Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lets Visit The Mad Hatter

While at the Open Air Market in Glendale over the weekend my visit wouldn't have been complete without also visiting one of my favorite Antique Malls nearby, which Hosted the Event in their Parking Lots, THE MAD HATTER... always lots of Eye Candy and Found Treasures to be discovered in the numerous Vendor Booths.  The Steampunk Style Jewelry Creations really caught my eye on this visit, I loved every Creation this Artist had on display... and the Artist also had a great selection of Jewelry Findings very reasonably priced for those of us who enjoy also creating our own Jewelry out of Salvaged Finds.  So I came away with a killer Steampunk Necklace and some findings to create some pieces of my own Styling.

But even many of the items I didn't 'score' were certainly Swoon Worthy!  One Booth had a great assortment of Vintage Games and the graphics are always as intriguing to me as the Games themselves... adoring the Vintage Chinese Checkers Box Graphics!!!  I also loved the Sea Glass Stones with messages etched upon them. And I always enjoy visiting the "Elderberry Dreams" Booth that belongs to my Blog Friend Eileen, the vignettes are totally a delight to the eyes!  And there was a very unique larger Vintage piece of Kitchenware that I had never seen anything like before in great Buttercup Yellow & Retro Green Enamel... this would be a killer Anchor Piece and conversation starter to the Vintage inspired Kitchen Collectible enthusiast!  I don't even know what this was and I liked it! *LOL*

I do Hope you're enjoying coming along with me on a Tour through Downtown Glendale... its always Fun to share Junquing Adventures with our Friends...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. what a treasure trove, dawn! thanks for sharing:)

  2. want list grows everytime I visit your blog. :) So many things I see that I want. That bohemian flapper syle dress is amazing!!! The sea glass with words are perfect - I need some. And the vintage green milk shake maker would look great in my kitchen. :) Coming to your blog and connecting to things that connect me to another place and time is comforting; always a treat. Making up stories in my head about vintage things have always taken me to a fantasy world that gives me the feeling I am wrapped in a warm and cozy blanket on a cold day.

    Thank you for your wonderful visits and delicious comments. I am delighted you are following my blog.


  3. It's been years since I have been to downtown Glendale but the Mad Hatter was my favorite mall there. I love that unusual typewriter in the last photo. Thank for some eye candy.


  4. Wow, it looks like a wonderful place to photograph! I could spend hours in there... Thanks so much for coming by my blog today. It was so much fun to get into email and see all of your comments! Nice to "meet" you! I hope you come by again. :)

  5. As always I enjoyed the tour Dawn! I have that same green shake machine *winks* And that flame mahogany empire dresser was fab! What (if anything) did you come home with? Vanna

  6. That was fun! I reread your profile and loved it all over again. You are living the dream. That's so wonderful. I enjoyed all your photos and the vicarious delight of all your discoveries.

  7. Dawn we both commented at lunch on how we wished you could've joined us because you're the reason we found each others blogs! And how we'd love it even more if we were shopping with you in Az *winks*

    I had a feeling one of those necklaces came home with you, they're fab! Vanna


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