Friday, February 24, 2012

A Biz Decision Over Lunches & Walks...

I have been contemplating a Biz decision for some time now... something I've been wanting to do and know I would enjoy doing... but I wasn't sure until now that the timing was right or that a particular location was right for me.

So over Lunches and Walks I've been discussing it with my Inner Circle and things were lining up so I knew it was the window of opportunity I had been waiting for.

And finally today I came to the decision to go forward with it and rent a Booth at the new BRASS ARMADILLO West Location that will be opening in Goodyear here on the West Side of Town on March 1st.  It's close to Home so I don't have to do a lot of commuting or spend too much time away from Family to be a Dealer there...

And it's like working from Home... since most of the Work can be done at Home or with Family in tow... which was important to me right now.  Any career or job always takes a backseat to Family on my List of priorities and previous careers consumed so much personal time and I'm so done with that.

So The Man and I went to view the Location and get in on the Early Bird Dealer Special.  I Loved the 57 Chevy Greeting Station that is just inside the front door... and the Sweet Young Man on the far left who just moved to Arizona from their Iowa Store helped us out... the Staff already in place are so Friendly and helpful.

And we really were impressed with the layout and decor of this new Location {Reveal in Future Posts}.  It will lend itself well with what I want to do with my Booth and I got a prime Booth location that I was delighted with, close to the front and the right size for starting out and getting my feet wet.

I had already begun the Big Edit & Purge of 2012 here at the House, which is going so strong I was running out of space for what must vacate the premises *LOL*...

But there are just so many things that weren't going to be Yard Sale or Donation bound as I downsized considerably and decided which Treasures should Go. 

After all, with Yard Sales you only reach a limited audience of Local Treasure Seekers who randomly discover your Sale & may not always appreciate or be looking for investing in better quality items with inherant value. 

And with some things such as Antiques, Vintage Items, Salvage Architecture & Collectibles I want some return on my initial Investment & don't want to bother haggling or having to be present at every Sale... I've got things to do and places to go. *Winks*

I had been selling some of my Treasures to Shops... but Friends and Family kept asking why I just didn't set up my own Booth and sell directly to the Public?

They had a valid point... and they also know how much enjoyment I get from the actual Thrill of the Hunt... and it just made sense to combine my Love of Vintage items and Found Treasures with the Sale of the majority of it that I find or already own and am ready to part with. 

I think every Collector & Treasure Hunter eventually comes to that place, where they're at Saturation Point at what should be kept... and yet they still enjoy the Thrill Of The Hunt, of Collecting and Saving a part of History one piece at a time, so the instinct and urge is too strong to just stop! *LOL* 

So this seems the Natural Progression of things for so many of us.  We are after all Keepers Of The Past and we take that Purpose more seriously than most people would think, we're hard wired this way.

I often joke that I'm a Hoarder of Beautiful Stuff, but in actuality I don't enjoy Hoarding anything and systematically Let Go when a thing's Time has come or I see I've got too much & an Edit and Purge becomes necessary. You see the personal acquisition is not the biggest Rush for me, I have enough stuff really and my attachment to all but the most Special pieces is fleeting... it's Treasure Hunting that I get the greatest Thrill from.  And the Inspiration from beholding Beautiful things everywhere I see them, and knowing they were Rescued & Preserved, whether they belong to me or anyone else.

And in true Gypsy Fashion I'll sell almost anything if the price is right *Winks*... and especially if it will Bless my Family to let it go.   So my possessions have always rotated in and out anyway, with a few exceptions of coarse.  There is very little that I have now that I've owned for more than a few years unless it has huge Sentiment to me or a strong Love Affair going on that will abide. *Winks*  Friends I keep, Family is Forever... 'stuff' I am more apt to Let Go of eventually because I just don't have a real relationship with it.

There is always a replacement or trade-up that I like better eventually for most possessions I've ever owned.  And I do get tired of or over stuff and when I'm ready to Let Go I don't want to have it around anymore... I'm done with it... so it's out the door with it as quickly as possible...

And I Love to Style, Decorate and Create... so things generally don't remain static around here... change is good and we embrace it wholeheartedly.

And now that I've firmly decided to downsize considerably... the amount of decor I will keep to Simplify Life, have less Work in maintaining it all and make money to Bless the Family is going to be more Specific and Edited... and, well, I'm becoming even more unsentimental about the rest. *LOL*

It's actually quite liberating to Let Go of a lot... I'm finding the Process is a whole lot easier than I imagined it might be.  I had thought perhaps I might agonize more about what to keep and what to let go of... and be indecisive... but that hasn't been the case... and that's fantastic!  I'm finding that Friends seem to be more concerned about the possibility of me editing too much than I am. *Smiles*  Especially when I made the decision to Edit some of my most Beloved extensive Collections...

