Sunday, November 27, 2011

O Christmas Tree ~ Part I

I can't remember when I had more fun decorating a Tree than doing it Salvage Style!  Where you combine the Thrill Of The Hunt with what you have on hand and Create Salvage Ornaments that tell a Story... YOUR Story...

Because everything will have a particular Memory or Tale that goes with it...

Either your own Tale & Story or perhaps one you Imagined it had in it's previous Life...

Or just ordinary objects that you have around the House that are interesting or packaged prettily enough to become an impromptu Ornament.

It can be a real conversation starter to have an unconventional Styled Tree and I find them to be much more Inspiring, Imaginative and Intriguing...

And hold many fond Memories that might not mean anything to anyone but those who were a part of that Memory and place in Time... perhaps on one of your Family's Found Treasure Hunts... where the Children turned up something they felt was a real Special Treasure... and now, well, it IS! *Winks* 

Because for those of us who enjoy Junquing and Salvaging, almost anything CAN be a Treasure!

And how nice is it to be able to combine them while Styling a Room... a Christmas Tree... a Vignette...

And allow your Creative Juices to flow and your Imagination to Soar!!!

Some might have thrown out an Old worn out Paintbrush that has been used half to death during remodeling, restoration and then as a plaything for the G-Kids... and left outside to weather for years... but not us... as long as it has had a use we've retained it... and now it has become a perfect Sage & Sepia Style Salvage Ornament for this Season's Theme!

And an Old License Plate from a Recreational Vehicle that has a poignant back end story...

And my Passion for Old Photos, Vintage Books & Spools of Thread in favorite Hues gave me a wealth of Tree Ornamentation this Christmas! *Smiles*

Favorite Bohemian Bling... and Commercial Letters that have a Family Significance in what Letter they happen to be...

Vintage Industrial Salvage... Along with Found Treasures unearthed in Desert Treks over the years...

And I can always find a myriad of uses for Old Stopwatches & Pocketwatches!

Yes, throwing things at this Tree was so much Fun and it came together so easily, so quickly, with minimal effort and a frugal budget...

And seeking out what would compliment the Vision for it was half the Fun before I even began Decorating for the Holidays!!!

And Jute, Hemp or Twine to Wrap, Decorate and Hang things... CHEAP and with an Easy, Rustic, Simple, Natural Charm that I adore!!! 

And I'm sure you'll find something in your Jewelry Box or Stash of Fabrics, Craft Supplies & Findings to Dress up each piece... Old Clip On Earrings work Beautifully and everything can be dismantled after the Holidays because it doesn't have to be attached permanently!

Bird's Nests sprayed with a complimentary Hue and dusted with glitter... then tucked with Old Crystals, Bohemian Bling & Natural Elements work really well...

And Vintage Shiny Bright Ornaments always have a Vibe from a Bygone Era and can still be found at Thrifts, Flea Markets & Tag Sales... Or maybe you Inherited some?  I did, but this year I didn't dig out the 100+ year Old European Glass Ornaments... a little too fussy for this Year's Theme... so I went with the Shiny Bright Goodwill Hunting 'Score' Balls for a Buck. *LOL*

And some pieces will really have Sentimental Value... I decorated the Tree on my Dad's Birthday, he would have been 81 if he were still on this side of Time & Eternity... and these Weathered Old Spoons were a part of a Wind Chime he had made that eventually fell apart, but I Salvaged the pieces of for the Memories & it's great to repurpose them once again.

If you were to Create a Salvage Style Christmas Tree my Friends, what would you use?

What would you seek out on your Junquing Adventures and Forrays?

What might you already have on hand that holds a Special Memory, tells a Story or Spins a Delightful Tale, whether Real or Imagined?

What might YOUR Salvage Tree look like I wonder?

I can Promise you this... it will be so much Fun to put together you might make it a Tradition of Styling in this way!?!

With my Love Affair with Found Treasures and Living the Bohemian Lifestyle it was the perfect way to Style this Old House for the Holidays.

And I Loved the way it looked with the backdrop of my Goodwill Hunting White Christmas Tree!

But I'm sure this Theme would also look Lovely on any Tree... Real or Faux...

And as usual... because I took a gazillion Photos as I was Decorating *Winks* I'll be showing off
"O Christmas Tree" in a few Posts because it made Delightful Blog Fodder too! *Smiles*

And I can't wait 'til the G-Kids come Home from Visiting Relatives for the Thanksgiving Holidays and see it...

Because we'll all re-live and re-count the Memories of the Old pieces or what each newly acquired Old piece signifies and what Story or Tale we'll Invent for it...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow, that is an awesome Christmas tree!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog earlier. I couldn't find an email addy for you, so I am saying hello and thank you on here! x

  2. Dawn,

    Your tree is decorated with greatness! I especailly love the old scissors!


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