Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Taste Of The Exotic ~ Global Home

I Love when I find new Shops that carry Treasures I adore and have an ambiance I enjoy visiting.  Some time ago one of my fav Candle Shops closed and I really missed visiting the Shop... but Joy of Joys, when I drove past the building the other day a new Candle and Exotic Furnishings Shop had opened there with a similar Funky Exotic Vibe that I adore!  I'm talking about GLOBAL HOME at 2230 East Indian School Road in Phoenix.

They have kept the Candle Factory that was there before, to produce the same quality Candles on site that we've enjoyed in the past with over 40 fabulous scents.  And they Import the most amazing Furniture and Accessories in Old World Rustic and Exotic Styles... I was in Bohemian Valhalla my Friends from the moment I walked through the door!  The Owner, Kim, was very friendly and I told him I would be Blogging about his amazing Shop... I'm always a bit timid to take Photos in a Shop I've never visited before, but I Hope to go back again soon because there was so much I absolutely fell in Love with and the ambiance of the Shop is fantastic, with Architectural Salvage elements and Water Features as a backdrop for the amazing Inventory... you really must check it out my Friends next time you're in the Phoenix Metro area.

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. A new shop - what a delight. Love the wood turquoise doors!

  2. You always have such beautiful and interesting photos on your blog. I don't always comment but I come visit every time you post!!

  3. Hi Dawn....i've driven by this dozens of times....now I'll have to stop in.



  4. Thanks for blogging about the new shop, Dawn! I definitely want to check it out. Hugs, Janice

  5. Dawn how cool that the shop got even better! That almost never happens. I just see more and more of nmy favorites closing here.Looks like a really good one!
    On a different note I wanted to tell you to definitely give craigslist a try! But don't ever go alone to someone's house. Meet in a public place or take that hubby or son of yours along.I'm pretty brave generally but there have been too many creepy stories for me to go by myself. Vanna

  6. Ooh so many wonderful treasures! Sarah xxx

  7. Yes, a new place I must visit! Thanks for being such a great tour guide, even for those of us who live here! Great pics as always.....


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