Saturday, February 25, 2012

Earthy Sepia Botanical Meets Jewel Tone Bohemian Chic

I have been deciding what Styling I want to do for my Booth at the New BRASS ARMADILLO  and ideally my Vision would be Earthy Sepia Botanical Meets Jewel Tone Bohemian Gypsy Chic.  And certainly though it is going to be a way to effectively offer what is leaving Bohemian Valhalla in the Great Edit & Purge of 2012, I Plan to make it so much more than that.  A platform where my Imagination can run Wild... a Creative Outlet to indulge ALL my Passions & Fantasies. *Winks*

Very much like my Blog, I Hope to make it a destination I enjoy spending time at, Creating for, expressing my varied interests and Passions... and in doing so I suspect Kindred Spirits will discover it and Hopefully enjoy the experience as much as I enjoy Creating it and working on the Evolution of it.

I Live to Create... to Dream... to Imagine with no boundaries... to Hunt for Found Treasures... to surround myself with what I find to be Beautiful, Interesting and I have a Love for.  When I'm busy Imagining, Dreaming, Hunting and Creating I'm just in my Element, it flows effortlessly for me and I feel Purposed to be doing it.  But there's only so many things you can Dream up, Discover and Create for your own Space... and sometimes I can't keep up with myself! *Winks*

So having my own little Imaginarium, a place and space where the overflow of Found Treasures, Creations, Art and Experiments can be offered... and have a steady rotation of filling with more as they are Sold is the perfect way for me to have unlimited Self Expression without having to keep it all at this Old House and wondering what to do with it?! *LOL*

Quite often I enjoy the Creative Process and the Thrill of the Hunt far more than the hoarding of the end Products for myself anyway.  I can Love something but not need or want to keep it for myself for more than just the little while it might remain in my possession.

And I adore Plants and Flowers of all kinds and decorating with them, buying them and planting them.  But since I don't own a Conservatory or Greenhouse {yet, winks}... and in Arizona it takes a lot of work, precious water and time to keep a large Garden alive and well... this new space and place can also nurture my need to work with and Nurse Greenery in the infancy stages and make something Lovely with it... and then pass it along to whoever will Adopt, Love and Care for it!?  And maybe that would be you, I don't know... *Smiles* 

All I know is that with the Grand Opening of March 1st so close, The Man and I were having the time of our lives preparing.  Yes, he was gleefully trawling the Tool & Supply Aisles getting what he will need to Create what I will need him to build... and I was happily trawling the Plant Nurseries to find Baby Plants that would compliment my Milkglass Creations that have been needing to come out of my head and into real Life for some time now! *LOL*

I confess, I have Hoarded Milk Glass objects for years because I Love the way they look and the possibilities they offer to use your Imagination... and I have so much of it that I've been eager to Create something with many of the pieces in Storage for a long time.

Sure, I've Created many things with the pieces I use and display... but there were just so many pieces that were not being used or displayed and I didn't have a place for... it seemed such a shame, such a waste, and now I can get them out of Storage and use each and every one of them in a Project!  And those of us with an Artistic and Creative bent always Love a good Project don't we?! *Winks*  I can dare to Believe that each will find a good Home with someone who will like what I like and Feather their Nest with it... or may know someone who does and Gift them with it!  


And I can continue to Wander far and wide... Hunting for Found Treasures because now I'm not just looking for me and what I could or will use in our Home... but for an enlarged circle of folks that will come to visit my little Spot and are seeking and Hunting for Found Treasures of their own.

I know how Grateful I am that I know so many Friends who offer their Treasures and Creations for Sale and have Shops, Booths, Market & Craft Show Stalls... and so now I feel as though I'm doing my part to stimulate the Economy not just as a Consumer... but as a Small Business... which is the backbone of our Great Country after all!

Because though I enjoy doing my Basic Necessity Shopping at Retail Chains and Mega Stores... when I want something Special and Unique, I hardly ever seek it at one of those places where the mass produced is offered.  I choose instead to support Local Small Businesses and Artists... and the Charity Thrifts that Support Great Causes with the proceeds of their sales of donations... and the Flea Markets & Tag Sales where the Individual trying to make an extra buck is hawking their wares... and I Hope you do too my Friends because how boring would it be if all there was were the big conglomerates!? *Shudder!*

And I couldn't do a Post without also showing off a new Found Treasure!!!  Since I confiscated our Hand-Made Native American Rug, that was in our Bedroom, to use underfoot in my Booth since the Color Palette, size & design was perfect & lent itself to my overall Vision... it meant we were rugless... and that would never do! *Winks*

After all, you know what a Vintage Rug Fanatic I am! *LOL*  And so I was thinking upon this fact as I did my Devotionals the Morning our Rug would be moving out of the Bedroom and into the Booth to cover the ugly cement flooring and give it a more inviting look.  That always instantly activates the Divine Laws of Attraction for me...

And so within hours I felt led to a particular fav Thrift, that was having Senior Discount Day of 25% off... and look what was waiting for me!!! {I must Note here that I'd been in there just 2 days prior so this must have JUST come in!  Perfect Timing as always!!!}  Yes, a very Old Persian Rug... which of coarse are my Favorites...

This one is Beautifully worn by Age, which is just how I like it... and is as soft as Butter underfoot... Love the Design... and the Colors are perfect for our Bedroom since The Man prefers a darker Palette so the Navy & Rust he appreciated... it's a very large Rug so it fits absolutely perfectly in our Room for the space the other Rug vacated {whew}... and the best part... I got it for only $19!!!  Yes, that's right... only Nineteen Bucks!!! *Holla!!!!!  Hallelujah and a High Five!!!!!!!*   I didn't even know what it looked like until I got it Home and unrolled it... because it was taped into a tight roll so I was winging it just by virtue of the fact it appeared the right size, right price and it was obviously the Real Deal... and I enjoy Divinely orchestrated Surprises! *Winks* 

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Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dear Dawn ~ Oh, my goodness, I love how you've done the milk glass~ Beautiful blog ~ I'm a new follower!
    Anne ♥

  2. Hi, Dawn!
    My first thought was that dawns in Arizona must be amazing :)
    Love your blog, your projects are so lovely!
    Looking forward to see more from you, specially your new booth.

  3. Great idea! Thanks for coming to visit me and thanks for the sweet comment!

  4. How exciting!!! All the best and much success with your Imaginarium!!! (great word!!!)
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Always, Queenie

  5. Are you kidding!!! 19$.... what a deal!!! I love the colors!!! I agree I try to shop at the local places more even though I do get trapped into the Wal-Marts of the world for household items...:( it can't be helped!! Congratulations on the new small business and your right they are the backbone of this country...Post lots of pics of your grand opening!!!
    Have a great weekend Dawn

    (((hugs))) from sleety/ rainy Maine...:D I enjoyed that greenery....LOL

  6. It freaks my freak how much we have in common. I have a little collection of AloeVera in little mexican pots and little bird things on my kitchen sink that your recent beauties remind me of. I'd make you jealous if you saw the Russian Soumak 9x12 rug I found last year at Goodwill for $50 - had it appraised for $4500!!!! SCORE It's on my blog Aug. 2011. Oh these addictions we have... :)


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