Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Mad Hatter

It's ironic really that the last Shop on my Glendale Adventure would be THE MAD HATTER, because lately that's how I've felt, somewhat like The Mad Hatter of Alice In Wonderland. Suspended in Time, unable to move forward, because nothing is changing and Time seems to stand still and we're at the same crazy event perpetually it seems! 

And when things get quite Mad... really crazy and complicated, I find myself not able to make a lot of sense of it... or of what I'm doing... or saying... or supposed to say... it's all Madness and as if you've fallen down the Rabbit Hole with Alice and the Wonderland Posse.  Well, coming to the Land Of Blog especially then is my Private Sanctuary and a welcome Respite!

And so, it is soothing to also find solace in the remnants of Simplicity during those Mad Hatter times anywhere that I can find it.

And I find myself gravitating towards items that have a Simplicity about them and the Era they came from or evoke... such as this wonderful Vintage Child Cowboy Wreath. 

Filled with Nostalgic Memorabilia from the Golden Age of Spaghetti Westerns when so many Children imagined themselves to be a part of the Wild West that they saw glamorized on TV.

Which Hollywood naturally took great liberties with in the Fantasy & Fable of it all... and as a Child I always felt conflicted about anyway, being of Native American Ancestry and how Indigenous People were often portrayed in the Old Westerns.  So I remember making our Cowboys & Indians playtime having Heros on both sides... with Great Men like Geronimo and Cochise being my favorite Old West Heros. *Smiles*  But I have many fond Memories of those Childhood Games... and a Simpler time.

And its always Fun when you go Junquing to happen upon such items that bring back a rush of Nostalgia and a Memory... and since I'm the Sentimental sort, that is one of my favorite parts of the Thrill of the Hunt... finding something that means something to me in some way.

Or that I can conjure up an Imagined Image of on the canvas of my Imagination... either wondering about the real Story and History behind the pieces... or my Fantasy interpretation of it. 

I have a very fertile Imagination, as I suppose most Creative sorts do... and I derive great Pleasure from what Inspires me and can become a Muse.  So I can wander for hours just enjoying the experience, with no real need or specific Purpose to locate a particular item to claim or purchase.

Though I suppose you might find that hard to Believe... I pass on far more items than I acquire... but I enjoy them as much nonetheless.  And Blogging has helped me to find my Voice and thus share Passionate Observations I make in my World and get the most Joy from.

Because I've found an entire Community here of Creative Souls... of Dreamers... and Junquers...  those that enjoy Decorating and Styling... and Writers ... Culinary Art Lovers... and those that capture their World through the eye of the lens... Artists and Would-Be-Artists, who really ARE Artists but just haven't recognized that being one doesn't mean you have to make a living at it or be well known or even well received... Travelers... and Entreprenuers... all sharing slices of their World in the Land Of Blog.  All finding ways to insert what they're most Passionate about on the inside into everyday Life... quite often busy, complicated Lives that require a Special effort to fulfill their Dreams, give utterance to their Inner Voice and Yearnings.  

Some more Private, others more transparent and fearless to be so vulnerable and exposed.  There can be an anonymity to it or it can be deeply personal... we choose how far to take it and the content of each of our Blogs and the boundaries we set.  The Essence of the Blogger is in each Blog, often revealing Personalities, priorities and preferences... it is a Personal Journey for each of us... and one that has taken me much further than I expected that it would.  It has been a platform to try new things, socialize with and become Friends with people from all around the World that I might not have otherwise ever met or gotten to know, and get to know myself better as I'm evolving and finding my Voice in areas I had previously stifled with the busyness and commitments of Life that I had to push to the forefront, at the head of the line... ahead of the Artist and Dreamer in me. 

I find that the longer I participate the more I am challenged and stretched as to what it will be about... my Space here... how will it continue to evolve and what will it's Purpose and content be?  It can be fluid enough to change daily if I like... I personally have never had any expectations for it or from it... I just allow it to simply Be and see where that goes and takes me. 

I've come to look forward to the Posts other Bloggers share as much as I look forward to Creating my own.  And to appreciate the feedback, support and contact the Community has taken the precious time to impart.  It has filled a niche in my Life as both a Creative outlet and also a place I can come that is just for me.  It has caused me to look at the World through Fresh Eyes... seeing potential and Beauty everywhere and anywhere... and being excited to Share it.

I might not have always needed this type of experience... but I Believe I discovered it at just the right Time in my Life.  A Time when the Issues of Life had begun to be more intense, Life changing, consuming and thus isolating me socially because I was no longer around Co-Workers and Friends as much as I used to be and therefore I was in a state of transition and alienation, which wasn't always comfortable, welcome or consoling. 

Devoting the majority of Time to raising a 2nd Generation and caring for ailing Loved Ones or those with Special needs for an extended period of time had caused me to lose myself and my own direction in the process. To suppress my desires, needs, Hopes and Dreams and Sacrifice many things that used to be important to me and now had to be cut loose or put on a back burner for an indefinite period of time.

So Blogging had ignited a Spark that had almost been snuffed out and threatened to be extinguished forever... and I'm Thankful for that.  I discovered Kindred Spirits and many who were finding Creative ways to remain Creative and find a suitable Outlet... to keep Dreams and Hopes Alive and Well... to meet themselves at their point of need and surround themselves with an Online Community that genuinely connects with one another through their Blogs and Shared Interests, Passions, Pursuits and Experiences.  That was an encouragement and provided Positive Energy to fan a Spark back into a Flame.

