Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting Lost In Passions & The Moment

I have so many Passions that at times I can get lost inside my own head... lost in my Passions and the Moment to a point where Focus on any one thing becomes difficult, if not impossible...

I've always got so many Creative Ideas and Projects going on simultaneously, either in my head or in progresss and various stages of completion... too many Irons in the Fire... and that's how I've always rolled... but I am trying to make a change and Focus more on one thing at a time!

And those that know me well are probably laughing out loud right now at that lofty Goal... because we are talking about ME after all... and Focus with a single thing is not one of my strengths to be sure! *Winks*  

Yes, I can be tenacious and single minded at the aquisition level... but at the Creative level, I tend to be more all over the place and step so far outside of the box at times that I need a Road Map to get back to where most people can relate to me and not think my Ideas or Visions Crazy and  perhaps Impossible to achieve?!

When I see something that interests me my Imagination is off and running... like a Racehorse... an out of control Racehorse that has thrown it's Jockey and may not exactly be on a straight coarse for the Finish Line... instead running all over the Track, jumping over the Fence and on a Free Spirited  Adventure to who knows where... the Journey is always far more important to me than the Destination or winning a Prize or even Finishing for that matter! *LOL*

Not that I leave things unfinished mind you, that habit bothers me, incomplete anythings are loose ends I abhor.  But my point is that I don't necessarily set a deadline for myself when it comes to Creative & Artistic Ventures, I have trouble doing that, which is why I don't dig Special Orders. 

The Process can take as long as it needs to without that bothering me... the Finishing isn't so important that I'm racing towards it, rather I meander towards it and allow Time to tweak the Vision and Idea, it can change a multitude of times before it becomes a Finished Project... and that can drive others Crazy! *LOL*

Especially if it's their 'Thing' to know every Detail in advance about a Project and how it will end up...  I'm all into the Details of things, but I don't need to know every Detail in advance because it can evolve and morph as it will, surprising me along the way, and I find that rather exciting really.  The not knowing exactly where a Path will lead and having a Surprise ending you didn't anticipate or expect but which is worth arriving at.  And that I wasn't so focused on the End that I failed to enjoy the Beginning and Middle of whatever I'm doing or where ever I'm going.

I suppose Living in the Moment is my 'Thing' and so I'm just Present THERE... not really where I was or where I will be...

I don't really care where I was, that's behind me... and where I will be isn't there yet, so I'd rather enjoy NOW!   Where ever that happens to take me... and yet, I also realize that my Focus is scattered and I could benefit from not getting totally lost in my Moments... where others have trouble even finding me! *Smiles*

The Son recently told me his concerns about my apparent scattered & random musings & focuses... sometimes I can go around in circles it seems and I'm okay with that... but it does frustrate others if they're not digging coming back around to something again and again, revisiting it as you will... they're on their way to the Finish Line and my Wanderings could be impeding that... be it in Conversations or actual Journeys.  And The Son could be looking at my habits as Age Related red flags... Good Lord, is Mom ready for a Home already... where is her head at?!? *LOL*   

Okay... Note to Self: Try not to scare the living daylights out of the Kids, The Man & G-Kids about where my head is at... *Winks*  But after all these years you would think at least some of them would be used to it, No? *Smiles*  Used to me being lost in my Moments, in my Passions, my Vision and Creative Process.  Used to me flitting from one Project and Thought to another, working on everything and nothing in particular... all at the same time! *LOL*  Yep, my ADHD is showing...

And as I learn to perfect the Art of concentrating on and doing one thing at a time I Hope you all will be patient with me?  Because I'm sure it's become quite evident even here in my slice of Blogovia that Creating Posts about any one thing, any one Passion, any one topic, Project or Style is unlikely to happen with any consistency... and I don't even know where it's going or taking us until it's happening... and we may never Arrive anywhere in particular?! *Winks*   

And if you don't mind a lengthy Meandering Journey, with numerous stops along the way to get lost in the Moments, then perhaps you won't actually mind Traveling with me?  Gypsy Style... flitting from place to place and just going with the flow.  And we'll savor it all... all the delicious parts of whatever it is... like a good Tea and Brunch... never knowing exactly where it will take us, but not really caring that much either... because it doesn't matter... so long as we're thoroughly enjoying every Moment of it, this Journey that is Life...

Dawn... The Bohemian

*Most Lovely Images were captured at ANTIQUE GATHERINGS in Phoenix, AZ or at our Home* 


  1. I don't think it's possible to know every detail in advance when you're creating something, that's how art is, you have to let is lead you to what feels right in that moment. Just keep doing what you do...sometimes I just go from one thing to the next too :)

    You asked about a flower that I had in one of my's heather. Hope you have a good weekend :)

  2. I've moved house 51 times... and in my head I never stop moving moving moving... I love your beautiful treasures, especially the fruity colourful chandelier. Show us more. Sarah xxx

  3. When I visit your blog I am always invigorated to create, get up and move, and always and mean always it puts me in a good mood.
    Thank you very much,


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