Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Man Cave Mantiques

As we continue the Tour through Olde Towne Glendale's Historic Shopping District we come to a brand new Shop on the list MAN CAVE MANTIQUES.  Yea!!!  Finally a Shop that I can drag The Man to where he will discover some of the Found Treasures that might make his Heart skip a beat too! *Winks*  He's such a good Sport coming to the places I like to score my Treasures, but lets face it, for Men there is nothing quite like the allure of a Man Cave or Mantiques! *Winks*  The Owners were so Friendly and sweet, they're currently working on a Logo for the Shop and then hopefully I'll be able to provide you with a link so that you can visit them virtually, if not in person.   But let me tell you, a lot of Men have apparently already found this new hotspot for testosterone laden Found Treasures because there were a lot of Guys shopping there the day I visited and they seemed right at Home already.  But why wouldn't they, there was an abundance of cool Vintage Signage... Pinball Machines... One Armed Bandits & other Gambling Collectibles... Vintage Leather Club Chairs... Taxidermy... Vintage Bar Decor... Vintage Farm Collectibles... Hunting Treasures... Sporting Treasures... Industrial Equipment... the Rusty & the Crusty to drag Home to their own Man Cave Lairs! *LOL*  But don't despair Ladies, there's plenty for us Estros too, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Shop as well. They had a wide variety of Retro, Vintage and Antique Eye Candy to lure the Ladies... I was digging their Retro Kitchen Table & Chair Sets, they had several, which bring back a heavy dose of Nostalgia for Yours Truly! *Smiles*  So bring your Man and go Junquing together!  I know I'll be taking my Man there... and I'm sure he's gonna Love this place!

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. when I first saw the pics of the slots, I thought you were gonna get in big time trouble. Then I realized you were in an antiique store. What a neat store. I can see why your man would live browsing there.
    We had a slot machine until recently. We had it for a good while and the allure had worn so we gave it to my SIL and Grandson. They put it in their rec room and it has new life.
    Those man cave things are fun.
    Have a great week, Ginger

  2. What an interesting "slant" for an antique shop. I REALLY liked the stained glass windows. Blue calls my name!

  3. Thank you for the visit & nice comments! I wish you a wonderful day. Anne


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