Monday, January 16, 2012

Romancing The Home ~ Sweet Salvage Event & Contest

My Friends Katie & Kim of SWEET SALVAGE will be Hosting a "Romancing The Home" Event this Month.  On their Facebook Page {click on the Link & it will take you there} they are also Hosting a "Romancing The Home" Contest... where you can share Photos that showcase and best represent the Essence of  your Homes.

And I was absolutely delighted to see the Gals and the Shop profiled in the current issue of "Somerset Life" Magazine!  They are so deserving of the exposure and continued success all their Dreams and hard work have manifested!

I submitted three of the Photos from this Post as my entries... but it was interesting to contemplate what exactly to Photograph that best reflects the Essence of our Home in a single Visual or perhaps just a few select Visuals?

I Love Photographing so many things... and Collecting, Styling and Decorating with so many things... and my Style and Tastes are extremely Eclectic and if I had to define it in a word it would be Bohemian.  But what exactly that means is subjective to each individual I suppose.  The Definition of coarse is:  

bo·he·mi·an [ bō hmee ən ] 1.somebody with unconventional lifestyle: somebody, often a writer or an artist, who does not live according to the conventions of society.

And I know that according to most Friends and Family or those that have visited my Home or Studio Space over the years, that they find my way of Living, preferences and tastes to be unconventional... so I guess it fits and I'm Okay with defining myself, my aesthetic and Lifestyle that way.

I wouldn't be at all comfortable Living any other way or surrounding myself with objects that didn't interest me, Inspire me or that I didn't Love and feel some kind of Special attachment to and mean something to me, whether anyone else 'gets it' or not. 

And as I decided to place my entry to the Contest and enjoy the Lovely entries of other Contestants it didn't matter to me at all whether I won or not, nobody loses if they stay True to what makes them Happy & Content in the Sanctuary that is their Home.  But it was Fun to just Share small snippets of our Homes and Lives in this "Romancing The Home" Venue and reflect upon what exactly are cornerstones of our Essence and Style?

And though of coarse I like what I like... I also adore seeing how others Feather their Nests as well and reflect their distinctive Personalities through their Style of Living.  The SWEET SALVAGE Team, in the Spirit of the Theme, is also taking us on a delightful Tour of their Homes, giving us a glimpse into their Private Sanctuaries and Lives... how they Style and Decorate those Spaces that they spend their Personal Time in and what Collections are nearest & dearest to their own Hearts. 

And if you've ever been to the SWEET SALVAGE Events and witnessed the Masterful Decorating and Vignette Making displayed... and the many Treasures they Source with care and part with so that we might benefit from it being offered for Sale...  Well,  you'll totally understand why it's a Special Treat to see what pieces they Collect & have Passion for, couldn't bear to let go of and chose to keep for themselves and how their Homes might be arranged!  Thank You Sweet Team for inviting us into your Homes... here are some of my favorite Inspiring Images from the Sweet Team's Homes:

Source: Sweet Stephanie's Home ~ Sweet Salvage  Blog & Facebook Page

Source: Sweet Kim's Home ~ Sweet Salvage Blog & Facebook Page

Source: Sweet Katie's Home ~ Sweet Salvage Blog & Facebook Page

So my Friends, what Images would best reflect YOUR Homes and the very Essence of YOU?
And remember, the SWEET SALVAGE "Romancing The Home" Event is this coming Thursday through Sunday, January 19th through 22nd... see you there!

Dawn... The Bohemian

  1. Bohemian: Somebody with unconventional lifestyle... somebody, often a Writer or an Artist, who does not live according to the conventions of society.


  1. I do love your Bohemian blog. I was going to say that I'm not Bohemian but then read your definition and have learned that I just may fit the description "Somebody with unconventional lifestyle..." since I live full time in and travel in a RV.

  2. I wonder whose standards are considered "conventional" anymmore????

    I sure enjoy the photos of your Bohemian home!


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