Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Styling Journey For The Holidays

I have hardly ever seen a Christmas Tree I didn't like and enjoy beholding the Beauty of.

It's true, I can find merit in the Styling and Beauty of each one.

Which is why I always take a leisurely approach to the Styling Journey for the Holidays.

And today I'm taking you along on that Journey.

To enjoy a variety of Styling and Visions for Decorating the Christmas Tree.

I can be conflicted about which direction I'm taking about Decorating our Tree each year.

And so I've made it an Annual Tradition to expose myself to as many Styles of Tree Decorating as possible before I make a decision about ours.

And there are particular Stores I know hold a wealth of Inspiration and I've made it my Tradition to visit their Tree Displays each year.

One of my all time favorites is DILLARDS Department Store. 

I used to assume that the Trees there were Decorated by Professional Stylists because they always looked so flawlessly Styled and Imaginative.

But then I discovered that their Trees were actually Decorated by Store Employees who were just given a basic Vision for the Products being offered and were left to Style each Tree with a dose of their own Imaginative Touches.

And I must say, they do a superb job every year and Create some of the prettiest Tree Displays and Styling Ideas I've seen.

And this year was no exception... they never fail to deliver and I've never been disappointed by the DILLARDS Christmas Trees... they're always absolutely Enchanting!

And it's difficult to choose A Favorite... but I do find myself drawn to some more than others.

Whether it's the Styling... the Ornaments... or the Color Palette.

Or I find myself liking different aspects of each Tree and appreciating those techniques that I may want to incorporate into our Tree this Season.

And even though I have a Hoard of Christmas Ornaments Collected or made over a Lifetime... or Inherited from past Generations of our Family... I always spy perhaps a couple more that I might consider adding each year.

Especially those with a Bohemian flavor to them... *Winks*

And Rich, Exotic Colors or intricate Workmanship. 

Because after all... can one really have too much of Christmas I wonder?

I think not!!! *Smiles*  At least I haven't reached my Saturation Point yet even in this Winter Season of Life!  I'm still a Child at Heart when it comes to Holiday Decorating!!!

And when it comes to Decorating, the more options you have at your disposal, well, the more Creative and diverse your Theme can be each year.

When I was growing up our Trees never looked the same twice... and I've carried on that Tradition of Unique Decorating each year.

Some of our Family Ornaments have been passed down for over 100 years now, but they may not Grace the Tree every year.

And over the years we've made, bought or been Gifted with a variety of Beautiful Christmas Ornaments and Decor... in a wide range of Styles and Color Palettes.

And so we've been able to change it up each Christmas and have a Styling Journey of our own for the Holidays.

I think we'd be bored if our Tree at Home looked identical each Christmas and our Theme and Color Palette was constant.

We don't tend to live our Lives that way any other time of the year... Variety has always been the Spice of Life for the Bohemian Valhalla Bunch! *Winks*

We've even done Tree Swaps with Friends and Relatives for the years we've used Faux Trees.  Though we adore Real Trees, here in the Arizona Desert they dry out very quickly unless you use local Pinon Pines, so alas, we use Real Trees infrequently due to the fire hazard and due to wanting to have a Tree up more than just days before Christmas.  A couple of years we had Living Trees that could be planted outside after the Season... but they usually have difficulty thriving in a Desert environment after Winter has passed.

 And yes, I Inherited an awesome Original 1960's 6-foot Aluminum Pom-Pom Tree from my Dad... though alas, the rotating Color Wheel long ago got lost in our many Travels from Country to Country and State to State.

And so there is the possibility the Vintage Pom-Pom Tree with the Original Shiny Bright Oraments might make a debut this year now that the G-Kids are a bit older and Rat Boy, the Old Tree Mauling Indoor Cat, has passed from Time into Eternity... so the possibility of Tree Trauma Mishaps has minimized!?! *LOL*  Well... maybe not... yet... I'll have to contemplate that risk factor a bit more... *Smiles*

But like I said before, I'm in no great Rush... Traditionally our Family revels in the Rich hues and ambiance of Autumn until the day after Thanksgiving and keeps our Harvest Decor up until then.

As we explore our options for this year's Christmas Tree Styling.

And thoroughly enjoy the leisurely Journey we're taking to behold all of the Magnificently Decorated Christmas Trees everyone else is Creating, Delighting and Inspiring us with.

Along with all of the Accessories of the Season... like Hosts of Heavenly Angels...


The Blessed Mother...

The Reason for the Season Himself, Jesus Christ.

And here in the Southwest the Beautiful Virgin Of Guadalupe.

I Hope you've enjoyed Journeying for Christmas Styling with us today my Friends?  We're not done yet... so be sure to come back again for more Beautiful Inspiration for the Holidays.  And for enjoying the Bohemian Lifestyle.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Thanks for the Christmas tree tour Dawn, there were so many beautiful trees and such beautiful Christmas decor to take in. I've missed visiting here, things have been pretty hectic around our place, and don't see it ending any time soon! Hope your having a great week!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  2. I like the idea of doing a Christmas tree swap. How unique! I always lean toward a vintage look and lots of SHINE! Thanks for the Dillard tour. It is always inspiring to see how others decorate. Have a good night!


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