Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Window Shopping

I don't know about you but I could Window Shop forever and a day!!!

Granted, Old Fashioned Window Displays aren't really plentiful anymore... so you're not actually "Window" Shopping like back in the day when every Shop had elaborate Window Displays to draw you in and you could stand on the sidewalk looking at them with eager & appreciative eyes. 

I do miss that though... but I still go "Window Shopping" the Modern Way now... just beholding all the Retail Display & Vignette Splendor throughout the Shops... sans Windows. *Winks*

I don't really have to be on a Mission to purchase something when I head out to Window Shop... do you?

And quite often I'm not really Shopping with the intent to Purchase specifically... but to be Inspired, delight my eyes and senses, and just for the sheer Joy of the experience of it. 

How often do you go "Shopping" but without the intention of actually having anything in mind to Purchase... and so you're just "Window Shopping"?

And for those who only go Shopping when they have something to Purchase in mind, they don't 'get it' and it can be frustrating to them to accompany a "Window Shopper". *LOL*

"So what are you looking for?" they might ask...

"What are you going to buy?"

And if your response is, "I don't know..." or "Nothing"... it can be a Mystery to them as to why you're out and about at all!?! *Smiles*

And for Junquers in particular... Window Shopping is part of the Thrill Of The Hunt... where you might not have anything specific in mind... but your eyes are always on the lookout for "Found Treasures"... and you'll only know what you're looking for or going to buy when you stumble upon it as fate would have it!

Serendipity Shopping as you will... and along the way you just enjoy everything else you happen to see that is pleasing to the eyes and shows up.

Be it Natural Beauty like the last of the Winter Roses...

A Beautiful Treasure that isn't in the budget... 

Or Lovely little Creations and Crafts.

Yes, I so Love Window Shopping and Junquing... and particularly during the Holiday Season.

Christmas Window Shopping is one of my favorite past-times during the Holiday Season leading up to Christmas Day.

And that is why I always get my Christmas Gift Shopping and Decorating done early... so that I have some leisure and free time inbetween Seasonal Work and preparing for the Holidays to just enjoy some laid back Window Shopping and Junquing Adventures.

And go see all of my favorite places that I know will have an abundance of eye candy...

And pristine Natural Beauty...

And those Found Treasure Surprises that take your breath away... 

And never cease to make you glad you came so that you didn't miss at least capturing the Images in your Memories and/or Photos...

May the Images you capture in your Memories and Photos this Holiday Season bring you abundant Delights my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

*Most of the Beautiful Images today were captured at THE BRASS ARMADILLO ANTIQUE MALL or CEE CEE'S ON THE CORNER*


  1. I love to window shop and what great shops you found. I want that baby doll, she has stolen my heart. I think I'lll take the pink tree and flowery hats. Thanks for sharing your Christmas cheer!!

  2. I've loved peeking in your 'windows' today.

    Hugs, Angela.

  3. I have enjoyed window shopping with you! I especially love the art deco candle trio and the velvet hose hat!


  4. Honey Man and I love to window shop... With the advent of the internet Queenie can even window shop during the "normal business hours" of the mundane.... shhhh don't tell ;o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. Thank you my sweet for your understanding comments on my blog.
    You have lifted me up and given me some great advise.
    I hope you and yours have a great Holiday Season!!


  6. A friend and I were just talking the other day about the fancy window displays our families used to drive to out of town...those were the days in small town Iowa.

    Snow covered and cold in Iowa...it must be winter! Hope we see the sun tomorrow!!!


  7. Ohhhh Dawn which wonderful doll and former articles!
    I too am often going to make of lick shop window without buying necessarily, because all its candies for eyes are a creative enjoyment!

    Beautiful day
    Amitiés de France


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