Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deck My Walls ~ Sweet Salvage Event ~ Part I

You would have thought it was Black Friday... the throng of shoppers eagerly waiting in line for the opening day today of SWEET SALVAGE'S Event DECK THE HALLS DECK IT ALL  was ready to do some serious shopping for the Holidays already...

I knew I had to hit the ground running if I were to photograph all of the Beautiful Vignettes the SWEET SALVAGE Team had worked so hard all Month to prepare for us before it all got snapped up and unfoofed! *Winks* 

And yes Dear Kim, next time I shall attempt to arrive much earlier to Photograph everything before the doors open... I really appreciate the Generous Invitation to do so... Note to Self: Roll out of bed earlier and don't stay up so late losing myself the Night before in the Land Of Blog! *LOL*

I Love the Magic of Christmas... and I must say that the SWEET SALVAGE Team transformed the Shop into a Magical Christmas Wonderland that was a sight to behold!

This first Day's Post I shall Wow you with the Traditional Red & Green Images of Christmas Wonder...

And fabulous Vintage Finds and Creative Decorating Ideas galore!

But there was so much more in the way of Color Palettes and Themes, so each day we'll explore some that I captured the Images of.

The Event will last for four fabulous days... from the 17th through the Afternoon of Sunday the 20th.

So for those of you who will be in the Metro Phoenix area, you've still got plenty of time to behold it all for yourselves and procure some amazing Holiday Found Treasures to Deck your Halls... or put under the Tree for Yourselves or Loved Ones.  A small peek at one of my Found Treasures was this Vintage 1950 Prayer Card... Loved the Graphics of our Lord.

And why is it that up until Christmastime the Beautiful Traditional Colors of Christmas are often overlooked... but as the Season draws closer I do find myself noticing them more and more?  Normally that Pink Vintage Motel Chair would have caught my eye... but now that the Season is upon us I found myself more attracted to the Lovely Red one!!! *Winks*

And those killer Vintage Red Suitcases... so very tempting even though that is not my usual palette for my Vintage Suitcase Collection! *Smiles*

And who doesn't enjoy Vintage Children's Toys at Christmastime?!?  For heady doses of Nostalgia... and most especially if it was a coveted Childhood item that you never got under your Tree! *Le Sigh*
Well... now's your chance to own that Childhood Dream Piece perhaps??!  I thoroughly am enjoying my own 2nd Childhood... so GO FOR IT I say, its never too late to land a Dream Piece! *LOL* 

Or to decorate with Creative touches and get Inspiration and fresh ideas... for using what you might already have, or decide to purchase for this year's Decor for the Holiday Vignettes you'll transform your own Winter Wonderland into! 

There was an abundance of Vintage and Antique Christmas Decor...

And Vintage Christmas Inspired Linens... *A weakness of mine I must confess*...

You'll be sure to find something that calls out to you...

Architectural Salvage for instance...

Or perhaps some Furniture with Upholstery that would set a perfect Christmas mood around the Holiday Tables?  This Candy Cane striped fabric oozed Christmas!

And Vintage Commercial or Industrial never looked so Christmasy and cool as unique Holiday Trimmings...

I felt like a Kid in a Toy Store in fact!!!

Surrounded by all the Sights, Smells and Sounds of Christmas!!!  Making my "Wish List" as I selected my Photo Ops...

Check out that fab Vintage Toboggan Sled!!!  It brought back fond Memories of my Brother and I sledding down Snow covered hills in Upper Michigan or Maine in our Childhood, suited up like little Eskimos!  Yep, I wasn't always a Desert Dweller my Friends... on our many Journeys throughout the States and the World I have lived in my share of Cold Climates as well and enjoyed real Winters... sometimes even uber Fierce Winters.  *Winks & Brrrrrrrrrr... Insert Icy Shudder*

But after many decades in the Desert I now have to become more inventive to transform the illusion of Winter and Christmas "feel" to our abode during the Holidays... and perhaps take the G-Kids up North of the State to Flagstaff to play in the Snow & remind myself of why I have chosen the Desert as my permanent Home. *Smiles*  Yes, the older I get, the more I can endure even 118 degree Dry scorching Heat... but the Cold or Damp... not so much anymore. *Smiles* 

And it's a bonus that I don't have to shovel Sunshine. *LOL*

Plus, Wintertime in the Desert is some of our most glorious Weather of the Year... hence all the 'Snowbirds' who visit or live here Seasonally and purchase Winter Homes in the Desert.

And today it certainly WAS glorious Weather my Friends... just chilly enough in the early Morning to wear my Velvet MP Jacket & Bloomers... and then warming up to the temperate 70 degree mark by Noon.

Absolutely perfect Weather for an absolutely perfect Event at SWEET SALVAGE.

And for meeting with and visiting Friends who were out Shopping this day too... 

And you never know who you'll see Shopping at the Events... and a Blog Friend I met at the Event told me she saw none other than Mary Emmerling there today! {Judy of MY ARTISTIC SIDE... she even caught the Celeb sighting through the eye of her lens... along with many other Lovely Shots of the Event so head on over to her Blog!}  So many Wonderfully Talented Stylists and Artists Source their Found Treasures at Local Events... so as an added Bonus you can do a bit of Star watching as you seek out your own Found Treasures.

So... have you spied some Treasures you would have liked to of snapped up my Friends?

Are you feeling more Inspired?

Getting Jazzed to begin Decking YOUR Walls or heading out for your own Shopping Adventures?

Transitioning from the Autumn Vibe to the Winter Vibe?

Yes... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas now...

And I received so much Inspiration and fresh new Ideas this day to ponder for my own Winter Home Transformation very soon... 

And yes, I did pick up some Treasures of my own to Delight the eyes this Holiday Season.

Though I did find myself being a bit fickle as I meandered through the Shop... putting things in and sometimes taking things out of my Basket so as to attempt to stay within budget... {Darn budgets! Winks}  But here's a peek at some Treasures that abided and did come Home with me...

But then you knew I would find SOMETHING and succumb didn't you? *Winks*

And I want to Thank all of those Dear Blog Friends that came up and told me how much they enjoy my Blog... and for those of you who asked about The Man's Recovery and said you would keep us in Prayer...

And told me to say Hi to the G-Kids as well.

It's always a Delight to meet some of  you in person and chat... so don't be shy... I so enjoy personalizing our relationship beyond Blogland and getting to know you.

Be sure to come back for the next few days my Friends as we continue our DECK THE HALLS DECK IT ALL Tour at SWEET SALVAGE... and see some other Christmas Visions and Hues that will Delight the eyes and give you endless Inspiration for the Holidays.

Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. As always, a fun time at Sweet Salvage on 7th!! So good to see you yesterday and catch up a bit! Lovely displays, and a celebrity sighting! I will post pictures later today! Spent the rest of yesterday out shopping thrift stores in the area with my BFF Gail! Got home tired and happy after such a wonderful day. Too tired to do much else than change clothes, fix dinner and drop off to sleep on the couch!! LOL!! Good to see you yesterday, Dawn!!

  2. Wow What a nostalgic brother got the tractor for Christmas one many items reminded of those times...I miss them... What a fantastic shop...I could almost smell cinnamon, ginger and balsam...oh wait I have molasses cookies in the oven!! LOL This was so inspiring!! I am going to use more flea market and childhood things for Christmas this year...Great post!!

    Linda :)


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