Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Winter Wonderland Vision

While the BFF and I were at MAIN STREET ANTIQUE MALL this weekend we didn't just see some great Halloween inspired Vignettes... but also some Winter Wonderland Visions Styled and Displayed in the Booths in preparation for the upcoming Holiday Season of Christmas. I began to feel quite glad that she had interrupted my weekend plans by taking me Hostage and exposing me instead to a Beautiful Escape like this... something new to us... good times with a good Friend and surrounded by Beauty... I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO needed that right now.  And don't our good Friends always sense what we really need and come to our aide at just the right times!?

So in today's Post I'm sharing some of these delightful images with you.  One Booth in particular had an understated yet charming Romantic Rustic Winter Vibe that I just Loved, "Wren's Nest Designs" was the Name of the Vendor and the Creations and Styling were divine!!!  The Burlap Pillows with Lace accents and Cotton Rosettes... the large Pattern Paper Rosettes... Old Books accentuated with Ribbons and Old Hardware... Vintage Silver & Repurposed Rustic Wooden Boxes... I was Loving it all!!!

We saw so many Found Treasures at the Mall that would create a Winter Wonderland in your own Homes and gave fresh Inspiration for decorating for the Holiday Season!  And look what I 'scored' at a Bargain my Friends... in rich, bold Red tones that I love & great condition for their age:

Yes, TWO amazing Vintage Persian Beauties!!!  Be still my beating Heart!!!  There were three actually, but I had to leave one behind for you my Friends... not that I wanted to mind you *Winks*:

But it's definitely priced to sell quickly, is as soft as butter & an exquisite Design & Color, so I wouldn't delay if Vintage Rug Love is as strong in you as it is in me? *Winks*

And today I'm joining Suzanne over at PRIVET & HOLLY for MONDAY MOMENTS, where we can gather together here in the Land Of Blog and share some Weekend Highlight(s).  Mine of coarse was the BFF taking me Hostage {willingly since I put up absolutely no resistance ~ Winks} in order to give me a Beautiful Escape during some difficult times our Family is going through... and driving me clear across town to visit this Antique Mall for our first time and lose ourselves amid all the lovely Vignettes and Found Treasures... quite soothing and restorative to the Spirit and Soul to surround ourselves with good Friends and Beautiful surroundings!
Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Now THAT is the
    kind of friend that
    everyone should have!
    Antique-Mall therapy
    is the greatest way
    to forget one's problems
    and become immersed
    in the past and all the
    possibilities that these
    treasures might bring
    to the future! You had
    me at the Jane Austen
    quote; loved it! I also
    adore worn oriental
    carpets; so cozy. Thank
    you for joining me at
    the water cooler for
    Monday Moments, Dawn!

    xx Suzanne

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciate your comments on the Pinterest post!

    Visiting antique malls is soothing for the soul and it's one of my favorite things to do.Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    Come by next week for the Thanksgiving linky party!

  3. What wonderful treasures! Oh I would love an afternoon browsing through them and dreaming of how I could use them in my own home!


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