Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Autumn Vibe ~ Rust & Roses Style

Though its impossible to tell, Prince R is holding a miniature Potpourri Pumpkin he was given at the Shop... he had swept the entire floor while Gramma was Shopping!  I think he has a Crush on a few of the adorable Shop Gals that are Friends of mine so he's always asking them what he can do for them to be of help. *Winks*  A Gal LOVES that in a Man, don't we? *LOL* He Loves to help prep a place for Display... both G-Kids adore foofing, organizing & arranging... they'll choose that over playing... must be in our Genes... and I must say they have a good Eye already. *Smiles*

Though I totally enjoyed the French Vibe, because of the Season, I'm all about a Halloween Autumn Vibe right now.  And I'm in no hurry to Rush Halloween along and move on to the Holidays that lay beyond.  I savor & enjoy each Holiday thoroughly right up until the Day it is celebrated, before moving on to the next.  So I had to stop by RUST & ROSES again, not only to experience a delightful Halloween & Salvage Style ambiance, but also to yes, cave and get...

THE Pillow... you know the one...

The ONE that I couldn't quit thinking about after my last visit... after agonizing over the three different Lovely Black & White with Vintage Lace Styles Shelly had created and decide which I adored the most... the One I had picked up & had Prince R carry around... and then put back down again... only to fret over whether it might still be there if I missed my window of opportunity to procure it!? *LOL*  It was tormenting me that I had left it behind I tell you! *Smiles*

Well, Prince R apparently got tired of hearing about THE Pillow I abandoned but was still lusting over... I can get quite fixated like that you know! *Winks*  And finally as we were leaving the French Market Event on Thursday he says, "Gramma, why don't you just stop by RUST & ROSES and get THAT Pillow?!? You know you want it...  you know you'll be upset when its gone and somebody else bought it because you waited too long! And it's right up 7th Avenue... we'll pass by it on our way up 7th to Pei Wei for Lunch."   He was right... these G-Kids know me and can read me like an open book! *LOL* I'm so transparent... or maybe not so much transparent, but having lustful Pillow conversations more often than I'd realized? *Smiles*  The subconscious is a funny thing... if your mind is on something, it is likely to dominate more than just your thoughts! *LOL*

And it wasn't as if we didn't want another excuse to stop by the Shop and experience the ambiance and Fellowship again during the time when The Man was still a few blocks away at the VA Hospital and we were already spending way too much time Downtown anyway out of necessity. 

And I know you're probably thinking... but Dawn, you were so fixated on Halloween Vibe Pillow Obsession that you completely forgot to reveal what you 'scored' at the French Market!?  Okay... so I didn't really forget... I just wanted to keep you in suspense *Smiles*... Drum Roll please:

This amazing pair of Engraved Silver Cuban Coffee & Sugar Canisters... alas, the Tea Canister was snapped up by someone else... *Le Sigh*  The Sugar is engraved on the Front, Back and both Sides. And I Love the advertisement on the Coffee Canister "Aromatic gourmet beans to stimulate your senses"...   After all, who doesn't enjoy Aromatic or having their senses stimulated?! *Winks*

This adorable tiny engraved Silver 1921 Track & Field Trophy...

The Vintage Aqua Motel Chair... loving the Color & Cut Out Design... alas, couldn't spring for the matching Glider... *Le Sigh*  I Hate when that happens... but at least they were being Sold as separates so that I could procure the Chair... it was actually the 1st thing I scored.

This Ornate Metal Fan... I just Love the details & its very heavy so could be painted cast iron?

And my absolute Favorite 'Score' may be the most simple Found Treasure... but it literally almost made my Heart stand still...

This Vintage Black & White Photo of a Lovely Bohemian Woman... and do you want to know why it took my breath away?

OMG... At first glance I thought it was my Mother as a Young Woman!!! It stopped me dead in my tracks...

Even upon closer inspection I still wasn't certain it wasn't Mom?!?  A dead ringer if it isn't... the features, the dark curly hair, the Free Spirited Bohemian Style of her Lovely Outfit, bold make-up, the slender build!  My Mom did some Modeling as a Young Woman... and if this isn't her then it could very well be a Relative since the resemblance is so very strong!? 

I plan to send a copy to my Brother in Cali to bring to Mom just in case she recognizes the Photo... and if it is her or a Relative of hers... wouldn't that be the most amazing coincidence?!?

And even if it isn't... how very Special to find a Vintage Photo so closely resembling a Loved One that you really couldn't tell... and that makes for a Grand Story any way you look at it!

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow!!!!!Dawn you scored big time!!!Love everything but I think the photo is my very favorite. I think she is so beautiful and her clothes are gorgeous. Speaking of clothes, you always have the best outfits. Love your style:) And what a cutie your Grandson is and a helper at that. Oh and very thoughtful. Must get that from his Grandma. Have a wonderful week:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. What a find, you never know what you may find, I would love to find just one of the Cuban Silver Sugar holders. Just one.

    Lovely visit.

  3. What a fantastic place! Oh my.
    Your grandchildren are absolutely beautiful as are you - love the long rusty rose duster you are wearing.

  4. It was fun to see what caught your eye on your most recent shopping trip! I'll be watching to see what you find out about that picture!


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