Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Glendale Chocolate Festival

This Weekend was the Chocolate Festival in Downtown Glendale... and even though I can't eat Chocolate, I Love a good Festival!

The Weather was perfect and the atmosphere was Festive... there were Carnival rides for the Children and Young at Heart... Live Music from numerous Bands & Musicians... Artist & Vendor Booths... Food & Beverage Booths... and the Saturday Open Air Market was also going on...

And since I was by myself this Weekend and could finally take a break from the hectic pace of Crisis events and endless Medical Appointments for the Family... I needed a welcome distraction and good time to get my mind off of the Drama and Stress that had been so consuming all week.  I still didn't know when The Man would be well enough to be discharged from Hospital. {NOTE: It turned out he was able to come Home by late Sunday Afternoon and will finish recuperating in our Home Sweet Home... so he didn't have to miss the Super Bowl... LOL}

And Chocolate wasn't the only thing being offered... so I had a Fresh Strawberry and Cream filled Crepe.  I Loved watching the Crepe Masters Creating these delicious Treats and they had an abundance of fillings available... from full Breakfast and Lunch Meal Crepes to Dessert Crepes.  I adore Crepes but never have been good at making them... my Mom & Dad were Crepe Masters but alas I didn't inherit the Gift of Crepe Mastery! *Le Sigh*  I sure wish I had one of these Crepe Making Griddles though to practice upon and the cool little Crepe Spreader Tool!

Be sure that if I had become a Crepe Master too, well, there would be many more dishes resembling this delectible Image! *Winks*  I'd be stuffing everything into Crepes! *LOL*  Yes, it tasted as good as it looked!

I always find that everything about a Festival seems Enchanting to me... I just Love the atmosphere of Festivals, Fairs and Carnivals so I hardly ever miss the opportunity to attend one, regardless of what is being Celebrated, count me "in"! *Winks*

There's always an abundance of Artists and Vendors... I Loved the Colorful Tutus and Wings this Gal Created... Princess T would have Loved this Booth!

And there was of coarse a Trip to the local Candy Factory, Cerretas... after all, it was a Chocolate Festival.  You'd be proud of me though, I resisted all Temptation, even Licorice and Jordanian Almonds, which are among my fav Sweet Treats... and just did the Tour of how it's all made. {Patting Self on back.}

And I felt like I'd entered the realm of Willy Wonka as I strolled past the expert Chocolatiers effortlessly preparing such Beautiful Creations as Chocolate Covered Fresh Strawberries...

And what seemed like miles of fabulous Gourmet Candy and Caramel Apples... Fudges... Peanut Brittles... Chocolate covered Pretzels...

Check out the enormous Rice Krispy Treat Bunny!

And for you Chocaholics... now THIS is a Box of Chocolates!  Ten pound Candy Bars... WOW!  And if Dark Chocolate isn't your Thing...

There were other enormous Boxes of Milk Chocolates in 10 lb. Candy Bars!!! *Winks*  Thousands of Pounds worth... now that will derail a Diet don't you think and put you into an endless Sugar Coma!?  *Smiles*

And even for someone who can't eat Chocolates and doesn't like Chocolate anyway... I was delighting in the Visuals of this Colorful Chocolate Avalanche!  Though the rich sickly sweet aroma of all this Chocolate was making me a wee bit queazy so I opted not to take the whole Tour.

But I sure did enjoy seeing the Process... and attending the Festival... AND some of my fav Shops are nearby so in tomorrow's Post I shall reveal what little Treasures I came Home with from my Friend's Shop!

May every Day feel like a Festival... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What fun !! I dint know this was going on. We live in Glendale. I need to find out the fun things like this to do. I hope all is well with you. Have a beautiful and creative day...Chickie

  2. This looks like so much fun, and so tasty too. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. Hay...

    Ohh..this post is so sugar sweet!
    I love those pictures...and the weather is so nice
    with sunshine...it's wonderful!
    Here in the Netherlands it's very cold now..and a lot of snow,
    I don't like this cold weather at al...wish I was living in your country!

    Wishing you love and peace from Marijke

  4. Looks like a good time was had by all... I could have done some serious chocolate damage there, YIKES! -lol-
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. Wow I hope it was nothing serious with the Man....Hope all is well now...The crepe...I am drooling...Looks like so much fun there...and the sun looked so warmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it is so cold in Maine...brrrrr

    Peace :)


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