Monday, November 28, 2011

O Christmas Tree ~ Part II

The "Salvage Style Christmas" has been a big hit with the Crew here...

The Man thought it was one of the nicest Styled Trees we've done... with all the Old Salvage adorning the branches it does have that Mantique appeal *Winks*...   

The G-Kids came Home from their Thanksgiving Visits with extended Family and I was curious to see their reactions to the beginnings of the Bohemian Valhalla Christmas transformation... it had still had the Autumn Vibe when they left Wednesday Afternoon.

Prince R was the first to behold it when he came Home Saturday Night... he dubbed it the "Antique Christmas" and gave it a thumbs up with a grin... he's used to how quirky Gramma can be so nothing much surprises him anymore when I'm Styling anything. *LOL*

Princess T was next when she arrived Home Sunday Afternoon... she dubbed it the "Old Tree" because of all the Old Stuff adorning it and was fascinated to examine each Ornamentation... recognizing the ones that were familiar...

And remembering where they used to be...

And because in Kindergarten they're all about Letters & Numbers right now, she totally "got" the significance of the three Old Retail Letters... the "T" for her, the "R" for her Brother and the "G" for Gramma & Grandpa. {Well... I had intended that letter for The Man & My Surname, but her interpretation will work... Smiles} 

She was however quite disturbed that I didn't also procure a Letter for her Uncle... The Son... so I'll have to rectify that faux pas! *Smiles*  So... I'll be on a Mission to discover an Old Retail Letter "L" now... *Winks* 

As for The Son... he also approved of "The Look"... again, Mantique Style Decorating is embraced more by the Menfolk than some of the more Romantic, Fussy or Whimsical Styled Holidays I've done in the Past. *Winks*

The Son was also proud that I had restrained myself from overdecorating this year *LOL*... Yes, for me this year is more Minimalistic than ever... and I'm actually making a conscious effort to not keep "adding to"... *Smiles* 

It's a process and learning experience for me, but I'm getting better at Editing and Restraint...
Though to be sure there's still no Minimalist here!!! *Smiles*

Though I confess, it's a lot less work to maintain a "Less is More" Philosophy Styled Home...
And the older I get the more that might become even more appealing!?!

Though I'm drawn to Delightful Clutter and More Is Never Enough Beautifully Styled Decor... it IS a lot of extra work to maintain such an environment. 

And the more people sharing such a Home, well, the more work it is to keep it organized and have a place for everything and everything in it's place.

So one of my Resolutions for 2012 is to slowly Edit and Purge until I get the right balance of what will work best and create less work to maintain.

Keeping what is best Loved and finding new Homes for what can and should go...

And see how much anxiety that Process creates for me in the "letting go" or whether as I progress it will just become easier and therefore gain momentum in the Vision to accomplish the task?!?  We'll see... I'll keep you apprised...

And I'm giving certain Special People first access to what is moving out the door... and toying with the idea of taking some of the Treasures to Auction afterwards... which I think would be exciting!

I've always Loved the process and excitement of Auctions, whether in person or online. Good Deals and those coveted Items you sometimes can't find anywhere else can be had if you're a Buyer.

 And if you're a Seller and don't mind the risks... and I don't... when I'm done with something I'm just done... and whether Donated, Gifted or Sold makes no particular difference to me... then you never know what your stuff might bring & that Unknown is a Thrill to me! 

I've tended to do very well at Auctions... whether Buying or Selling... and it is a good way to move things fast.  You see, I'm not very patient at the Selling Game actually, which is probably why I never gravitated to Retail...

If I decide to Sell something its now or never, a brief window of opportunity for a potential Buyer...
Because then I'd rather Gift it or Donate it than waste valuable Time...

I'm not in the biz of Selling and so I don't care really... I've always been able to easily find a good Home for what I'm passing along when it's Time comes... that's the Beauty of being discerning when you Invest in something to buy or even Find and recognize the Value of.

Intrinsic Value... remains constant...

And I've generally discovered that the very same things I have come to Love... most of my Inner Circle also gravitate towards... we're birds of a feather that way... and so passing our Treasures back and forth has always been a Joy.

And during tough economic times, what's better than allowing those you care about to do their Holiday Shopping at your House... when they are aware you're purging your Treasures and they're excited to see what is being offered up as a Gift if they want it!!?!!

So much more Fun for you both than trying to find it in each other's budgets to choose something affordable and not nearly as Special as a Holiday Gift for a Loved One who enjoys similar things that you do... IMO...

Most of my Special Gift Memories and Sentiments are attached to those items that my Family & Friends have offered up to me from their stash of Treasures they were ready to part with and wanted me to have.

Have you been the Recipient of such a Gifting my Friends?

What are your thoughts about it?

I'm just saying... for those of you who have spent a Lifetime of Creating, Crafting, Collecting and Styling... perhaps some of the best Gifts you could Gift someone with this Holiday Season are those Type of Items they have adored that you either own, Create or are thinking about parting with. 

And I've found that worthy Charities enjoy receiving such Items for their Auctions as well to Fund their Programs and Ministries.

And... if you have decided to Sell off some of your Treasures to Fund other Visions you have for your Life that's always pretty exciting too isn't it?

I'm very tenacious and focused when it comes to my Visions and Goals... so when I've set about moving towards them then I'll do whatever it takes to succeed and make it happen...

Tenacity often indicates Desire and Passion you see...

I personally always gauge how much Passion and Desire someone truly has for something by their Tenacity at attempting to achieving it.

Because I've observed that if its important enough, they'll find a way... and do whatever it takes... keep seeking a way diligently.

And if not... then perhaps it really wasn't that important?  Wasn't really imbued with Passion or Desire?

And if you tend to be lukewarm about something then you don't really invest much of your time, talents or treasures into it do you?

This Holiday Season have you contemplated what or where your Passions lie?  Your Desires?
What are you Investing Yourselves in?  What are your Priorities?  And do you truly feel it is worth the Investment?  I Hope so...

Because it would be a shame to be Investing too much in things that aren't really worth it... worth the sacrifice and energy expended in them.

But the Payoff for having Invested Ourselves in the things that REALLY do matter to us... is PRICELESS!!!

So may you abound in those things that are Priceless to you my Friends...

And not just during the Holiday Season...

But every single day of your Lives...

Holiday Blessings and Peace from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn this was an especially bohemian rendering of Christmas loves.

    Thank you, for sharing.

  2. I'm back. I neglected to address your thoughts on holidays.

    My goal would be to invest the most of my time in people. This would most be worth my efforts and at times finances.

    Really life, as you say, should be a holiday spirit year round. ((hugs))

    Hope hubby is doing better and better.

  3. omg
    this is the '''funnist''
    blog ever..


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