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Carol Hicks-Bolton ~ Creating The Perfect Room

Source: Pinterest  ~ Carol Hicks-Bolton

Source: Pinterest ~ Designers In Residence ~ Carol Hicks-Bolton

Source: Pinterest ~ Carol Hicks-Bolton

Source: Pinterest ~ Carol Hicks Bolton

Source: Victoria Magazine ~ Carol Hicks-Bolton

Source: Pinterest ~ Mildred's Lane

Source: Pinterest ~ Old Havana Style

Source: Pinterest ~ Old Havana Style

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest 

Source: Pinterest ~ Portals

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

I have had the Inspiration for what in my mind is 'The Perfect Room' for over a decade now and so the question remains, why haven't I Styled it?  Why haven't I specifically sought out those pieces that would create that Perfect Space that still draws me in even after all these years?!!  Why haven't I totally gutted a main room and started from the bare bones to create the Magic?  The Vision I've been longing & Daydreaming to re-create ever since I beheld the Sage & Sepia Magnificence that my all time favorite Designer, Carol Hicks-Bolton, created within the pages of a Magazine & Book? Now worn & tattered with constant use & Dreaming of such a Space of my own.  And since then I've discovered more of her fabulous Styling and the Styling of those who have Created other similarly Styled Rooms & Dreamscapes that also resonate with me. Even though my World is saturated in Color... there is also something about Sage & Sepia Dreamscapes that draws me in and I feel a very strong connection to that Palette... so I COULD devote some of my Space to an exclusive use of that Styling & terrific ambiance... I just haven't... still... yet. *Le Sigh*

The fact is that my rooms don't look like this at all... I'd Love for them to... but they don't... and the Mystery is... Why?  Why, if I'm so drawn to the Styling, haven't I progressed more towards it, at least in ONE Room or Cottage in the back of our Property?  Well, in part, I know some of the answer... I have rarely discovered pieces that replicate this ambiance & Styling in my many Junquing Adventures & forrays locally. No, not even the time worn Fabrics that would allow me to attempt to create the deconstructed upholstered look in that Palette that I adore. Not similar fabulous Pieces in that simple Organic Prairie look of the Furniture and other Treasures that make up these Images. Perhaps in some parts of the Country that Styling would abound, but alas, not here and I never have enough time on the Road to discover it elsewhere.  If I could even find it elsewhere, I wouldn't even know where to begin actually!?!  Though since Carol is in Texas, that might be a good starting point. And secondly, the expense and time it would entail... I've got a lot of great stuff that I have transformed into our Home's Style, but it has taken a Lifetime of searching, discovering & budgeting for. 

 I am in awe of those who can transform an entire room or Home into a specific Style at warp speed & have the resources to make it happen in less than a Lifetime.  I'd LOVE to be able to do that... it would be a Dream come true to have that opportunity... the resources... the contacts cultivated for the Perfect acquisitions & those options for Styling an entire Room or Home.  But my rooms & Home have evolved over time... a LOT of time... and in order to get "here", Creating the Perfect Room, too much would have to go... be replaced... be discovered & purchased. 

 And I doubt that the Family could live in a State of waiting for the transformation to happen smoothly enough that it wouldn't be disruptive or a hardship & take far too long. *Winks*  Seriously, I don't even know how long it would take to find those Perfect Pieces?  The Upholstery Fabrics I have in my head and wouldn't settle for less than... the right Furniture & Accessories {without "Settling"} and... finally... I don't live in a Beautiful Old Barn... and I just don't know that without all that Wood aged to perfection... that it would look even remotely the same really?  And I Love my Old Home... so there's not a chance that I'm moving in order to Create The Perfect Room *LOL*... and so, I guess I'll just continue to Dream... and perhaps work towards it a wee bit at a time... as Life unfolds... and find a way to incorporate some of the Beauty of the Serenity of Sage & Sepia into my more Colorful, more Bohemian Life!? *Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. Hey Dawn!

    WOW Dawn, it always amazes me how much you and I think alike...I LOVE the sage and sepia and I have those very same pictures from magazine articles of her tore out and on my Inspiration board. Her and Magnolia Pearl are my fav's and inspiration galore!

    Thanks for the great post! ~Joyce

  2. Hi Dawn,
    That is the beauty of buying vintage. No two rooms will ever be duplicated. I am sure that your rooms are beautifully YOU and no one will ever have rooms like you. I do love to look through magazines and books and the internet to be inspired, but I would never want to copy a room exactly. I love your bohemian style!


  3. First, thank you for the time you spent on my blog and the lovely comments you left!

    Those pictures are awesome, I can understand why this designer is your favorite.
    And you're right those pictures are there to make us dream, just like a good book or a good film...

  4. Hello my Blog Friend!!!
    I have been so busy with weddings that I haven't been able to comment on my favorite blogs (yours being one of the top!). I just pop in for a quick look before I fall into bed at night. Yours is ALWAYS one I look at for fun, inspiration and to get me out of my head and into a pretty place before I sleep. Thank you so much for your lovely posts!
    I too adore Carol Bolton. I first discovered her in Victoria with that wonderful sepia barn she did. I have kept the pictures ever since with the longing desire to have an old barn to live in and maybe make it look that way. Like you my home is way more colorful and eclectic. Though I love her look I ADORE all my goodies and would never part with them. I have now expanded my horizons to maybe having a ranch/event center/ animal sanctuary that has little cabins/yurts/teepees/gypsy wagons which rent out to overnight guests. This way each accommodation would be a different style. One would definitely be a Carol Bolton inspired sepia masterpiece! See how far I will go for my decoration obsession!!!!!
    Aaahhh life, I will never live long enough to do all the things I want to!
    Hope you are thriving! One of these days I would love to meet you in person and go thrifting with you! How fun!!
    Love and blessings,

  5. Beautiful! Each room looked so dreamy...a wonderful place to escape from the great demands of life. I love the colors - dreamy, mysterious, captivating. Would love to have that swing. :)

    I'd love to meet you in person too, Tricia.

    Hope you're having a beautiful week!


  6. Beautiful living rooms specially the first photo. :)

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