Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Antique Gatherings & Salmon Skin Couture

Since our Weather has been absolutely Glorious I was on my way to enjoy the Desert Botanical Gardens and that meant stopping by a favorite Antique Mall along the way ANTIQUE GATHERINGS.  I can always count on some Vintage Vavoom eye candy anytime I stop in and this day was no exception.  Check out that great round Antique Leather Luggage Case with all of the fabulous Travel Stickers still attached... I can only imagine the great Stories of World Travels it could tell of!   And of coarse there was other great Vintage Luggage, Crystal Chandies, Vintage Games, Bohemian Bling, Architectural Salvage and Antique Persian Rugs galore!  I also liked the Vintage Shoe Form Stretchers.  But you'd be proud of me my Friends, I resisted all temptations and keeping true to my Wabi Sabi Mission I didn't bring anything Home but lovely Images!

And after all... my Mission this day was to see a Going Green Exhibit at the Gardens which was profiling some exciting new uses for Natural products that normally would go to waste and not generate income and jobs.   I knew that Salmon Skin Couture would grab your attention much as it did mine! *Winks*   This I had to see, especially since one of my fav Designers, Isaac Mizrahi, had Created a Couture Gown out of it that would be on display!

So... along with the Natural Beauty of the Gardens I was excited to see some Created Beauty out of Fresh new Green Products that would benefit not only the environment and the Economies around the World, but Create something wonderful out of products that normally would not be considered useful or would typically be wasted and discarded!

Who knew Salmon Skin could look this luxurious and absolutely amazing?!?  And apparently it is more ecological to tan than Animal Skins and it can be dyed a variety of hues... the texture was gorgeous!  Kudos to  you Isaac for being a forerunner at utilizing such interesting and previously unsung benefits of a plentiful product being currently wasted and not taken advantage of!  And Salmon Skin wasn't the only new Going Green Products being displayed and used in amazing Creations by forward thinking Artists & Designers... though I didn't Photograph them all and encourage you to see the Exhibit for yourselves, here was another of my favorites:

Just look at the fab Jewelry created from Vegetable Ivory of the Nut Palm Seeds!  The texture and lustre were gorgeous!  And of coarse Pearls are always a fav of mine!

I Hope you've enjoyed the Day Out with me my Friends?

And consider Going Green whenever you can... our Environment is a precious God given commodity that is absolutely Priceless and we are charged with being Good Stewards of for the benefit of Future Generations that will Inherit it...  Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn xxx
    Firstly thank you so much for your comment on Abby Rose, I was particularly touched by your appraisal of my poetry as my writing is my main focus... it was so good to hear, and I had a similar comment from another lady, just so encouraging!
    I think I will simply leave the 'follow' option off the site because it serves no purpose for me other than to make me feel bad...I have joined all the sites I like and just could not understand the lack of reciprocation, thank you for explaining that to me hon.
    I hope you and your family (including your gorgeous cats) are all well there in the desert and I must say that your photos on this page are magnificent!!! Love them, as I love all your posts. You are a busy lady who gives much by way of pleasure through your beautiful site.
    Just need to let you know also that I have your link on my blog, but it will not show a thumbnail or short summary, not sure why...however, I have links back to you on the Valhalla photo page re; Bohemian lifestyle, just thought you should know.
    Your grateful friend Down Under in Australia...Take care

  2. I want to go out on the town with you one day!! Man you find the neatest stuff... love love love the salmon dress... your right, who knew. Gorgeous for certain.

  3. Oh I would love to have that stained glass!


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