It was exciting to meet others who enjoyed what I enjoy and shared their experiences, Creative Outlets, Stories and Talents... there was a wealth of Inspiration now at my fingertips daily and I voraciously consumed it, feeding my Soul and making more Time to Create and Live a Creative Life once again... which continued to feed my Soul. 

And I ventured from being strictly Private to keeping it more Real and Personal as I progressed... because I needed to.  I realize not everyone does or needs to... but I found it to be a Safe Haven to Voice some struggles, frustrations, concerns and burdens that previously I had just kept to myself and carried on my own or only divulged in Prayer. 

Releasing it into the Universe actually was cathartic... even if nobody ever read or responded to it... but they did... and the compassion, caring and Prayers of those who felt led to respond really Touches my Heart and Soul, it is always appreciated.  Those with a point of reference made me realize I was not alone in a particular topic discussed... and sage advice was often invaluable when I didn't have the words or had lost the way.

Yes, for the most part I still have the intention of keeping my Slice of Blogovia uplifting, positive, Inspiring, visually appealing and Fun... but I know that if I need or want to do the occassional rant, dark Post or vent I can and it will usually be received as just me keeping it Real for a moment. *Winks*  I decided at the very beginning of Blogging that I'd have to be totally authentic to Self, however it was received. *Smiles*

Because since Mi Vida Loca can sometimes be like a 3-ring Circus, I must say I would find it difficult... no... impossible actually... to just insert pretty pictures and a Story with a Fairy Tale Ending all of the time... especially if there was trouble in Paradise at that point in Time. Some days the Happily Ever After is on Pause or has apparently packed up and left the building in search of less turbulent Characters and the Fairy Tale has turned into an Epic Mini-Drama!  *LOL*

And there are days that I would like to pack up and leave with Happily Ever After! *Winks*  The Man and I have actually blocked the doorway when Happily Ever After wants to bail on us and exit stage left... have you ever attempted to hold Happily Ever After hostage too?  Or chase after Happily Ever After?  Saying, "Wait for ME, you can't leave without me!!!"

But then I know I'd miss the Cast of Characters that make up Bohemian Valhalla's Clan and are so Precious to me and I wouldn't trade for the World.  I know that in the end everything is going to be okay... and that if it's not okay then it's not the end.

We may not be Ozzie and Harriet... more like Ozzy and Sharon at times... well, a Bohemian Gypsy version somewhere inbetween the two actually with doses of the Addams Family thrown in for quirky good measure... *Smiles*

But that also means that each day is a new Adventure here and Life is interesting and never, ever boring... and so there's usually always something to write about... *Smiles*

And I'm so glad you're along for the Journey... as we Travel together through the Land Of Blog...

And every so often get the Joy of actually meeting and Traveling together in Person!

And we'll enjoy the Thrill of our Hunts together either way.  FINALLY, I saw a Vintage Real Girl Sized Mannequin... if I wasn't so determine to lose weight this year {again} I might have sprung on this one! *Winks*  So... I'll see ya down the Road my Friends... and keep an eye on Happily Ever After...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What a great explanation of some of the "Blessings of Blogging"! You've got such a great way of experessing yourself...and I never tire of seeing your photographs.

  2. You are a kindred spirit indeed. We all go thru so much of the same things and it always helps to know we are not alone. Life is a crazy roller coaster. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and all the beautiful shops you share. Foresure I'm gonna go to Glendale next week and not go to all my favorite haunts in the east valley. I'll have to scope out some of the great thrifts stores over - since those are always my best day pickin'. If ya know what I mean.

  3. LOL you speak to my soul Dawn!! I love your posts...and being an Aztec descendant I understand that aspect as well...I agree about how we are more like Ozzy & Sharon that Ozzy & Harriet,,,I burst out laughing at that one!! It is so true!! You bring out alot of good nostalgia...Love how you keep it real...and those wonderful pictures...

    Peace, Linda XO

  4. I don't know if it is good or bad to be perpetually at the same event... but it couldn't be so bad... if you are like the mad hatter.

    I am happy this blogging world has connected us. I love the photos you include and the elements of your life you share here.

    I hope this year brings wonderful things your way... and when all else fails... I will come sit at the perpetual tea party with you!

  5. I always like so much candies for the eyes which I find on your pages, but it is necessary to admit that I am very greedy;-)!
    It is important that a blog is faithful to his(her) author, we can consider it as a personal diary, a shop window, an exchange, the difference makes the charm!
    That 2012 is of the happiest and most creative for you, a blessing for all your family!

    Beautiful day Dawn

  6. Absolutely LOVE the burlap cowboy wreath!! Will tell my friend Gail to check it out! In fact, I have some of those plastic horses for sale in my booth at Merchant Square! How funny!

    I feel better with each passing day. Hope to be closer to 100% by the next Sweet Salvage day. Will be there anyway, but hope to feel "healed" by then.

    See you there!!!

  7. You are a faithful visitor and customer to A Mad Hatter's. Thank you so much for stopping in and posting pictures. Happy New Year, Dawn!


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