Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Party 2011 ~ Southwest Style

My Son... his Employer encourages them to wear Costumes for work pre-Halloween, I wish more Employers had this outlook, I Love seeing everyone in Halloween Costumes...

Today we're joining my Blog Friend Vanessa Valencia of A FANCIFUL TWIST for the 2011 HALLOWEEN PARTY.  Now, if you've never attended one of Miss Vanessa's Parties, well, you're in for quite a Treat, nobody does it better and the Link will take you over there for Vanessa's Halloween Party and all of the other Participants in this Year's Halloween Blog Party Extravaganza!  Below is a tiny Sampling of the Enchanting Images you will discover over at Vanessa's Blog & Party:

To be sure I arrived at the Party a bit late... well, almost 4 days late in fact *LOL* but I had a good excuse with The Man's Stroke and all... had to make sure he was more solidly vertical before joining the Party... but better late than never I always say... I'm not missing a good Party! *Smiles*

We Love Halloween... in fact, it is my favorite time of year for Fantasy Decorating and letting my Imagination run Wild and Soar!  I can be as over the top as my little Heart desires for Halloween and my excesses will just make for a better ambiance.  Whether we go Macabre, Whimsical, Theatrical, Harvest Theme, Dia de los Muertos Theme, Goth and more than likely, a blend of all of the above... well, there's just no wrong way to do it is there? 

Who doesn't enjoy a good Costume or Masquerade Party... sweet Treats galore... and perhaps a Scare or two to get the adrenalin pumping!?  I was always the kid who wanted to go to a Haunted House and was actually fascinated by abandoned dwellings in a state of divine neglect where Nature had begun to take over and Father Time had left his indellible mark.   The Mystery, the allure, the Legends & Urban Myths delighted me then and still do.

So this is my Homage Post to Halloween 2011... Southwest Style... and my contribution to the Blog Party... I Hope you've enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed preparing it for you?

And Thank You Dear Vanessa... for Hosting a Wonderful Party yet again & inviting us all to join you!

And I'm also joining the Blog Party over at FADED CHARM for WHITE WEDNESDAY... because with the rich tones of Autumn that I adore, the White Sugar Skulls are as close to White decor as I'll be getting in October! *Winks* 

And I'm also linking up with COMMON GROUND

And FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS is having a Triple Halloween Blog Party!!!  So you'll be sure to find tons of Inspiration for the Holiday whether Craft, Sewing, Cooking, Home Decor or Halloween Theme Parties and also have the opportunity to Share what Creativity you've come up with this Halloween!

Have A Hauntingly Good Time my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. I think I just fainted at the abundance of hauntingly delicious goodness ooooozing out of your witches abode ;)

    Those velvet pumpkins holding antiwue jewels made me faint. I just came to, and now, I think I might faint again ;)

    What treasures!!! Thank you so much for joining in, I hope you had a blast. We are thrilled to have you!

    Love, Vanessa

  2. I love all your calaveras! Your photos are fantastic!!! Those velvet pumpkins are simply fabulous!!!

    Hope the man is all recovered! Well wishes your way!


  3. You are fabulous! Did you know that!!
    I love it all!!
    Stop by gypsea nurse girlie....

  4. What a nice Post friend :) I really like the pumpkins :) you are so very smart :)

  5. Hope you man is better.

    Great post, I love Halloween the best, Day of the Dead....

    Happy evening.

  6. Hey Dawn,

    First off, I've been trying to leave you a comment for days but blogger, google or something is messed up and not letting me leave comments...sooo frustrating! anybody else having this problem??

    Anyway, I love love Sweet Salvage and you MUST take me there when I come down...promise? Thanks for the tours and all the great pictures. It's the next best thing to being there.


  7. Oh, my, the skulls with flowers in the eye sockets were very spooky!

  8. I absolutely LOVE all of your Dia de los Muertos skulls - they are so gorgeous!! I have skull everything but none like those lol. Would love to someday travel for the Dia!

    The skull with the carnations (?? I'm no green thumb haha) was a nice touch...and I liked the bumpy green pumpkin! Agree with you that more employers should encourage dressing up!

    Wonderful party! :)

  9. WOw, I am so glad I hopped in just in time. I Love all your Sugar Skulls ! If you find some time, come visit my party too, Happy Halloween !!!
    ♥ Joyce

  10. Gosh........What a Lovley loooooong Post :)
    and do not miss.....




    It´s fun to join it :)
    WELCOME :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)


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