Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Colors Of A Peacock Love

If I could identify with any Creature of the Animal Kingdom it would have to be the Peacock!

I have had Colors Of A Peacock Love since Childhood.  The rich Jewel Tones & irredescence... the wispy delicacy of their adornment & yet they appear to be sturdy, fearless, hardy Creatures... and the way they preen & strut their stuff proudly and without inhibition has always appealed to me.

I'm always drawn to Found Treasures that either include Peacock Hues, however subtle, or have actual Peacock Feathers or Images of this Magnificent Bird. 

I recently 'scored' at the Dollar Store, some Peacock Feather Necklaces...

  And matching earrings!!!  My Heart nearly skipped a beat!

Some I'll leave "As Is" and others I'm going to transform into other adornments and accessories... for a buck each I just couldn't believe my good fortune!  I wanted to buy them all... *Winks* but I resisted the temptation to be so greedy!

And just concentrated on finding different shapes & sizes... fat, slender, large, small... 
Needless to say when I went back another day they were all gone... apparently there are many other Peacock Lovers out there! *Smiles* 

And I can't say that I'm surprised... is there anything quite as Lovely and Naturally perfect?!

My Peacock Inspired Collections go way back to the 60's when I began picking up the very first pieces I own... and span many Eras of Peacock Love from the Victorian Era to the Present... they are a Timeless Treasure. 

They've always blended well with my aesthetic, Decor and Style, so they are pieces I've always held onto and never tired of. 

They have Inspired more Projects and Art over the years than I can remember...

And my 1960's Era Peacock Feather Beaded Earrings have been worn since my Hippie years... and look amazingly good considering how many Decades I've owned and worn them! *LOL*  I can't even imagine the work involved in attaching beads to such delicate strands of a Feather!!!???!!

And I must say that if even a hint of Peacock Hues are apparent in a piece I'm in Love with it!

It's so much fun to Decorate with Feathers anyway... so I tuck them practically everywhere and anywhere!

If The Man were not opposed to the Idea, I would have purchased live Peacocks to roam our acreage!  Several large properties in the Valley have flocks of Peacocks on their grounds that are the direct decendants of Peacocks that have lived & bred there since the 1800's.  

And every time I attend the State Fair and see them for Sale in the Livestock Exhibits... quite reasonably priced I might add... only $19-$35 apiece... I desperately want to buy some! *LOL* 

And the one type of Taxidermy I would consider having and would Love to 'score' would be of Male Peacocks!  

But in the meantime I'll settle for other items of Peacock Decor I've found in my Junquing forrays...

And I'm always on the lookout for new pieces to add to my Collection...

Because one is never enough and too many is just enough when you really dig something! *LOL*

Will I ever reach Peacock saturation... perhaps... thankfully I don't run into Vintage pieces very often that I don't already have so the Collection has amassed quite slowly over the years.

And I'm quite capable of admiring Peacock Art and yet not Jonesin' to purchase every piece I might behold.  Not enough wall space you see... *Winks*

And this Old House was actually painted in bold Peacock Hues when we purchased it... maybe too much for some folks, but just right for us! *LOL*

And some of my Friends also adore the Bright and Vivid Hues... so we're often like a flock of Peacocks when we're together! *Winks*  Yeah Girlfriends, you know who you are!!! *Smiles*

And sometimes I'll spy a piece I'd Love to have and can't get at the time... like this Peacock Fan I spied many Moons ago... but in due time I eventually found another one when resources permit and it was on SALE... so if you wait long enough for something you really Love, you'll eventually find it again! 

Bohemian Bling appeals to me because of it's Peacock Quality... Bold & Beautiful!!! 

And I've picked up the odd piece here & there strictly because of the Peacock Inspired Hues it was sporting... such as this Vintage German Alarm Clock with a gorgeous Peacock Blue Face.

And if a piece is lined in Peacock Hues... well, it doesn't get any better than that for me!!!

And Vintage Fabrics with these Colors, especially Velvets... PERFECTION!!!

Yes, I shall probably have Colors Of A Peacock Love until I die... it's been a Lifelong attraction thus far that has never faded or diminished one iota.

So... is there anything you have had a Lifelong Love Affair with too my Friends?  Something that has remained a Mainstay in your Wardrobe or Decor regardless of trends and Styles? 

I Believe that when we consider such pieces and the way they speak to our Spirit & Soul it is very telling about who we are at our very core... that part of us that never really changes...

Color me Bold & Flashy as a Peacock... Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. Thanks so much for visiting! I'm glad to know sharing a quote brings a smile to my blog family.



  2. Oooooh - all of those peacock treasures rock my world! I also love that beautiful green brooch. You have the most wonderful collections of delicious goodies! Sarah xxx

  3. The colors are just beautiful!

  4. Thanks for sharing Peacock Beauty, nothing comes close to a Peacock, they are distinctive. I have loved them for years. In my loss of stored belongs over the last several years I have lost many. I am however going to check out Dollar Store.

    Beautiful share.

    Wishing you a new Happy Day. ;-) ((hugs)) Hope you are all well.

  5. What a divine post! So many beautiful colours and divine velvet. The peacock has been my muse for as long as i can remember, Bohemians and peacocks are inseparable you cant have one without the other! Happy New Year Dawn xxxxxx

  6. Oh Dawn what a fabulous collection of peacock beauty!! You know how much I love them too *winks* I can't get enough of them either. You had me gasping at the peacock feathers at the dollar store! Why didn't you pick them ALL up and quadruple your money! I'd have taken a few off your hands for ya *winks* Now you've got me Jonesin' for a peacock fan like yours.... LOVE it!! And that bronzed peacock with bling...Be still my heart! Vanna


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