Sunday, November 6, 2011

One More Creepy Post

Okay, so I know Halloween is over, but I couldn't resist one more creepy Post.  You see, the BFF, Tina, wanted to hit an Eastside Antique Mall that we'd never been to before, MAIN  STREET ANTIQUE MALL in Mesa.  And I'm always game for a new Junquing Expedition & Adventure... so away we went in search of this Mall she'd seen online...

She was seriously Jonesin' for some new Doll's Heads {yes, this one came Home with her}...

And she was especially Jonesin' for another Salvage Stained Glass Window to accompany her first one... I told ya didn't I... one would never be enough and too many would be just enough once you get started and have a taste of the Salvage Architectural Rush! *Winks*  So this is "The One" she'd seen online and couldn't wait to 'score' at this Mall! 

It is a Beauty with great Colors & Design... but honestly, she actually thinks this will be the last one she'll buy or become fixated on! *Bwahaha!!!*  Seriously, stopping at two?!  Surely you jest I tell her!!! *LOL*  We'll see... I'm putting my money on that it won't be long before yet another catches her eye and she'll be thinking a Trio of them would look ever so much better than a Pair... whaddya think? *Winks*  Been down that road you see... it's a slippery slope... *Smiles*

But I must say that I'm glad I rode shotgun to this new location to check out because it had a good selection of Found Treasures... and some Artfully Displayed Booths that really caught my eye... especially some that still had the Halloween Vignettes up! 

I really do adore Halloween and that Creepy yet Fun Addams Family Vibe to Decorating...

And I was delighted to see some more that I hadn't seen before... before they take it all down and head on into Christmas.  Marie Antoinette gone Goth... Loving it!!! *Winks*

I really enjoyed this one particular Booth, done up in just my Style of Halloween Decorating...

And I couldn't wait to share it with you here in the Land Of Blog!

So I Hope you don't mind lingering in one more Creepy Post before we move on to future Seasonal Decor for the upcoming Holidays? 

Because I was Loving this whole Vibe and enjoyed lingering in it just a while longer before moving on... 

Okay, I confess... I could actually live with an Addams Family Vibe year round... whereas the other Seasonal Themes, not so much...  Guess I'm morbid & dark like that...

It's always been strangely fascinating to me...

And oddly comfortable...  it just speaks to my aesthetic, quirky and with a leaning to the Macabre and Oddities...

The BFF came away with this tiny Tattered Compact with Golden Chainmail back from this Booth... splendid in it's decayed condition...

And though not everything in the Booth was ooky & spooky, it just had that Abandoned Building Content feel to it... and who doesn't enjoy exploring a long Abandoned Building & discovering what has been left behind?

Well... do you?  Or am I the only one??? *Winks*

And this Doll Head was by far, hands down, one of the Creepiest we have ever seen!!!  Those eyes!!! No... this one we left behind... some things are just the stuff Nightmares are made of! *LOL*

How cool was this old Galvanized Tub!?

And I Loved the Mannequin...

And just having one last long look back at Halloween...

And enjoying somebody's Vision of it in their delightful Styling & Talent of Display.

Check out that Lampshade... Bordello Chic I like to call it... yep, like it! *Winks*

And exploring & Photographing every Nook and Cranny of this Booth was Fun...

I felt rather like a Guest of Morticia Addams in fact... *Winks*

And I've always imagined how fabulous that would be!

Because you'd never know what you might see...

Or perhaps wish you hadn't seen? *LOL*

We'll take you back with us to MAIN STREET ANTIQUE MALL in another Post, because there was a lot to take in and explore... including some equally Stylish Christmas Inspired Booths... I'm sure we'll be back there another time when we feel like a longer Road Trip... and I'll keep you in Suspense as to what I 'scored' this day... but it was really good and made my Heart skip a beat...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. GREAT post!!! This really is my type of decor...I will be moving soon, and my new home will be in a very morbid & creepy style, but still be beautiful & yes, The Addams Family would hopefully approve of it..!

    ; )

    Hugs, Jenny

  2. Wow that place looks amazing! I went a little Pin-crazy on this post of yours :)

  3. Hi Dawn,
    Thanks for dropping by my humble blog. I would post your entire blog on mine if I could...I love it that much! I am here each day looking and drooling. I LOVE the Bohemian lifestyle for its comfort and ease, it is small wonder that you love it so...andyour blog is stunning!
    Many thanks
    Helen xxx


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