Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Vibes At Rust & Roses

I'm fortunate that with all these trips to the VA Hospital, to visit The Man and consult with his Doctors after his Stroke, that the Shops of several of my Friends are very close by... so that I can get my "Beautiful Escape Fix" prior to dealing with the Crisis at hand and that is a welcome release and fills me with calm and a positive energy vibe.  And even a bit of Retail Therapy. *Winks*

Beautiful Escapes are crucial when you are dealing with the Issues Of Life that aren't so lovely and can in fact be quite harsh.  And I must say that my Friends that own Shops are Masters at the Art of the Display & Vignette!  Today I am taking you to experience the Halloween Vibes at my Friend Shelly Session's Shop RUST & ROSES.   There was Classic Halloween Cult Favorite Music playing, which really set the mood for the ambiance the Halloween Inspired Vignettes would take you to on the canvas of your Imagination... it really felt like a Haunted House, but one you'd LOVE to Live in or spend hours visiting.  I would Love for Shelly to decorate my Home for Halloween... or any Holiday for that matter... because the atmosphere she creates is truly Magical!!!  I know when you behold the Images you will agree, this is delightfully creepy Flea Market Style perfection and has that Addams Family quality that I adore in decor!  Usually I'm not a fan of Black & White Decor but Shelly could make me a convert, especially for the Season, with the amazing Found Treasures and fabulous Creations that were absolutely Spooktacular!  I SOOOOOOOOOOOO want some of those Black & White Pillow Creations with the Old Lace!!! *Insert Swoon*... I know, I know... I'm already burying the Family in Pillows... but I Loved this Look and what a way to go! *Evil Pillow Mania Cackle*  Dark, Romantic and Sensual... perfect combination IMO, you can bury me under the luxury of a mound of Beautiful, comfy Pillows anytime! *Winks*  Shelly, you are such a Creative and Talented Soul and your Imaginative Displays always blow me away and leave me Inspired and with the Unique Beautiful Escapes that I often need... at just the right time!  And you keep this Gal with a Pillow Fetish always wondering what new Pillow Creation you're going to tempt me with because I definitely fall under their Spell??! *LOL*

And today I'm linking up with Kathleen over at FADED CHARM for WHITE WEDNESDAY... So come on over and join the Blog Party... or just be Inspired and take yourself away to a Beautiful Escape with a Vision in White!

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What a wonderful shop rust and roses! haha what a nice name! Beautiful pictures!

    regards Janny

  2. Love RUST & ROSES! Love their much talent. You definitely have to take me there when I come down.

    P.S. Hope your hubby is on the mend. Shop therapy is good for you. It gives you the strength to keep going and to take care of everyone else.

    Hugs, Joyce

  3. love it all!!!! especially the skeletons!!!


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