Saturday, October 8, 2011

Girl's Night Out - Part I - Paris Montana

Every so often a Gal needs to get together with her Friends and have a Girl's Night Out.  So the other Night I got together with my Friends Carol, Meilan and Monica and we headed out to Scottsdale to do just that!  Our first stop was my Friend Heidi's amazing Shop, PARIS MONTANA .  And let me tell you my Friends you will be wowed from the start... because everything in the Shop, from the AH-MAZING detailed Buckskin Couture Gown by a Famous Designer in the Window Display, to the tiniest detailed accessory... is larger than Life... just the way I like it!!! *Winks*  Darling Heidi's personality is larger than Life too, she is such a Fun, uber Creative, Spirited Soul and I just Love her.  She knew the piece I'd be drawn to and said she had me in mind when she created it... can YOU guess what is is my Friends? *Smiles*

We had the time of our lives taking turns Modeling the Fashions and Jewelry... its all very flattering to the Feminine yet Firty and Fun side of a Gal... and a few of the Fashions, well, they'd be reserved for our Private Moments with that special Fella in our Life. *Winks*   The aroma in the Shop also smelled Divine... I must get the name of the candles you had burning Heidi... it was a Heavenly scent!  And the new Western & Sporting inspired Line of Jewelry was off the hook, literally, the pieces made of Fishing Lines were most definitely my favorite pieces, how novel & creative!  So much Eye Candy in fact that I was on a Fashion Diva Frenzied High causing me to rush around madly snapping pixs much too quickly... and alas, I had some out of focus frames of pieces I was dying to share with you! *Ahhhhhhhhh!*  Don't you hate when that happens!?  Note to Self: Slow down and breathe Dawn... *LOL*

Suffice to say that our visit to PARIS MONTANA was so much fun, thank you Heidi for making it a blast... and yes, some amazing pieces were Scored by our Posse... and if you haven't visited the Shop yet my Friends, I promise it will be a Treat.  Heidi has just returned from some whirlwind Trips to the Runway Fashion Show at the Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the Warrington/Rount Top, Texas Event and brought back tons of Treasures and Inspiration to share with you!

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. They really are great pieces!!! And your girlfriends look like a fun bunch of ladies too:) Glad you had such a great day:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Love all the pic's and Paris Montana. Everything was amazing, I'm wowed by all the talent. It's always good to get out with the girls and kick up your heels!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Hi Dawn.....on my way back home now.....Have yet to see the boutique....can't wait though.



  4. Heidi is such a sweetheart and so creative! I love her jewelry and have one of her lacy jackets for a bit cooler weather. In fact, it looks like time for me to visit her shop again! Great pics, Dawn! Thanks for sharing!


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