Sunday, December 18, 2011

Melrose Christmas Crawl ~ Part II

I'm glad you returned with us to continue the Melrose Christmas Crawl.  Today's Post will take us to MELROSE VINTAGE for plenty of eye candy to delight your senses.

And I accidentally hit the Publish Post button, so if you viewed this earlier and it looked incomplete... well, that would be the reason why! *Winks*  Sometimes my little fingers get to flying too fast... *LOL*

In my excitement to share with you all that we beheld and had so much Fun discovering on this Junquing Adventure just in time for Christmas.

Just being around Beautiful environments is uplifting and inspiring isn't it?

We can envision Fantasy settings in our own Homes, Studios or Shops just by all of the Inspiration saturating our senses in these delightful Shops.

And we can Pretend... here's me... pretending that the fab Vintage Airstream that belongs to the Shop Owner is mine. *Winks* 

It is in amazing condition inside and out... and awaits her Transformation... and after you behold the Christmas Transformation of the Shop... well,  you will be certain that ANY Transformation she sets her hands to will be beyond fabulous!!!

Architectural Salvage abounds... I Heart Old Salvage Windows... especially Stained Glass ones!

Vintage and Antique Furniture abounds here...

Cool Art made from great Salvage Finds abounds here... I was Loving the lit Commercial Oversized Letter Signage.  This one was very Ali MacGraw & Ryan O'Neal "Love Story" 

And gave me a Flashback... *Winks*

Deconstructed Lampshades is a new Passion of mine... I will most definitely be Gracing my Lamps at the Bohemian Valhalla Residence with some of this Styling since it doesn't obstruct Light like regular Lampshades... and has that look of Faded Oppulence and Benign Neglect Styling I so enjoy.

Garden Furniture abounds...

And I could envision these Art Signs Gracing any Home inside or out... Loving them!!! 

The soft, comfortable, Romantic Furnishings are very Romantic here... so if you are a true Romantic, you'll be Loving it all!

And this Season I'm really digging the Vintage Bird Stands used as Lighting Stands instead... with cool Chandies or Vintage Lampshades and wrapped with Garlands for the Season. 

The Entrance greets you with abundant eye candy so you just know you're going to be Wowed when you walk over the threshold!

The Antique Art is superb... I adore both of these unframed Paintings... I'm really lusting over the bottom one.

And you can only tell how infatuated by the decorated Bird Stand I was... *LOL*

Great Old Doors are everywhere as well in the Vignettes... and you KNOW how obsessed about Old Doors I am! *Smiles*  The Man is once again relieved I resisted dragging yet another one Home... *Whew, he wipes sweat of his brow.*

And I really liked this Simple wire Charlie Brown Style Christmas Tree.

Yes, we were most definitely having a lot of Fun at this Christmas Crawl...

Sumptuous Fabrics... *Swoon*

Old Salvage Doors... Lovely Chandies dripping with Crystals and Beads... *Swoon*

There was a lot to mezmerize you and transport you to a Dreamscape on the Canvas of your Imagination...

Great Pillows... both Vintage and Custom ones offered...

And like I said before, the Bedroom Vignettes at MELROSE VINTAGE will entice you to curl up on one of those Beds. *Winks*

Still adoring these European Vintage Bedside Tables... "As Is"... I wouldn't change any of the Aged to Perfection Elegance of their History... no refnishing great old pieces for me... I cringe at the thought of it in fact!

If I had the room in one of my Kitchens I'm sure I would have already acquired one of these Vintage European Bottle Holders... Love them!!!

Beautiful Old Iron with great Patina... and Aged Wood... *Swoon*

Yes, we were having a Swoonfest of epic proportions my Friends... are you?

And MELROSE VINTAGE also offers Classes, so be sure to check out their Website so that you know what Classes are coming up next... perhaps I'll see you at the Soldering Class in January where we'll be making Altered Art Bottles?

We ran into my Friend Connie there and we're going to try to recruit several of the Girls to join us in the Class... it would be great if you joined us too my Friends... if you're in the Metro Phoenix area in January... the exact date is still pending... but I'll let you know as soon as it's set!

Imagine the Fun we will have, Creating, Fellowshipping, Eating... having an Amazing Girl's Day Out together... and bringing Home our Altered Art Bottle Creations!!! 

I've resolved in 2012 to take advantage of more Creative Classes... to enlarge my Artistic Horizons...

I Love Creating more than I enjoy any other activity... the Artist in me has always been Passionate throughout my Life, from as far back as I can remember... and I come from a long line of Artistic Ancestors who were moved to Create their Art.

And I find it to be exhilerating to begin new Artistic Ventures in Mediums I might never have tried my hands at.

My anticipation of the Class is building daily... I can hardly wait!!!

Are there any Classes or Activities in 2012 you're going to try for the very first time my Friends?

What is your Motivation or Inspiration to begin these new Ventures?

I could Learn something new every day...

I've never understood anyone being bored when there is so much they could be doing, learning, creating, enjoying in Life!!!

And my Hope for all of them in 2012 is that they step out and Enjoy Life Fully!!!

And keep those Dreams Alive... I'm STILL Dreaming and Hoping for my very own Mobile Vintage Studio... The Man WILL find one for me, I just know it!!!  And it will be the Perfect One!!!

And then we Plan to Travel the Show Circuits and go Exploring and Junquing like a Clan of Picker Gypsies...

Because every Member of the Bohemian Valhalla Clan Loves Junquing and Gypsy Living!!!  That's why we're not Home very much... even though we've Feathered our Nest Beautifully... the Lure of the open road beccons us like a Siren's Song...

And now we shall Travel over to FRILLY FROCKS which is the fabulous Fashion Boutique owned by my Friend Leslie.

Where you can find fabulous Accessories, many Created by the Resident Shop Artists...

These Rosette Bracelets are a favorite of mine.

Aren't they Lovely?

And there are Fashions Designed and Styled by many of our Favorite Designers... Stylists and Artists... like Rare Earth, Ewa i Walla, Magnolia Pearl, Marika Nakk, Seeds, Skif, Petrushka, Meg by Design & Carol Wang.

And gorgeous Bags Created by Pure West and Izabella Rose.

I Love Belts... and Hope to lose enough weight in 2012 to wear them comfortably again...

And to add more great pieces to my Wardrobe... in smaller sizes... *Winks*

I Hope you'll come back tomorrow my Friends to continue our Christmas Crawl?

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Did the "cat get your tongue"??????

  2. WOW Dawn!!!!What a great place. I saw a ton of things I loved! You must have so much fun shopping there. Wishing you and your beautiful family a blessed Christmas.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Wow! You look adorable in your velvet pants~ I love 'em!!
    That light near the top of the post is to die for...OMG! I want it!!! :D
    I don't think I could visit that store and not want to buy everything!!!!

  4. Oh my what a beautiful post! And above all congratulations whit your beautiful caravan/ airstream! That's a dream for you what has come out! Is that you on the picture?
    I like all that beautiful things in the store!! What do you think about that big roses! That will be lovely in my french roulotte, isn't it? And in your's!!

    Have a warm and happy Christmas time,



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