Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Good Old Fashioned Soda Fountain

The older I get the more I enjoy taking trips down Memory Lane for heady doses of Nostalgia...

And some of my favorite Childhood Memories center around Family trips to a good old fashioned Soda Fountain.

Places that used to be abundant in every Town & City... and where you could get old fashioned Milkshakes, Malts, Sundaes and Egg Creams... along with Homestyle Americana meals.

Alas, so few exist anymore, but we're fortunate here in Phoenix to still have a true original, MacAlpines Soda Fountain, established in 1928 and transports you back in time to a simpler Era.
So crank up the ole Jukebox {yes they still have the mini ones on each table too} and settle into a seat with us...

Because this is one of our favorite places to get our Shakes or Malts... 

And a tasty Lunch... while surrounded by the sights & sounds of yesteryear...

And the G-Kids Love it because it is so very different than anything they experience in these Modern times... where Fast Food & disposable containers has replaced down Home cooking, Vintage Diner Ware and personalized Service.

They enjoy gazing around the Restaurant and pointing out the Antiques & Vintage items and asking me what I remember about it.

They enjoy picking out old classic Songs on the Mini Jukebox at our Table... 

And either sitting in one of the Vintage Wooden Booths, Soda Fountain Chairs & Tables...

Or Stools at the Counter...

They just don't make em like this anymore... and I'm thankful that a place like this still exists some 90 years later...

Exactly like it was... so that we can escape to a good old fashioned time at a good old fashioned Soda Fountain... 

And order up a Vintage Style Treat that at any age is pure delight!
{Mine was a delish Coffee Malt!!! Yum Yum!!!}

And will bring a Smile to any face...

So the next time you're in the Downtown Metro Phoenix area on North 7th Street... stop by MacAlpines.

And treat yourself to some good old fashioned Comfort Food... and their famous Milkshakes.

And visit the Antique Shop section to discover Vintage Clothing and Found Treasures for your Wardrobe and feathering your Nest.

Because if you have a Love of Old like I do, well, a place like this will become your new favorite place to frequent. 

For good food, good times and an ambiance that has all but disappeared across our landscape nowadays...

And that's a shame... because though I enjoy progress... I still believe we need a balance of the new and the old...

And experience a slice of History firsthand instead of just in the Memories of the Old Timers Stories and Books or old Clippings...

Because the DOING of it is so much more memorable than the hearing or reading about it isn't it? And you cannot TASTE the Story or the Image of a good old fashioned Milkshake! *Winks*

Nostalgically Yours... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. That milkshake almost looks fake, it's so perfect! I love soda fountains like that... you are so lucky to have a place to visit that hasn't lost its charm! I'll have to take a drive to PHX to check this place out!

  2. Oh Dawn.....Mc Alpines is also a favorite of ours. We haven't been there in years. There used to be a soda fountain on Central Avenue and Camelback.....I can't remember the name...but we would go there often and have a shake and their Turkey Dough Boy sandwich...oh....they were to die for!!



  3. Hello Dawn. I've been wanting to reply to your comments on my blog, but you haven't activated an email address to reply to you. So this is my only way I could find to contact you. Thank you for all your visits to my blog. I love yours, by the way! Ciao for now, Maria

  4. Love your is eye candy personified!!!

  5. oooooohhhh, I am going to have to try McAlpines out. You always have such great stories about the places you frequent. You are a perfect guide around here!


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