we share! lol! I don't talk to my machine, though. I call myself names. (insert: stupid, dork, idiot, dummy, brainless...etc). hehehe! How nice that you're getting some guidance and direction with your sewing, though! I hope that you get your new machine, too. Mine acts ok if I use it once or twice a week. It does not like getting dust on it. lol! I did spend all day yesterday while it snowed outside, sewing some grain sack lavender sachets. took me alllllll day to make 5 of them. :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. Hi Dawn,
    I love a delicious fruit tart, and that one looks especially yummy!
    Happy V-Day to you and yours.

  7. Love this post, and the table displays are wonderful!

    P.S.....Many times I want to leave a comment (like Rebecca above), but blogger gives me a fit. Please know that I read your blog often, and enjoy it very much Dawn!


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