Thursday, December 22, 2011

Melrose Christmas Crawl ~ The Finale'

As we conclude taking you with us on the Melrose Christmas Crawl I'll leave you with Images taken as we scurried from Shop to Shop attempting to take it all in.  Our last Shop to visit had been ZINNIAS AT MELROSE  where they were having a Christmas Cookie tasting contest of freshly baked Cookies by the Staff.   And one of the Booths had an amazing array of Stained Glass Salvage Windows... which is a rarity here in the Arizona Desert, not too many Homes in the Old Wild West had such luxuries so they're not as abundant as in other parts of the Country or the World where they were more the norm in building supplies of the wonderful older Homes.  I always like to Imagine what Beautiful Old Home they came out of and why they removed them?  Was it razed? *Insert Shudder*  Were they replaced by ugly common modern windows? *Insert hairball like hack! LOL*  The only upside to the thoughts I have about it is that at least they were Salvaged and are now offered up to those of us who appreciate, cherish and treasure such Magnificent Architectural details! 

While at ZINNIAS I also always have to take a peek at my Friend Tricia's Booth of VINTAGE BLISS.  I Loved a picture frame made of Salvaged crown wood molding there... in a perfect hue.  Put that one on the Christmas Wish List... *Winks*  And how about that great Commercial Hotdog Vendor piece, Loving it!!!  And Shiny Bright Ornaments galore... I've got a real soft spot for those, they mezmerized me as a Child and they still hold a Nostalgic spot in my Heart during Christmas.

And while at RUST & ROSES I spied an awesome Red Vintage Coffee Pot that I could envision Santa himself brewing a cup of Joe on a Desert Cowboy Campfire. *Winks*  Yes, that's right, I envision Santa drinking Coffee and not Milk... 'cause that Guy has to make a Trip around the World in one Night my Friends and visit every single one of us... you don't manage that with Moo Juice... you would most definitely need a heavy dose of Caffeine!!! *LOL*  Good grief, I need a Starbucks sometimes just on one of my Shopping Sprees to a few fav Shops and Santa is WAYYYY older than Moi!!! *Smiles*  And there was a faux Fireplace with a Vintage Mantle that was cozy and charming on a chilly night... and I have to Wonder... does Santa come down faux Fireplaces as well since he's Magical? *Winks*

I do Hope that you've enjoyed Crawling Melrose with us this Christmas my Friends?  And I have a Great News Update about my Brother... he was released from Hospital just in time for Christmas and that is a very Special Christmas Gift to us all!  I want to Thank everyone for their concern and Prayers... each of you is a Special Gift as well... far better than anything that can be put underneath a Tree!

Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn...this is was so wonderful meeting you today...I believe I have been to this store once....and I haven't been to Sweet Salvage YET! Maybe we can get together with Marty sometime after the holidays...keep in touch!!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas, Dawn. I enjoyed this last in your Christmas Crawl...Looking forward to more adventures with the Queen of Boheme!

  3. I always forget this one. I only been to a few.You got some really good shots. Fun Fun isnt it ?? I just ove this stuff. Take care and have a fun and creative day...Chickie

  4. A very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.
    Always, Queenie

  5. Hi Dawn!! Not sure what was going on with your brother but glad to hear he is better...and I want those corbels!! great all the pics...

    Merry Christmas Dawn to you & yours... looking forward to reading your posts in 2012...

    Linda XO


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