Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spanish Market ~ Heard Museum Event

This past weekend the Heard Museum had their 10th Annual Spanish Market.  The Museum was founded in the 1920's and pays tribute to Native American Culture and Art, having a host of permanent and traveling displays.  The more than 65 top Artists at this wonderful Spanish Market were from various States and Countries South of the Border and sold distinctive Collections and unique Artwork including Milagros, Santos, Furniture, Jewelry, Embroidery, Tinwork, Paintings, Folk Art Carvings, Tiles and Glass Work. 

 There was an amazing Bead Artist from New Mexico, Leah Henriquez Ready, whose Art Work I was completely captivated and mezmerized by. The first 9 Photos I've shared are her Magnificent Creations. Owning a piece of her OOAK Bead Art Jewelry or Dolls would be Bohemian Valhalla!!!  My Dad and his Family were excellent Native American Beadwork Artists and I appreciate how time consuming and intricate the Art Form is.  Alas, Yours Truly was too lazy and impatient as a Youth to sit at their feet and learn the Craft. Though even then I could see that it always seemed to have a quiet Meditative quality to working with the beads and seeing a magnificent finished Work could be almost Spiritual to me. I really regret that now, they would have been the ones I wanted to teach me and pass along the Tribal Traditions and patterns they held near and dear...but now have gone before us so it is too late and they took their secrets with them beyond the Veil.  

We listened to strolling Musicians and enjoyed tasty Hummus Wraps and huge fresh baked Cookies at the Cafe'. There were amazingly Talented Weavers and Embroidery Artists from Guatemala and North American Tribes. Princess T and the BFF, Tina, were fascinated by the looms and watching the Women work to Create even more of the fabulous Rugs and Blankets, so effortlessly since most have been doing it since Childhood. I REALLY wanted one {or frankly more ~ Winks} of the Guatemalan Embroidered Shirts if I could have afforded them this day... each was a Work of Art and it would have been fairly impossible to pick a favorite, every single one was beyond Amazing!!!  It makes me really appreciate even more the Guatemalan Embroidered Vest I own and 'Scored' on a Junquing Adventure.  You can bet I'll be keeping my eyes peeled now for Guatemalan Fashions, I Love how Bright, Artistic and Cheerful they are and how much work goes into the Creation of each piece. 

 And who knew that my Vest, 'Scored' for a mere ten bucks had a value of about $100 retail!?! *Whoo Hoo ~ Happy Dance*  I almost hadn't bought it because it's not really my size and rather snug across my bodacious frame! *Winks*  But I'm really glad now that the Gypsy in me HAD to have it because of it's Colorful Artistic Free Spirited Stylish Flair! *LOL*  So, rather than me modeling it I got Mannequin Yvette to do the honors to be able to share it with you, she's got the right proportions for a size Medium... perhaps one day I shall too *she says as she sighs longingly for said day*...  My Lord this is why I LOVE Junquing... you just never know what amazing and/or valuable things will turn up... but I digress... back to the Market! *Smiles*

 There were Skilled Silversmiths from the local Tribes, Mexico and New Mexico.  One Silversmith had designed an award winning Sculpture of the Virgin Of Guadalupe out of Silver Wire, it was awesome!!! Princess T was captivated by the Beautiful Crosses inlaid or adorned with Tin, Fabrics, Jewels, Straw Art, Shells and semi-precious Stones and Metals.  And we were all in awe of the Corn Husk & Carved Wood Art Created by another supremely Talented Artist... just look at that Magnificent great plumed serpent Quetzalcoatl with Feather Headdress!!!   It was a very large piece and so intricate and bold.  I should have taken more Photos of this Artist's Work and gotten his Name to share with you... but there was just so much to see and we arrived rather late and didn't want to miss anything.  But I Hope you have enjoyed joining us on this Spanish Market Exhibition at The Heard .  It is held here in Phoenix Annually... so next year, if you're passing through during this time of year, stop by and experience it for yourselves my Friends.

Blessings and the Light of God's Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow, this post is a feast for the eyes. So much glorious color and rich textures. Congrats on finding your own treasure too.

    Bella Vida by Letty
    Have a great day.

  2. What a great event! I wouldn't know where to look first! Know what else I love? I love those pants with the silver down the sides that the musicians wear. I have always been infatuated
    with them.

  3. Oh what a fabulous way to spend the day! Everything is so beautifully well crafted, and the colors so bright and vivid, a feast for the eyes! Thanks for taking me on the tour with you!

  4. Wow! Marvelous colors and artisans! Thanks for stopping by the blog, always great to hear from you!

    The Vintage Laundress

  5. Unbelievable embroidery! They tell a story with their work.

  6. Wow, beautiful colors just like in India, many of the weaving patterns of rugs and the bead sandals are very much like we have here in India.
    Wonderful feast for the eyes.
    BTW, thanks for your lovely comment on our house which was featured in gb' blog many months ago


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