Friday, January 6, 2012

Farmhouse Fabulousness At CeeCee's On The Corner

You just can't beat Rustic Furniture Fresh from the Farm... and today while visiting one of my fav Shop-Restaurant's in Glendale, CEE CEE'S ON THE CORNER , there was Farmhouse Fabulousness of epic proportions on the Shop side! *Swooning heavily!*

I adore Rustic Farmhouse Beadboard Furniture with the original paint aged to perfection... so seeing the Shop absolutely wall to wall and stacked with amazing pieces was a real treat!  The Colors were Divine... the perfect palette in fact for my tastes.

It was virtually impossible to choose a favorite piece... thankfully I no longer have any space in my Kitchens for any more large Furniture or I'd be wanting it ALL!!! *Smiles* These Primitive Rustic functional pieces Fresh from the Farm are getting harder to find, but Margie (Cee Cee) had hit the Motherlode in Sourcing Rustic Charm for your Farmhouse Kitchen & Garden Style decorating. 

Folks just don't let these types of Beautiful old pieces go very often... and there was an impressive selection of Harvest Tables, Cabinets, Hutches, Baking Tables, Potting Tables, Benches, Old Doors, Salvage Windows, Vintage Birdhouses and various Country Collectibles.

It never fails that when I was looking for such items years ago I couldn't find any and the precious few I could locate were already Sold!  And these should go fast too my Friends, Cee Cee has them priced to sell.  So if you've been seeking the elusive Rustic Farmhouse Charm here in the Southwest where it's not so common, now you know where to go! 

And Mr. Cee Cee, who has the Greenest Thumb I ever saw, is always Inspiring me with his Garden Style Creations.

I Loved this Collection of Galvanized Pieces used as Planters and grouped together.

And though I couldn't get a full shot of the AMAZING huge Harvest Table, that's it over the smaller Table... and it had the Antique Caster Wheels on each leg!  The hue was a perfect muted chippy Robin's Egg Blue and it could easily seat a large Family or gathering of Friends.

And the fragrance of Mr. Cee Cee's gorgeous Roses filled the air... it was a Beautiful warm day today... perfect for walking the Glendale Historic District and doing some after Christmas Shopping.

And the great thing about CEE CEE'S ON THE CORNER is that it not only has a great Garden Shop on the side and Shop sections inside the Main Building as well, but also a delightful Restaurant... so you can have a delish Lunch before or after your Junquing forray there, either in the Diningrooms, the Front Porch or in the Gardens!

This piece was to die-for... just look at the Storage, Plate Display Section, perfect original Color combination... 

Metal top to do your Baking and absolutely perfectly worn, aged and crackled Patina!!!

If I had any room in this Old House for a piece like this I'd be all over it!!!  But since I don't {le sigh}, perhaps you do?  Because if it can't be me, then I'd be Happy if it was you that got it my Friend! *Winks*   Okay, so I confess... even though there were so many pieces I adored... this piece and the Harvest Table were probably the ones that made my Heart skip several beats and took my breath away!!! *LOL*

And if you're looking for the perfect Garden Furniture... well, there was an abundance of that as well!  Wicker and Vintage French Bistro Style...

And the Lovely Old Birdhouses were so Sweet...  I can only imagine the Generations of Feathered Friends that brought their Families up in these Lovely Old pieces.

And if you need Vintage Garden Tools, Old Watering Cans, Vintage Canning Jars, Vintage Sap Buckets and Rustic Baskets... this is the place to go. 

Unique Potting Benches also caught my eye... in due time I'm going to need some of these as I get my Garden in order...

And it's always Fun to visit my Friends at CEE CEE'S while I'm doing my Shopping... they will make you feel right at Home... and truly visiting this Shop-Restaurant is like visiting a Friend's Home.

Couldn't you imagine this Lovely Vintage Bistro Set in your Garden or Garden Room?  I could... Loved it!!!

And you'll find the use of great Old Salvage Architectural Pieces everywhere.

Another Potting Bench Table I fell in Love with... this one had a Salvage Window mounted to it... I could definitely picture something like this in my Potting Shed!

Be sure to give them a call or stop by if there was a particular piece you just couldn't live without!?

I do Hope you've enjoyed Shopping there with me today my Friends?

And perhaps one day we'll meet there for Lunch, to visit and to 'score' some Fabulous Vintage Treasures?

Wouldn't that be Fun?

So... perhaps I'll see you there in person one day and we'll do just that...

Source: FADED CHARM Blog

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Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Happy New Year Dawn...I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and new year with your beautiful family...what a lovely collection of vintage goodness! I've missed popping in here, to see all your wonderful photos x

  2. Thanks for sharing. We moved here to Glendale in Sept.I didnt even know about it.I am excited to ck it out.I enjoy going to ck out shops like this.I hope maybe to see you next weekend at the event. Have a beautiful and creative weekend...Chickie


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