And certainly I have Gifted those Special pieces I knew certain Friends have always Loved that I own... you can't put a price tag on Surprising a Dear Friend with such a Gift... their reaction is Priceless and its so much of a Joy to do... because how often do  you get the chance to Give what you know to be a Perfect Gift to someone?  

And now that I shall have a Booth to offer it all up at... and have the Delight of foofing, Styling, Creating and Decorating to my Heart's content with an Artistic Outlet and Space to do it in, I can forge ahead... starting with our Home... and then eventually doing some Picking for what I want to re-stock with and Sell without it ever even coming Home. *LOL*

And I know The Man and Crew here will like that a lot!  They know I have a good eye for Found Treasures and making a buck... my Posse and I thoroughly enjoy Thrifting, Flea Markets, Junquing and locating Cast-Offs to Salvage and Upcycle.  So why not make a Biz out of what we Love?

And the best part is that the G-Kid Force enjoys looking for Found Treasures too and foofing Vignettes... so it can be an activity that is a Family Affair and we can do together... which is always a bonding experience.

I spent too much time away from Family in my Corporate Careers before finally Retiring from them all in order to put Family First... but I must say that I do miss having a discretionary income and making money. *Winks*  I was always used to making good money & being ambitious...

You see, I like to be able to Shop and to do things that we enjoy as a Family without agonizing over a more limited budget.  Before The Man was Medically Retired and I was forced into an early Retirement due to our personal reasons, we enjoyed more financial freedom and years of career success.  So it has been a very difficult transition for both of us to attempt to adjust to full 'Retirement', especially since we're still raising a Young Family and want to be more productive. I'm not even certain that 'Retirement' is a Biblical concept actually... I've always felt we should be Purposed and doing something for as long as we're physically and mentally able! *Winks*

Both The Man and I have never been opposed to Work... we always enjoyed our careers and were good at what we did.  I know we can be good at this too and since it's something we Love to do, it's not really like Work at all... not compared to what we did and the huge responsibilities we assumed in my Corporate Life and his 35+ Years Military Service to our Country anyway. *Smiles*  This is a cake walk by comparison!  A Fun and exciting cake walk I can't wait to begin...

And The Man Loves to build things... and I will need him to build things... so we got right to work this afternoon after we signed the paperwork at the Antique Mall... to design the Display pieces he'll build for me and pick out the Salvage in our huge stash that would be perfect for our Vision.   And Princess T immediately set to Work being my Assistant to Organize and Critique things... this kid could be a Professional Organizer right now at Age 6 I tell you! *Winks... No Brag Just Fact*

And this will be the perfect reason to take more Road Trips... like we need a perfect reason or any reason really... *Winks*

To see what Treasures we can Discover and uncover freestyling it as we head down the Road?!

Finding and appreciating Beauty and Value in all that is around us is our way of Life anyway...

We're looking forward to this new venture and seeing what we can make of it...

Whilst having a Grand Arizona Adventure in the Process of seeking even more Found Treasures to offer...

And of coarse we won't just limit out boundaries to our Lovely State... because we enjoy Traveling to various States and Abroad... and Traveling with Purpose just makes the Journey all the more enticing and interesting...

So as my Friend Heidi would say... we'll see you down the Road and in the City... and yes, when the Time comes I shall reveal the Booth and the new BRASS ARMADILLO Antique Mall and Vendors... because Believe me, from what we saw today it's going to be really Special and a great place to 'score' some great stuff... and be Inspired... and perhaps we'll even run into each other there at Booth #44?!!!?  And if by chance I'm MIA for a bit here in the Land of Blog it will only be because I'm working hard at bringing you more Found Treasures via Booth #44! {See the subliminal messages I'm subtly imparting and burning deep into your Psyche? Winks}

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

*Some Beautiful Images of fab Antiques were Photographed during Lunch at one of my fav Local Restaurants THE OLD SPAGHETTI FACTORY in Downtown Phoenix... where you are virtually surrounded by History in a converted Historic Home.*


  1. Oh dear Dawn......good for you....I wish you all the best in this new adventure.



  2. Sooooooooo good for you! and I love that its A Family Affair ! I love it and I wish you all the thrills and chills of the Huntress! :D:D:D

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  4. Hey Dawn!

    I am so happy and excited for you! You have made a great decision! You are going to love this new venture and make money too! Putting your passion to work is just what you need. Congratulations and I can't wait to see what you create in your new space at the mall!


  5. Wishing you all the success in the world. I look forward to hearing/seeing all about it! (I've played the the idea myself, but don't have the right kind of "stock" to generate enough income to pay for booth rent, I fear...)

  6. I was waiting for you to start your own business. In fact, I thought you already were doing something like this.
    Good luck and I wish for you the very best!

  7. I'm looking forward to visiting the new Brass Armadillo and specifically taking a peek at your booth, Dawn! Best wishes in your new venture! Hugs, Janice


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